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#FreakyFetishFriday Presents A Wicked Sex Session With @LeonoreElliott #erotica #fetish #BDSM #sexanthology

It's Friday and the start of the weekend for many and Freaky Fetish time here at The House of Taboo. Today is reserved for those things considered too risque to talk about in front of mixed company, so taboo they could get your booted out of your local PTA if they thought you were "one of those" people, and hot enough to melt your panties off at just a soft whisper of these things in your ear. 

If you're a dainty little flower and like your sex and romance on the vanilla side, you just might want to visit another club. The things we talk about and feature here on the Center Stage are not for the faint of heart nor the "prim and proper." Here at Taboo, we don't shy away from the erotic and forbidden. We EMBRACE it. 

If you think you can handle it, grab a margarita from Tony at the bar and find a seat. The place fills up fast and we don't tolerate stragglers. You're either all in or out. It's your choice.  Ohhhh...slow down folks! There's plenty of room and we never run out of tequila. ;)  Speaking of that. I'll take my usual pitcher here if you don't mind, Tony. I want to make sure everything is set for my guest author.  

There's no one who defines taboo, naughty and being wicked all in one more than my friend Leanore Elliott. From her Beasts series to  supernatural Native American alpha males in Nowhere, Arizona to her smokin' HAWT curvy heroines in her Velvet series, Leanore knows how to spin a tale and keep you hooked from the very first word on the page. If you aren't panting and begging for more by the last word in her books, well, you were reading the wrong book. Just sayin'!  Instead of me going on and on about her, how about I let her come out to tell you all about her sex anthology More Sex. Within those pages are some of the steamiest fetishes you can dream about, and honey I dreamt ALOT about them after reading this book. Put your hands together and join me in giving a big Taboo welcome to the one, the only Wicked Leanore!

(Leanore peeks out from behind the purple velvet curtain dressed in the gift I sent over for her. She looks stunning as our favorite sexy icon of all time and one of my celebrity crushes, Mae West. The crowd is immediately standing and cheering wildly as "Mae" saunters around the stage, swinging her hips and fluffing her hair. She blows a kiss to Tony as thanks for her drink before she takes her seat next to me on the Center Stage.)
Welcome back to Taboo, Leanore. You look fab as Mae as I knew you would.

Thanks, doll! As soon I poured myself into this dress I felt Mae's spirit take over. Then I looked into the mirror in the dressing room backstage...DAMN! I'm HOT!

Yes you are! LOL (the crowd agrees and starts up the cat calls again.) Pipe down, you heathens! Let her get on with why she's visiting today and why all of you packed the place. MORE SEX! How about you fill them all in how you decided to write about what turns us all on. I mean how do you know where to start?

Hmmmm. What turns us on? Oh, this is a loaded question for sure…Loaded. (Chuckle) Months back? I wondered about this very subject. Why? Well, it’s a delicious subject among other reasons. Mainly, it was because I’d already written 15 erotic books, spanning quite a few genres and my fans seemed to be scattered among different groups.

I sat down and decided to try another first. A Sex Anthology, purely for the heat and I thought I was ready to take the dive into a steamy world full of sexual drive, fantasies fulfilled, yearnings for a certain type of sex and other kinky variations in the erotic world.

I wrote six stories and sometimes, during the heat scenes I found myself holding my breath for long spans of time. Hunched low over the keyboard, spinning sexual tension and using dialogue and even some nouns I’d never used before. At the end of each? I would be sweating. You know the kind of flush I mean. I would guardedly look around to insure no one noticed that I was almost panting. (Snicker)

I titled it More Sex…Because, that’s what it’s about. A book of stories about what turns us on. Erotica, no holds barred. I, myself didn’t even realize that some of them would in fact turn me on too!  Let me share a little bit about each story and the fetish focused upon.


Grasping her hips with a firm grip, he shoved his hardened cock into her pussy, slapping her ass with a vigorous smack while sliding in with force as he held her in place with the tie vice. 
Oh, I loved Dedicated! Nothing like a bit of BDSM to get your motor running. ;)
It's the first story and some say the best in the book. Poor Pearl, a secretary that feels invisible as she lusts for a year over a boss who never looks her way. This story of obsession and seeming lust unrequited will show you just how much power a woman can really have, just by being so dedicated.


Somehow, Claire had lost control of everything. There was only this—him, with that wonderful cock pushing into her, meeting exquisitely with her powerful need.
A woman who’s never orgasmed…A man hired to give her just that. This one was funny, sexy and gives some insight into what a man can accomplish if he’s motivated.
And challenged to give a woman the gift that keeps on giving! I'm sorry but as a multi-orgasmic woman myself, I can't imagine anyone never having even one. So glad Claire got to experience that joy. mmmmm

Should I give you a moment or two to recover from remembering that story or can you handle more? You're starting to squirm a bit in your seat there, Lia. hehehe
Oh I'm just fine. Nothing that another margarita can't handle. Go on woman! Don't keep me...errr...the audience waiting. 


