Thursday, April 18, 2013

@HouseofTaboo's New Banners for the Guest Author Features

Hello gang! This is just a quick post to show off the new banners for  the guest author features and a few other bits of housekeeping. We'll be having some fabulous guests over the next few weeks for Freaky Fetish Fridays. Last week Alexandra Anthony kicked that feature off for us and I debuted the new banner then as well. Now, my alter egos and I have completed our work on the rest of the banners and I'd like to show them to you here. 

Don't they look great? I had a blast designing those too. So many different pics to choose from. *sigh* I did save a few for future projects so look for those in posts to come!

For those of you who are looking to so guest appearances, please see the GUIDELINES in the tabs above. It will take you directly to the page with all you need to know about the posts and whether or not Taboo is the spot for you and your work. If you want something more in the PG vein, then I suggest you visit my alter ego Stephanie Ryan. Her blog, Through Stephanie's Eyes is also open to guests of all genres but nothing more than a PG rating. She's the "good girl" of our group. Don't let that fool you though. She can rock out with the best of them and she's been known to show up here at Taboo and share a pitcher or two of Margaritas with me. ;)

Tammy, Stephanie and I will all be participating in the Caliente Blog Hop hosted by the Four Seduced Muses. There is still time to sign up for it if you want to have your blog listed with us, or just have fun hopping from blog to blog to get your entries in all the contests. Besides the individual blog prizes, rumor has it there may be a grand prize as well. That's just a rumor so don't quote me on it! Click on the graphic to the right and it will take you to the sign up page.

Recently there has been a rash of authors signing up for guest spots on my blogs and those of some of my friends and simply flaking out. Either they never respond to the reminder emails, or if they do respond, send a condescending email stating they can't possibly be associated with erotica or erotic romance since their stuff is barely spicy at its best.  Hmmm.  My question is, why request a spot on an adult blog in the first place if you don't feel your work fits in? 

I have nothing against the other genres and heat levels. I have many of them on my Kindle and love every single one of them, but when you screw with me and my blogs, I tend to get a bit testy. It takes a bit to get these posts up and running and looking great. I don't have 24/7 to work on them either. I have an evil day job as well as my own guest spots and WIP to prioritize. I can only schedule so many posts a week and still be able to get it all done so the spots are in demand. If you take a spot and then are a no show, you've basically taken the spot away from someone else who really wanted it and never would have flaked on me...EVER.

And remember, your stunt of being a no show doesn't go unnoticed by the rest of the blogger community. We talk. We share who behaved badly and who we will never allow to be on our blogs again. We don't want the headaches. I would much prefer to have a guest matched up with the correct blog then to have them back out on me at the last minute.

My sister blog Sassy Vixen Publishing is now an affiliate with the Vampire Book Realm. Yay! Four Seduced Muses is also a part of the same group. All of us have detailed guidelines for pages and guest posts so we've been taken aback by some of the issues that have been coming up lately. There has been a bit of a diva syndrome thing going on with a couple authors making demands over at VBR and then assuming they were just going to be able to ask for a spot with the Muses or with The Vixen and have no issue. WRONG. When you refuse to fill out forms to be able to create your author page at VBR and demand that the folks running the pages go searching all over the Internet for YOUR information, then you have got to be crazy to think you're going to get an author page there at all or a guest spot on any of the affiliated blogs. Common sense should tell you that, but I guess some folks will never learn.

It takes a few bad apples to spoil a pie, but I'm just going to make a different kind of pie. End of story. 

For those authors, readers, fans and friends who continue to visit The House of Taboo and make our features fun, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. YOU are the reason I keep doing this and not chucking the whole thing because of a few bad apples.

See you all tomorrow for the Freaky Fetish Friday spot. Kendall McKenna will be back with us and you know she'll have a sexy Marine or three with her. ;)

~Luscious Lia 

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