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Taboo Center Stage Welcomes @twoodwriter and Her New Release #Lucius #eroticromance

Welcome to the House of Taboo! (the crowd goes wild as Lia walks through the crowd with microphone in hand) We've a full house tonight and I wouldn't expect anything less with tonight's guest. She's been here before with the first book on her In Blood series, but tonight she's brought something new. Like my alter ego Tammy Dennings Maggy, our friend Tara S. Wood loves to create worlds from the simple question what if and then proceeds to blow our minds with her characters and their lives. 

Her new book is no exception. It's the first book in the Fallen series and...

I told you Hiddleston. Tara based this book on my character Azazeal from the series Hex on the BBC. He was a the leader of the fallen angels.

Oh stop being so full of yourself, Fassbender! If she did as you said why did she name the main character LUCIUS?

Oh for Goddess sake. Why can't the surprises for my guests ever stay hidden. Tom! Michael! Enough of that racket. You might as well get out here so we can settle this before I bring Tara out. Sorry folks. It must be something with the drinks here that get these men all riled  up over my guests. (Tom Hiddleston and Michael Fassbender come out from behind the purple velvet curtains all smiles. Damn them! They are doing this on purpose to get me all riled up.) Why on earth are the two of you arguing over this? 

Lia, you know I love you sweetness, but I just don't see what Tara sees in Loki. I mean come on. I was one of the 300. Doesn't that count for something?  

You're jealous? You know she loves you both. You can't make her choose between you. It's not fair and you know it.

I tried to tell him that, dear heart but as usual he's being bullheaded. He can't take you out on the town on one night and steal Tara away from me on another. She's already said I'm her favorite so he'll just have to accept that and...

Her favorite? You? Maybe we should just ask her when she comes out here.

Good idea. Then maybe you'll just go back to looking at your washboard abs in the mirror and let me spend the evening with Tara. 

Boys! Enough fighting. Tara will be in town visiting through April 1st when she makes a stop at Sassy Vixen Publishing. You both have an entire weekend to spoil her rotten. That was the plan and now both of you are putting her surprise in jeopardy. Tom, get your ass backstage and change into your tuxedo. You'll be reading the excerpt today.

Lia! That's not what we talked about last night...

Oh, bribing another beauty to get your way. Typical. Did you flex all your muscles for Lia last night too?

(The crowd erupts in laughter and cat calls.) Oh now both of you stop it! We have a show to do. Michael, why don't you sit up at the bar and help Tim make up a pitcher of Margaritas. I'm going to need a few of them before the night is over!
(both men do as Lia asks with full smiles on their faces. Yep. They were goofing around on purpose to get the crowd riled up...and it was working!)

Whew! I'm going to have to hire more security for the next author spotlight...or end up putting the surprises under lock and key until it's time they come out. Ugh!  Enough of that craziness. Tara, get out here woman!

(The crowd is immediately on their feet as Tara emerges through the velvet curtains. As a special surprise for her, I sent her a few of the House of Taboo items in her favorite! She rocked the green and black leather corset and jacket. No one can pull off the steam punk look like our Tara!)

Come on over here and join me on the Center Stage, Tara. Let the crowd get a good look at you. (Tara waves out at the full house and they begin to cheer all over again as she twirls around showing off the tight leather skirt and thigh high boots.) Alright you animals! Let her get comfortable so we can get down to business.  I've asked you this before, but many of the folks here today may not know the answer. Are you a plotter or a panster? 
A little of both. I do like a rough outline so I have a vague idea of where I’m going, but I can change things up if needed.

Do your stories tend to be character driven or plot driven?
I have discovered that I am totally character driven. I love the character study, the push and pull of relationships, the emotions and the feelings between them. I love it all…happiness, angst, longing, lust, desire! My characters are all real to me and they drive the story.

Okay, I'm going to ask this question as if I already don't know. Do you listen to music while writing? What kinds of music work best for you? 
I love music while writing. A lot of 80’s hair bands. A LOT. *snicker* But, I do listen to a variety of genres, depending on the scene I’m writing.

Since you brought up the 80's hair bands...hehehe. Turn your attention to the stage on your right. Ladies and gentleman, please help me welcome Mr. Kip Winger to The House of Taboo!

