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#FreakyFetishFriday Presents A Wicked Sex Session With @LeonoreElliott #erotica #fetish #BDSM #sexanthology

It's Friday and the start of the weekend for many and Freaky Fetish time here at The House of Taboo. Today is reserved for those things considered too risque to talk about in front of mixed company, so taboo they could get your booted out of your local PTA if they thought you were "one of those" people, and hot enough to melt your panties off at just a soft whisper of these things in your ear. 

If you're a dainty little flower and like your sex and romance on the vanilla side, you just might want to visit another club. The things we talk about and feature here on the Center Stage are not for the faint of heart nor the "prim and proper." Here at Taboo, we don't shy away from the erotic and forbidden. We EMBRACE it. 

If you think you can handle it, grab a margarita from Tony at the bar and find a seat. The place fills up fast and we don't tolerate stragglers. You're either all in or out. It's your choice.  Ohhhh...slow down folks! There's plenty of room and we never run out of tequila. ;)  Speaking of that. I'll take my usual pitcher here if you don't mind, Tony. I want to make sure everything is set for my guest author.  

There's no one who defines taboo, naughty and being wicked all in one more than my friend Leanore Elliott. From her Beasts series to  supernatural Native American alpha males in Nowhere, Arizona to her smokin' HAWT curvy heroines in her Velvet series, Leanore knows how to spin a tale and keep you hooked from the very first word on the page. If you aren't panting and begging for more by the last word in her books, well, you were reading the wrong book. Just sayin'!  Instead of me going on and on about her, how about I let her come out to tell you all about her sex anthology More Sex. Within those pages are some of the steamiest fetishes you can dream about, and honey I dreamt ALOT about them after reading this book. Put your hands together and join me in giving a big Taboo welcome to the one, the only Wicked Leanore!

(Leanore peeks out from behind the purple velvet curtain dressed in the gift I sent over for her. She looks stunning as our favorite sexy icon of all time and one of my celebrity crushes, Mae West. The crowd is immediately standing and cheering wildly as "Mae" saunters around the stage, swinging her hips and fluffing her hair. She blows a kiss to Tony as thanks for her drink before she takes her seat next to me on the Center Stage.)
Welcome back to Taboo, Leanore. You look fab as Mae as I knew you would.

Thanks, doll! As soon I poured myself into this dress I felt Mae's spirit take over. Then I looked into the mirror in the dressing room backstage...DAMN! I'm HOT!

Yes you are! LOL (the crowd agrees and starts up the cat calls again.) Pipe down, you heathens! Let her get on with why she's visiting today and why all of you packed the place. MORE SEX! How about you fill them all in how you decided to write about what turns us all on. I mean how do you know where to start?

Hmmmm. What turns us on? Oh, this is a loaded question for sure…Loaded. (Chuckle) Months back? I wondered about this very subject. Why? Well, it’s a delicious subject among other reasons. Mainly, it was because I’d already written 15 erotic books, spanning quite a few genres and my fans seemed to be scattered among different groups.

I sat down and decided to try another first. A Sex Anthology, purely for the heat and I thought I was ready to take the dive into a steamy world full of sexual drive, fantasies fulfilled, yearnings for a certain type of sex and other kinky variations in the erotic world.

I wrote six stories and sometimes, during the heat scenes I found myself holding my breath for long spans of time. Hunched low over the keyboard, spinning sexual tension and using dialogue and even some nouns I’d never used before. At the end of each? I would be sweating. You know the kind of flush I mean. I would guardedly look around to insure no one noticed that I was almost panting. (Snicker)

I titled it More Sex…Because, that’s what it’s about. A book of stories about what turns us on. Erotica, no holds barred. I, myself didn’t even realize that some of them would in fact turn me on too!  Let me share a little bit about each story and the fetish focused upon.


Grasping her hips with a firm grip, he shoved his hardened cock into her pussy, slapping her ass with a vigorous smack while sliding in with force as he held her in place with the tie vice. 
Oh, I loved Dedicated! Nothing like a bit of BDSM to get your motor running. ;)
It's the first story and some say the best in the book. Poor Pearl, a secretary that feels invisible as she lusts for a year over a boss who never looks her way. This story of obsession and seeming lust unrequited will show you just how much power a woman can really have, just by being so dedicated.


Somehow, Claire had lost control of everything. There was only this—him, with that wonderful cock pushing into her, meeting exquisitely with her powerful need.
A woman who’s never orgasmed…A man hired to give her just that. This one was funny, sexy and gives some insight into what a man can accomplish if he’s motivated.
And challenged to give a woman the gift that keeps on giving! I'm sorry but as a multi-orgasmic woman myself, I can't imagine anyone never having even one. So glad Claire got to experience that joy. mmmmm

Should I give you a moment or two to recover from remembering that story or can you handle more? You're starting to squirm a bit in your seat there, Lia. hehehe
Oh I'm just fine. Nothing that another margarita can't handle. Go on woman! Don't keep me...errr...the audience waiting. 


Lena laughed loudly as she jumped from the sound and she suddenly realized that this was the best sex she'd ever had in her whole boring life! 
A woman power broker, who’s afraid to live the lifestyle she secretly craves. A man who looks like he would be an alpha, but he isn’t afraid to be dominated by her. This story was kinky and shows that looks can be deceiving. 
Some folks don't realize they're natural subs or crave to be a dominatrix until the moment arises. Love it!


