Thursday, April 4, 2013

#NewFeatures Available for The House of Taboo Guests #adult #erotic

I'm  making a few changes here at The House of Taboo. If you've visited the Guest Author Guidelines page, you will see we've added a couple new features to the current line up. The inspiration for this came from my sister blog Four Seduced Muses. Besides having the set days for each of the Muses, they have offered three of the days up to guests. Of course because of the hot demand, they are booked through the end of June and July is filling up fast. 

I wanted to give another outlet for our freaky author friends and give our readers fun posts to boot. After much debating during the last week of insomnia, I've come up with the following line up.

Oh My! Mondays
Wild and Wicked Wednesdays
Freaky Fetish Fridays
Saturday Spotlights

The House will still put up Cover Reveals on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays but Wednesday, Friday and Saturdays will be restricted to those features above.

Oh My! Mondays are the only post where straight promo is allowed...the hotter the excerpts the better! In the case of a cover reveal, I'll take whatever you wish to go with it. If you only have a blurb, that's fine. 

For the Wednesday and Friday posts I want more than just promo here. I want you to have fun and pick a topic that is wild/wicked or a freaky fetish to discuss. It's even better if it ties in with the book you wish to promote. These make the posts hot and sexy and a hell of a lot more fun than just straight promo. It also helps you connect a bit more with your fans. You make them laugh, giggle or blush here at Taboo, and they will be more likely to search out your books than if you just posted an excerpt and buy links.  Not sure what I'm looking for to qualify for these features? Check out Sinfully Sassy Sundays with The Vixen over at Four Seduced Muses. That will give you some idea...hehehe

The Saturday Spotlight guest interviews have become very popular as of late. Must be all the surprises that keep showing up during the interviews. Hmmmm...I'll have to get a better lock on the green room. I wouldn't want my guests to receive their "gifts" too soon. There have been a few close calls there, but I managed to get the "offenders" off stage before my guests joined me.   This is one area where you and/or your characters can shine. It can be a fun time for all if you open up a little bit with the interview questions. If you don't, well, I'm not responsible for what the "surprises" may do. Just sayin'!

For the complete guidelines click HERE or the tab at the top of the page in the navigation bar. I've got several openings for all features this month still. Contact me today to reserve your spot!

~Luscious Lia (The Vixen thought I should have a nickname!)

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