Lia, you KNOW! 
Yes I do, girlie. Yes I do. That's why Kip is just the one of many surprises I have for you during your visit. Let's get back to business shall we? 
What are your favorite fiction genres to read from?
Romance, of course. But I also LOVE thrillers. I probably read more thrillers than romance.

What are your favorite non-fiction genres to read from?
Biographies. I find people very interesting. I like to know what makes them tick.

In one or two sentences, give the core premise behind your story in Lucius.
A group of fallen angels are slaying demons in order to reclaim their places in Heaven. One of them falls in love along the way and discovers that he’s exactly where he needs to be. 

My kind of book! And you know I love the name Lucius...hmmm Looks like Tim has sent up the pitcher of Margaritas for us a bit early.  Folks, lets welcome to Center Stage Tara's next surprise. Mr. Michael Fassbender.
(Michael barely gets the pitcher on the table in front of them before he has to rush to Tara's side to prevent her from toppling over from shock. The crowd loves it!)
Tara, my love. Are you alright? Maybe a glass of water would be better...
Oh no you don't. I'll take a double of whatever's in that pitcher. Lia, what are you trying to do to me? I nearly pissed my pants when Kip started to sing, and now Michael is here. 
Oh she's not done, love. You still have a few more questions to go before another surprise. 
You're not it? The surprise I mean?
Afraid not. Oh now don't get all pale on us. You'll love it, I assure you.

LOL! Tara let's finish up so you can enjoy the rest of the evening with us in the private party room back stage, eh? 
Okay...but don't think I'm not going to remember all these surprises and plot a bit of revenge. Just sayin'

Is this book a part of a series?
This is the first book of the Fallen series. Each subsequent book will focus on a different angel.

Will these characters show up in other books in this series? 
The core character roster will be the same, some additional players will come and go, so I hope that readers really fall in love with our guys and want to find out what happens to each of them.

What are you working on now?
I am currently at work on the next book in my In Blood series and have started work on a paranormal dystopian thriller. Also on the table is the second Fallen book. I am very busy. LOL.

Yes you are. That's why I planned all of these special surprises for you to make your visit with us memorable. Now, for the final surprise. Everyone please turn your attention to the left stage. Another special guest will read an excerpt from Tara's new book Lucius. Once you hear it, you'll want one for your very own...the book I mean and not the reader! LOL It will be out any day now so you'll have to wait, but until then please help me welcome Mr. Tom Hiddleston to the House!
(Tara looks at Michael and then back to Lia with her eyes wide. It's a good thing she was seated there between the two or she may have fainted dead away as soon as Tom walked under the spotlight.

The need to be inside her was staggering now that he was naked. He wanted to go slow, to savor this moment, to bring her to the edge over and over again until she shattered with the force of it. Hunger clawed at him with every touch of her lips and hands on his body. She was doing the teasing, stoking the fires of his desire to a fever pitch and doing her best to damn him with sensation. His wings burned and itched under her touch, rippling with a life of their own. Muscles long out of use throbbed and surged beneath his skin. He couldn't take much more of this.

“Persephone,” he panted, “I-I can't-” He plunged a finger inside her and groaned, the slick folds parting with an ease that had him dying for more. Lucius heard her suck in a breath.

“God, please!”                            

He'd thought touching her would satiate the need to be inside her. His mind reeled at the hoarse sounds coming from her throat as he stroked the softness of her sex and knew he would never be satisfied. Ever.

Her breath came in shallow little gasps while she bucked under the cadence of his hand. His body hardened in response as he felt her tense under the strain. She was wound tight like a spring, ready to explode. He would take her there if it killed him.

Her head thrashed on the pillow and she grabbed at him with furious hands, her lovely face awash with pleasure. Beads of sweat broke out on his body as he gritted his teeth and tried to ignore the rock hard pulsing of his cock.

“Please, Lucius. More...I need...” Her voice was pleading. Lucius drove his fingers faster, sinking into her, drawing out her desire. He felt her snap and she cried out his name as her back arched in climax, her body jerking its release.

He held her close, whispering soothing words over the curve of her ear, but she wasn't finished. Her hungry hands reached for him again, and he gasped as she found his hard length and wrapped her hand around it.

“I want you inside me. I want to feel you,” she whispered.

He was lost. Lucius spread her legs with his knee and positioned himself at her center. He growled, “Mine” again, and thrust hard, joining them deep. She absorbed the shock and hung on, urging him higher. Persephone's body wrapped around his as if they were made for each other, locked together in a perfect fit.