This little bit of sexy theater made her feel warm and edgy at the same time. Every muscle in her body was tensed as if she were about to receive a physical blow. Mmm, I would love to have those arms wrapping around me. An inexplicable ache started in the pit of her stomach and spread through her entire rigid body. Or have them lifting me up to slam me down on his—

The angel stripper lowered his hand to his briefs and she sat with her eyes glued to that hand. He splayed his fingers out and dipped just the tips into his sexy underwear. Miranda gulped and a little bubble of moisture slipped from her pussy. How could a man do this to me, when he's in another room and can’t even see me?

* * * *

Miranda watched him and felt a twinge of something new pulsing through her. Power? Oh, wow!
Mandy is after a hot story. Only, she meets a man whose sexual magnetism has made him a rich living while he stayed continuously bored. Until, he believes that he’s met his match in her. Who can do the hat trick better, will be the real question.
Yes, indeed.  I have to say, I'm a sucker for a man who can fill out those sexy underwear. 
LOL! Lia I think we may need to take a break for you to cool off. You're getting a tad bit flushed there. Tony, what do you put in those margaritas? ;)
Oh you are truly wicked! What's the next story you want to share with everyone today. (one of the stage hands dashed up on stage with a purple folding fans for the women. Leanore chuckled as Lia snapped hers open immediately and started the breeze flowing over her blushed face.) Don't worry about me. I'll be just fine. You just keep going with the show and we'll see who gets through this in a puddle or not. ;)


Rich was trapped—trapped in a world that he made, a world where he only felt, lived and breathed to watch her.  

* * * *

Rich was stroking in accord to her strokes. He had no control over any of it. If she stopped before she got hot and came, he would go without release tonight. Her finger sped up as his thoughts cheered, yes, baby, yes. She leaned her body back and licked her lips. He knew because he had memorized every trait, every nuance, and the binoculars swept higher to eventually see her tongue come out and swipe her lips.

It did and sexy girl swiped slowly and artfully over her luscious lips.

Stiffening painfully, he held back the oncoming climax, waiting for her to complete her sensual journey through the page, through the scene where the hero was probably licking the woman’s quivering pussy.

Her hand sped up the stroking and she was twirling her nipple with her other hand, her fingers pinching and playing with it.

He jerked with an almost painful gasping of air. His cupped hand kept the same rhythm as her strokes and he huffed along with the pants he could see from her heaving chest.
Consumed with an obsession for the girl in the condo across the way, Rich can’t seem to make it stop. Until one day? The entire game turns around on him and he finds that he was the object of someone else’s erotic obsession.
The Voyeur fetish is a very popular one. Many folks get more pleasure out of watching others go over the edge than if they were right in the middle of it themselves. But to find out you're the center of another's fantasy...THAT has to be mind blowing.
Are you speaking from experience there, my dear?
Ummm...this is not about me, Leanore. 
Oh, really? I seem to recall a certain someone had you all in knots not too long ago. Maybe we should ask Tammy how Julia and her partner are doing these days?
Evil, Evil woman! LOL Yes, Julia was a force of nature that nearly did me are all of your fabulous characters. 
Oh, flattery will get you everywhere and you know it. Now who's being wicked?


Jewel bent way over and spread her cheeks, obediently opening her pussy, hoping to tempt him, so that he might allow her to please him when the eventual climax she almost felt right now, came to fruition.
Ahhhh...the sub wanting to please her master. Fabulous! 
The last is a story that some fans wanted to be a full novel. Jewel is a submissive on the run from a vicious Dom. She meets sweet Rober’ and loves him, but wishes she could change her yearnings, so that she could have a real future.
Well, maybe she doesn't have to change her yearnings...just sayin'!
(winks) You never know! (she looks out at the crowded club and smiles broadly.) Ya'll have to read the story to find out what happens. Thank you for having me here at Taboo again, Lia. I've had a blast as always.
Hold on there, chica. You didn't think I'd let you get away with enticing me and all of my patrons like that without one more surprise for you, did you? 
What are you up to, you naughty girl?
(Lia's smile slowly spreads across her face and the crowd is on their feet. Sauntering across the stage is none other than Antonio Banderas. He's been hiding backstage waiting to make his entrance. Leanore gets up from her seat as Antonio takes her hands into his, leaning in to kiss her on both cheeks.

It's been far too long since I've seen you Ms. Wicked. You are such a tease keeping yourself away from me all this time. Thank goodness for our Lia. She told me you were going to be in town and I just had to be here.
Oh stop! The two of you are just incorrigible. I don't know why I put up with either one of you. 
Hush! You love all the attention and you know it. ;)  Now get a move on. Antonio has planned a fabulous night on the town for the three of us and we won't take no for an answer. 
Come, mi amor. We have the whole night and maybe the morning to catch up on old times, no? Tell everyone goodnight, Leanore.
(chuckling) Good night, all. Apparently I have a date.

You two go on back stage. I'll join you in a moment. 
As for the rest of you...Thank you for spending time with Leanore and me for Freaky Fetish Friday. Make sure you pick up your very own copy of More Sex from Amazon today. The links are below. 

Have fun and remember to always get your freak on!
~Luscious Lia


  1. Thanks for stopping by ladies! I'm really having a blast with these features and surprising the authors with some of their faves. All in all it makes for a very hot and fun post!

  2. I so loved this post!!!!Keep up the great work. Serious HAWTNESS both of you.



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