At their joining, the wings on his back blazed hotter, the fire spreading through his limbs. He felt them shift and pull as if they were trying to break free from his earthbound form and unfurl into the night. They roiled under the surface of his skin, threatening to pierce their way out. He groaned louder, her sweet little body taking all of him and clasping so tightly he could barely breathe. He wanted to fly. His skin crawled with it. With each pounding thrust he could feel it, and the pain of his wings hissed and fought with the pleasure of his body. He wanted to soar.

Persephone's soft moans and gasps fueled his desire, rocketing it forward, and he could no longer hold back. His hips pistoned back and forth, rocking her against the mattress, each satiny stroke destroying his sanity. Somewhere in the distance, he heard her call his name and felt her tense again. Her second orgasm drove him over the edge, the contractions of her sex triggering his blinding response. The explosion nearly knocked him over and everything went white. His balls tightened and his body flexed, and Lucius threw back his head and shouted in triumph. He was flying. After all this time, he was flying.

Thank you, Tara for joining us here at The House of Taboo. I can't wait to hear another of your excerpts for Oh My! Monday on April 1st. Don't worry, There won't be any more shockingly fun surprises for you. You'll have your hands full with Kip, Michael, and Tom. hehehe

Now for the rest of you. If you want to connect with Tara, here are her links and make sure you keep checking Amazon for Lucius! It comes out April 1st.

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Author Jo Cattell Takes Over Center Stage for Her #CoverReveal

Welcome to The House of Taboo. Today I've reserved the Center Stage for a friend of mine. She's an author in one of the groups I belong to along with my alter egos Tammy Dennings Maggy and Stephanie Ryan. This fabulous group of authors and readers was brought together by author Leanore Elliott. She wanted to have a place where like minded women could share bits and pieces of their lives with each other, the ups and downs, and yeah the naughty parts too. Where else can you be completely yourself then with a bunch of naughty women? LOL 

Seriously, I've never found a more supportive group of authors and readers out there all in one spot. Sure I've made friendships with many others outside this group, but I'm honored and blessed to be considered one of these special ladies. It's why I'm here today to share in the fun of a new cover reveal. Fellow author Jo Cattell has a new book coming out in April and she's asked us to share in the fun. Her book isn't in my usual genre, but it's one that will appeal to all ages. Who can pass up young love?  Not me, and certainly not my alter egos.  Let me share the blurb from In Another Life with you first. 

Sixteen year old, Annie Kane was dumped by her last boyfriend. It took a long time for her to agree with her friends and find somebody new. When Jim Osborn, the class clown shows up with his best friend, Annie realizes that there’s is something different about his friend, but she can’t figure out what.

Nate Cruz wasn’t like anyone she’d ever known. He’s funny and down to earth, but he also suffers with low self esteem from being in and out of the hospital.

After Jim tries to force himself on her at a party, Anne finally sees him as he really is and decides to end it. She and Nate become best friends. Then, a kiss changes it all. 

With Nate, she sees what love really means. She learns how wonderful life can be. And how at anytime, things can change without warning. If she’d stayed in her safe, little world, Annie would have missed her chance at love. But because of an irresistible attraction for a boy, she just couldn’t forget? She finds out what she’s really made of and what’s it’s like— living in another life.

I'm hooked. How about you? Oh, you want more? How about that new cover designed by Wicked Muse Productions?  Okay...dim the lights, boys. All I want on that Center Stage is my purple spotlight.

(drums begin to roll and the audience is silent, waiting for the reveal)

Isn't that a beautiful cover? Looking at the snapshots has me thinking about all those stolen moments you live for as a teen in love...hell, as an adult in love too. ;) Like I said before, this book is for all ages. Make sure you get yours when it comes out. Look for it on Amazon with Jo's other books. 

About the Author

"Characters are not created by writers. They preexist and need to be found"

I'm an author, mother, friend. My dreams inspire me, my children drive me. I'm a free spirit, a dreamer, a lover of life, and a loyal friend. I live In New Jersey with my husband Eric, and two daughters Amber and Jade.

My first novel, When Angels Fall was inspired by a dream and also the loss of my niece, came out in November 2012 and was the first in my “Fallen Angel Series.” The second book After Angels Fall was release New Years Day of 2013. In Another Life was inspired by a relationship I was in as a teenager. We only have one chance to have a first love. Mine was someone who taught me how
important life is and never to take anyone for granted. To see a person for who they really are on the inside and not just for what shows on the outside.

For more information stop by my blog,
and look for my books at

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@Robin_Badillo Takes Over Taboo's Center Stage with #erotica #manlove

Come on in folks! Grab your drinks and take your seats. We're about to get today's show started. For those of you who haven't been here before, welcome to the House of Taboo. My name is Lia Michaels and I'm absolutely over the moon thrilled to have with us today one of the authors who got me on the road to writing M/M erotic romance. In fact, Tyler Robbins wrote the book that I popped my man love cherry on if you can believe that. Her first book Beyond Honor hooked me right from the first page and now she's finally here with her new release and under the Taboo spotlight.

As is the House's custom we have a very special guest that's waiting back stage to surprise Tyler with the reading of an excerpt from her book. We've got Tyler locked securely in the green room backstage, so I'm going to ask her surprise to come out here for a moment...

Hey Lia. Thanks for asking me to do this. I've been wanting to meet Tyler for a while now. Isn't she also known as Robin Badillo?

I see you've done your homework, Matt. Yes, Tyler is Robin's pen name. Just like I'm one of three pen names for my alter ego Tammy Dennings Maggy.

Does Tyler have any idea I'm here today? I mean she's not going to faint or anything is she? I'm excited about meeting her and if I faint too, whose gonna catch us?

(Matt smiles devilishly and the crowd goes wild. I shake my head and wave them off.) Now shush everyone! Tyler is back stage waiting. Let's not tip her off to her surprise. And Matt, you know I'll catch both of you, but I do have some hot stage hands who will be right there to catch all of us if need be. Now grab your drink and scoot back stage so I can bring Tyler out.

(Matt takes the schooner of the House brew from the bar maid and darts behind the curtain just as the spotlight hits the center stage) Put your hands together and let's give a big Taboo welcome to one of my fellow authors and friends Tyler Robbins!

(The crowded club is immediately brought to it's feet as Tyler emerges from behind the purple velvet curtains. I'm thrilled to see she's wearing the House of Taboo items I sent over as her welcome gift. She's absolutely stunning in the hot pink leather corset and platform heels paired with curve hugging soft black leather pants. Oh, and she added her own touch...a black and pink feather boa! LOVE IT!)

Welcome to Taboo, Tyler! You look fabulous as always but of course you know I'm partial to the purples and hot pinks. ;)
I wanted to make a good impression for my first appearance here. Well, my book cover has been here at Taboo, but it's the first time I get to sit next to you on this stage. Thank you for having me today.

I've been wanting to have you on this stage for some times now but you've been holed up writing this new book. How about we start with one of my favorite questions? Do you listen to music while you write and if so, do you have specific types of music for each scene?

This is one of those aspects of writing that always changes for me. A while back, I kept the TV tuned to classical music so I could feel the emotion in every note and translate it into the mood and settings of the story, but lately total silence has been just the ticket. 

Two recent stories, one which will release in May and the other, a current WIP, were actually inspired by songs. This doesn’t happen often, but I’ve discovered that my muse thrives best when the emotion is already present because of feelings a song might have stirred in me. 

Tell us about the different types of characters you like to write about? Why are these types so appealing to you?
When it comes to M/M romance, both or all of my male characters must be masculine in their own way, or at the very least, formidable. That’s the type of man I’m attracted to as well, so my tastes might skew the process just a little. As long as none of the characters can be easily emasculated or jammed into a stereotype, I can connect with them.

They must be strong-willed and definitely have a little smart-assed humor and/or deviousness in their personality. 

I think I've met a few of those men myself lately. :) (the crowd giggles, in on the little joke about Matt Barr waiting to surprise our guest. In fact, he's now sitting at a table near the stage, trying to blend in with the rest of Tyler's fans. That man will be the death of me yet!) In one or two sentences, give the core premise behind your story.
A very old vampire had set out during WWII to create the perfect soldier by splicing vampire DNA with other genetic materials, which resulted in disaster. 

Fast forward to the conflicts today, where soldiers are ripe for the picking in the Middle East, and the same vampire, along with one of his mutated creatures, is wreaking havoc, leaving a bloody mess behind. 

One of these new “soldiers” transcends the bite of the original abomination which has resulted in the creation of a vampire hybrid…the perfect soldier they’d set out to create decades ago. 
The only problem is that this Navy SEAL is pissed and plans to end anyone and everything involved with his creation as a hybrid…and he just may succeed!

OMG, Tyler! You really know how to get to me. A Navy SEAL? Vampires and vampire hybrids? When and where does this story take place?
Immortal Thirst takes place in Houston, Texas and is quite contemporary. 

Who are the heroes and what drives them?
This story has three heroes; Tristan, Gauge and Caleb.

Tristan’s motivation comes from something deep inside, an appetite he’s been trying to placate for decades. If he doesn’t find it, he’s certain to lose his mind.

Gauge is motivated by vengeance, but he’s also in need of a release as well, that he’s sure will never come. 

Caleb’s only goal in life is to appease his master, Tristan, the vampire who created him. His loyalty knows no end, even if it includes pleasing Gauge as well.

What obstacles will they encounter in this story?
All three men have internal struggles, but a common enemy that none suspected, will bind them all together for good.

What are you working on now?
Currently, I am working on another southern-themed, military, M/M story titled, Aftermath. This one involves two aspects of war I have yet to tackle; Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and a sibling’s inability to deal with the loss of his only brother who’s been killed in action in Afghanistan. 

What’s coming soon?
I will have a new M/M Texas-style book release in May, maybe even sooner if the stars line up right. 
This story is titled, A Beautiful Lie and might be a tear jerker for some. Here’s a little something about that:

Jesse Reagan has had more than his share of tragedy, and he may have been dealt another blow when, once again, cancer threatens the sister who raised him. Faced with the possibility of being left behind, Jesse vows to care for her young son, though he’s not convinced he can.

When Trip Cantrell returns to town, he’s blindsided the instant he’s reunited with his kid brother’s lifelong friend, Jesse. His inability to find happiness in the years he’s been gone, suddenly makes sense. Love’s been waiting at home all along.

Of course, it won’t be all peaches and cream…they’re in for a lot of torture for sure!

Thank you so much for coming here today, Tyler. I can't wait to get my hands on Immortal Thirst. All three of your heroes sound delectable and able to set my thong on fire for sure! Why don't you read us the blurb for the book.

Vampire, Tristan Deveraux, savored the night with his young progeny, Caleb, by his side. Satisfying his shameless desires, he took what he wanted without reprisal or regret, until Gauge Roberts darkened his door. 

Gauge, an ex-Navy Seal, offered more than muscles and brawn when he became Tristan’s personal security coordinator. Surrendering to an undeniable attraction, the dominating soldier scratched an itch both had ignored far too long.

 A remarkable bond is quickly formed between the three very different men, allowing each to fulfill individual needs while maintaining separate but equal relationships, until a surprising enemy threatens to destroy it all. 

Will they survive the deadly fight, or is heartbreak the only price for satisfying their kind’s immortal thirst?

I was right the first time. My thong is toast! How about the rest of you? Do you want more? (wild cheers erupt) How about we welcome our special guest and surprise for Tyler. Let's welcome Matt Barr to the stage to our right. He's going to read a smokin' hot excerpt from Immortal Thirst.

Gauge cautiously entered a spacious loft with high vaulted ceilings and a dining room table filled with an assortment of food. To the right, he spotted a black, leather sofa with a very handsome and very naked man sprawled across it. 

Gauge’s cock instantly twitched, his proclivity toward men revealing itself through his physical reaction. 

“Hope you’re hungry.” Tristan’s voice resonated from the far left of the vast room.

Gauge’s gaze drifted away from the naked man and settled to where Tristan knelt at the foot of a chaise-lounge, intently suckling the inner thigh of yet another man.

The erotic moans of Tristan’s live meal filled the room, further stiffening Gauge’s shaft. Unsure what he should do, Gauge stepped back, only to be met by Caleb who handed him a glass of scotch. “Please, help yourself to whatever appeals to you.”

Dizzying thoughts danced in his mind. Which appetite should he satisfy first? This was new territory, far beyond the realms of even his vivid imagination. Should he indulge his physical hunger, his sexual needs, or neither, and keep his first day on the job strictly business?

“Perhaps he’s a watcher.” Caleb brushed past him as he strolled toward the lone man on the sofa.

Gauge drew in a deep breath to steady his spiraling nerves. “You feed right out in the open?”

Tristan ran his tongue up the length of the human’s cock then smiled. “They have no objections.” He then pricked his wrist with the tip of a pointy fang and allowed a few crimson drops to coat the lips of his quarry. 

The man licked the blood, and his pupils immediately dilated. 

“They drink from you?” Gauge swallowed hard, still trying to keep his wits about him. 

“They give me the gift of an existence without pain. I give them unimaginable pleasure.” Tristan then kissed the man and returned to feasting upon his inner thigh. 

Gauge glanced over at Caleb, who stood before the other man with his pants unzipped, gazing down intently as the man eagerly sucked his cock. Caleb’s hips rolled with the motion of the man’s bobbing head. 

Caleb eyed Gauge with a smug grin. “He’s really good.”

Gauge licked his lips and wandered back toward the table where he blindly reached for a chair and took a seat. His heart pounded, and his cock pulsed. So fucking hot

He’d been to clubs featuring group sex in back rooms, and had even participated once, but that was a long time ago and blood definitely hadn’t been involved. The erotic way Tristan fed only excited him more. 

Gauge’s prick pressed tight against his jeans, and he fought the urge to jack off. 

Tristan licked blood from his lips, nudged his partner to the side and joined him on the lounger. He skimmed his fingers across the man’s stomach, enough to make him shudder, but his seductive gaze remained locked on Gauge. “A ghastly sight, isn’t it?”

Gauge swallowed hard, his head booming from the erotic shock of it all. “Not at all.”

With speed too fast to measure, Tristan stood before him, his cock wet and stiff, smelling of sex and the unmistakable metallic scent of blood, an aroma Gauge recognized. “I suppose you’ve seen worse than a vampire fucking his meal?”

“Much worse.” That’s the understatement of the year

Gauge tried not to dwell on the images which flashed through his mind. The macabre memory of flames reaching far above the rooftops of the small village where they’d burned the decapitated bodies of innocent victims and the vampires who had murdered them. The memory of diesel fuel mixed with the putrid stench of singeing hair and roasting skin Gauge thought would be embedded in his brain forever, also sneaked out from the recesses of his mind where he’d safely tucked them away.

He shot up from the chair, overwhelmed and uncertain of what was worse, the haunting memories of the massacre, or how easily the thought of fucking this sexy vampire appealed to his body and mind, so much stronger than his desire to kill him. 

Tristan eased closer and inhaled deeply, then turned his attention to the other vampire. “Caleb, take them away.”
Out of the corner of his eye, Gauge saw Caleb step back immediately followed by the snapping sound of fingers. “You heard my master. Let’s take this party on the road, boys.”

Gauge’s muscles tensed as he resisted reaching out and wrapping Tristan’s long hair around his fist and fucking him like there was no tomorrow. 

As the door closed behind them, Tristan ran his hand down Gauge’s arm. “Kathryn told you, didn’t she?”

Gauge drew in a deep breath. “Not sure what you mean, Sir.”

“She told you how I came to be a vampire. How she plucked me quite literally from the brink of death and how my need for sex is the only thing to rival my thirst for blood.”

“She told me you had a way about you I’d possibly relate to.” Gauge understood now. Kathryn’s recommendation included benefits Gauge had never imagined.

There you have it folks! Matt, come up here and visit with Tyler for a few minutes before we retire to the private room I have set up for us to continue celebrating. Thank you all for coming tonight. Make sure you get your copy of this delish book today. Here are the links.

Where to Find Tyler

Don't forget to follow Tyler over to Sassy Vixen Publishing on Monday March 11th for Oh My! Monday. There she'll reveal another excerpt and more about herself.  

Until next time

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Taboo Spotlight is on Author @LynnTylerBooks and Her New Sci-Fi Menage

Welcome back to the Center Stage of The House of Taboo. Today we have a very special treat. One of my friends and Siren author Lynn Tyler is here today to talk a bit about herself and her new book set to release on March 7th. Their Rebel Mate is currently available as a pre-order through the publisher. Believe me, you are going to want to get this one and fast! Lynn has already shared an incredibly HAWT excerpt for Oh My! Monday on the Sassy Vixen Blog and the first thirteen sentences on Behind Closed Doors. For those of you who've followed her around this tour, you will get another excerpt today that will definitely make you want to grab this book and the first one in the series as well. Click on the following button to get your book pre-ordered. Go on. We'll wait...

Lia, has Lynn arrived yet?

Julia! What on earth are you doing here? 

Tammy told me that Lynn was going to be here today and I wanted to meet her. I find the idea of an alien male race coming to Earth searching for mates fascinating. And to top it all off TWO males are already together  before they ask the female to join them. Simply delish!

Sorry folks. Let me introduce you to Julia Santos. She's one of the characters in my alter ego's Now and Forever series and has made a few appearances here at Taboo.

And you've loved every single minute with me and my Mistress Carmen. (the crowd cheers wildly)

Ahem...we are here to talk to Lynn about her new release. I do understand why you'd be interested in this menage a trois. You've had some experiences with that yourself!

That you know very well, mi amour. As I recall, you had quite the threesome going there yourself—

OKAY! I'd say that's enough about me. We're here to talk to the fabulous Lynn Tyler. Have a seat with me here Julia so we can bring her out.

(The nightclub erupts into applause as Lynn takes the stage. Julia is barely sitting still in her seat so I introduce her quickly to Lynn before the three of us sit down on the circular sofa placed on the stage just for this interview. Lynn is radiant in her purple House of Taboo corset and black leather skirt and boots. Good thing I'm sitting between her and purring Julia!)

Let's get right down to the nitty gritty, Lynn. Are you a plotter or panster or a little of both?
Can I say I’m a plottser? I plot extensively but more often than not, my books tend to meander away from what I’ve planned.

I promised DeeJay S.N.M that I would ask you about the music you listen to while you write. What kinds of music work best for you? Do different types of music help you for different types of scenes?
Yes, I listen to music. What I listen to really depends on my mood and what I’m writing. Looking at my playlist would be a little confusing. I have all kinds of easy listening, heavy metal, oldies and yes, even some show tunes. For Their Rebel Mate, I listened to a lot of Maroon 5 and Michael Buble. There may have been some Nickleback in there too.

Who are some of your favorite authors and why do you think they appeal so much to you?
My absolute favorite author is J.R. Ward. If you’ve never read her Black Dagger Brotherhood series, and you like big, badass vampires, give it a try. The world building is so complex and detailed, I shudder to think what her series notes must look like. I’m so excited for her new book, which happens to be her first MM book (and mainstream too), I’m now counting the days until its release!

In one or two sentences, give the core premise behind your Helan Universe series.
The Helan race is dying out and they are in desperate need of females who are able to bear their children. They must convince the women of Earth to mate with them.

When and where does your book take place?
This book takes place in present time, and much of it takes place on the heroes’ star ship.

Ooooohhhh, a starship! I really cannot wait to read this book!

Thank you, Lia. I hope you enjoy it as much as I had writing it.

I'm sure she will as will the rest of us, Lynn. Tell us a bit about your heroine Kim. What drives her?
Kim is the face of the human female rebellion. She feels women are being bartered away by Earth’s governments and has organized a massive evacuation.

What about your heroes? The two lovelies who come to Earth searching for their mate? 
The heroes are Kerek, the Chief of Communications for the Helan government, and Thantos, Helan’s Ambassador. 
They are tasked with trying to convince the women of Earth to mate with Helans.

Tell dear Lynn, is this book part of a series? Will there be more?

Julia, the book we're talking about today is the second book in the Helan Universe series.

That's right. 
The first book is Mate For Two. Both can be read as stand alones.

(Julia whips out her cell phone from her clutch)
What are you doing? We're right in the middle of the interview.

I'm getting the first book right now for my Kindle. I don't want to miss any part of this series.

LOL! Well how about we listen to a reading from Lynn's book right now while you finish up with your order. I have another special guest tonight and a surprise for Lynn. He's been a guest with The House of Taboo on numerous occasions and was thrilled to come back today to help us out. Put your hands together for Mr. Gerard Butler!

The man swung the camera around until she was the focus. She started speaking about women being bartered away, pseudoscience and bullying at its worst.

Crap. This was exactly what he’d hoped to avoid when Kim had walked into the room. Thantos glanced at the security guards and found them all staring back at him stonily. Well, the guards had probably been in on this from the beginning. If they didn’t sympathize with Kim, they’d probably been bribed.

Kerek was whispering into the cell phone he’d purchased a couple of weeks ago. His face was flushed, his eyes glittered dangerously, and the emotions he could feel pouring through their mate bond told Thantos just how angry Kerek really was. “I’ll explain in a second, talan.”

Thank gods for their telepathic bond.

He angled his head so that he was still facing the cameras but was looking at Kim McManus directly. “If you remember correctly,” he said in his clipped, perfect English, “signing the registry is completely voluntary.”

The woman had the nerve to snort at him. Snort. “That was not the original agreement, was it, Ambassador?” she asked. Derision dripped from her voice. God, he felt like he was an inch tall.

She continued without missing a beat. “It was only after Jacy Townsend talked some sense into you all.”

He pursed his lips at the statement. His queen being referred to by her given name grated on his nerves. Humans had a love for titles, especially Americans. Hell, presidents were still addressed as such, even when their time in office was up. Why did they have such difficulty addressing his queen properly?

Before he could respond to any of the accusations Kim was sending his way, Kerek’s voice nudged its way into his brain. “Somehow, that camera has been put on a live feed. The entire world is now watching you.”

Well, this sucked big, hairy sorcan balls. And of course, Kim just had to touch on the one thing that Thantos couldn’t respond to. “We have been manipulated into believing that we are the answer to all their problems, but we have yet to see any proof of their claims.”

A feeling of resignation swept through him, and Thantos knew it was Kerek’s realization that he would have to make his announcement sooner than planned. There was no help for it though. If they didn’t show the humans that they did have the power to save the Helan species, the number of women willing to sign the registry and become mates with Helans might fall drastically.

Kerek rose from his chair and joined Thantos at the podium. “Ladies and gentlemen, this is the Chief of Communications, Kerek—” It was an improvised title, but it sounded better than Communications Officer Kerek, which was far too militarized for most humans’ comfort. “And he has a press conference scheduled for next week, but since we’ve been transferred to a live feed, he will make his announcement now.”

Much to Thantos’s amusement, Kim blanched and sat down again. Clearly, she hadn’t thought they would pick up on the fact that she had somehow hacked into the signal and forced it to go public, and she was expecting some kind of reprimand. He had to give her credit, though. She could have made a break for it and could have disappeared from the room before he or Kerek had the chance to confront her, but she held her ground.

Smiling charmingly, Kerek looked into the camera and spoke confidently. “I am very happy to announce that I have just recently received word that Her Majesty, High Queen Jacy, is expecting the birth of her first child. The joyous event is expected in approximately thirty Earth weeks. There is finally hope for the Helan people.”

Thantos could practically hear the gasps around the world.

A deep silence settled around the room. Kim jumped to her feet. “One child. How can you expect one child to save the Helan species? And what if the child is a girl? Will she be bartered off to the highest bidding male couple to squeeze out twelve babies for them, too?”

Kerek’s face had grown tight, and Thantos touched his wrist. Kerek was a typical Helan male, unlike Thantos. Kerek was aggressive and protective of those he cared about, and he’d come to like the queen a great deal in the short time they’d known each other. Kerek’s response might be a little harsh if Thantos didn’t calm him down.

Flipping his arm over, Kerek threaded his fingers with Thantos’s and gave them a gentle squeeze. It was then that Thantos realized the underlying emotions and sensations that he should have been aware of all along. Kerek was aroused by the little blonde. The fact that she was challenging him gave Kerek a thrill that he hadn’t felt in a very long time. Instead of feeling jealous by the desire his mate was feeling for this human, he was elated.

“We do not expect our female mates to squeeze out a dozen babies,” Kerek answered, managing to keep a straight face. Thantos was glad Kerek had taken over. He could feel his tongue beginning to glue itself to the roof of his mouth. The desire Kerek was feeling began to pound through Thantos, and it was becoming increasingly harder to stay still.

Kerek was still talking when the doors opened again. Thantos was relieved to see Helan soldiers slipping in, ready to step in if they needed to. Not that Thantos expected there to be violence, but the males would be able to waylay the female he knew would become his mate before she managed to give them the slip.

Lynn, have you met Gerard yet?
Not yet, but after the way he read my excerpt I definitely want to spend a little time with him...and both of you before I have to catch my flight back home.

What a fantastic idea! Gerard was hoping you'd say that. He's planned a private dinner party as another surprise for you, but before we go I have one more question. What are you working on now?
I’ve been playing with a series idea about a matchmaking service…it’s still in the very early stages but I think it will be quite fun to write, and hopefully more fun to read.

Well, I for one can't wait for that one to come out too. For those of you who wish to learn more about Lynn Tyler and her work, click on the following links and get lost in her world!