Lena laughed loudly as she jumped from the sound and she suddenly realized that this was the best sex she'd ever had in her whole boring life! 
A woman power broker, who’s afraid to live the lifestyle she secretly craves. A man who looks like he would be an alpha, but he isn’t afraid to be dominated by her. This story was kinky and shows that looks can be deceiving. 
Some folks don't realize they're natural subs or crave to be a dominatrix until the moment arises. Love it!


This little bit of sexy theater made her feel warm and edgy at the same time. Every muscle in her body was tensed as if she were about to receive a physical blow. Mmm, I would love to have those arms wrapping around me. An inexplicable ache started in the pit of her stomach and spread through her entire rigid body. Or have them lifting me up to slam me down on his—

The angel stripper lowered his hand to his briefs and she sat with her eyes glued to that hand. He splayed his fingers out and dipped just the tips into his sexy underwear. Miranda gulped and a little bubble of moisture slipped from her pussy. How could a man do this to me, when he's in another room and can’t even see me?

* * * *

Miranda watched him and felt a twinge of something new pulsing through her. Power? Oh, wow!
Mandy is after a hot story. Only, she meets a man whose sexual magnetism has made him a rich living while he stayed continuously bored. Until, he believes that he’s met his match in her. Who can do the hat trick better, will be the real question.
Yes, indeed.  I have to say, I'm a sucker for a man who can fill out those sexy underwear. 
LOL! Lia I think we may need to take a break for you to cool off. You're getting a tad bit flushed there. Tony, what do you put in those margaritas? ;)
Oh you are truly wicked! What's the next story you want to share with everyone today. (one of the stage hands dashed up on stage with a purple folding fans for the women. Leanore chuckled as Lia snapped hers open immediately and started the breeze flowing over her blushed face.) Don't worry about me. I'll be just fine. You just keep going with the show and we'll see who gets through this in a puddle or not. ;)


Rich was trapped—trapped in a world that he made, a world where he only felt, lived and breathed to watch her.  

* * * *

Rich was stroking in accord to her strokes. He had no control over any of it. If she stopped before she got hot and came, he would go without release tonight. Her finger sped up as his thoughts cheered, yes, baby, yes. She leaned her body back and licked her lips. He knew because he had memorized every trait, every nuance, and the binoculars swept higher to eventually see her tongue come out and swipe her lips.

It did and sexy girl swiped slowly and artfully over her luscious lips.

Stiffening painfully, he held back the oncoming climax, waiting for her to complete her sensual journey through the page, through the scene where the hero was probably licking the woman’s quivering pussy.

Her hand sped up the stroking and she was twirling her nipple with her other hand, her fingers pinching and playing with it.

He jerked with an almost painful gasping of air. His cupped hand kept the same rhythm as her strokes and he huffed along with the pants he could see from her heaving chest.
Consumed with an obsession for the girl in the condo across the way, Rich can’t seem to make it stop. Until one day? The entire game turns around on him and he finds that he was the object of someone else’s erotic obsession.
The Voyeur fetish is a very popular one. Many folks get more pleasure out of watching others go over the edge than if they were right in the middle of it themselves. But to find out you're the center of another's fantasy...THAT has to be mind blowing.
Are you speaking from experience there, my dear?
Ummm...this is not about me, Leanore. 
Oh, really? I seem to recall a certain someone had you all in knots not too long ago. Maybe we should ask Tammy how Julia and her partner are doing these days?
Evil, Evil woman! LOL Yes, Julia was a force of nature that nearly did me are all of your fabulous characters. 
Oh, flattery will get you everywhere and you know it. Now who's being wicked?


Jewel bent way over and spread her cheeks, obediently opening her pussy, hoping to tempt him, so that he might allow her to please him when the eventual climax she almost felt right now, came to fruition.
Ahhhh...the sub wanting to please her master. Fabulous! 
The last is a story that some fans wanted to be a full novel. Jewel is a submissive on the run from a vicious Dom. She meets sweet Rober’ and loves him, but wishes she could change her yearnings, so that she could have a real future.
Well, maybe she doesn't have to change her yearnings...just sayin'!
(winks) You never know! (she looks out at the crowded club and smiles broadly.) Ya'll have to read the story to find out what happens. Thank you for having me here at Taboo again, Lia. I've had a blast as always.
Hold on there, chica. You didn't think I'd let you get away with enticing me and all of my patrons like that without one more surprise for you, did you? 
What are you up to, you naughty girl?
(Lia's smile slowly spreads across her face and the crowd is on their feet. Sauntering across the stage is none other than Antonio Banderas. He's been hiding backstage waiting to make his entrance. Leanore gets up from her seat as Antonio takes her hands into his, leaning in to kiss her on both cheeks.

It's been far too long since I've seen you Ms. Wicked. You are such a tease keeping yourself away from me all this time. Thank goodness for our Lia. She told me you were going to be in town and I just had to be here.
Oh stop! The two of you are just incorrigible. I don't know why I put up with either one of you. 
Hush! You love all the attention and you know it. ;)  Now get a move on. Antonio has planned a fabulous night on the town for the three of us and we won't take no for an answer. 
Come, mi amor. We have the whole night and maybe the morning to catch up on old times, no? Tell everyone goodnight, Leanore.
(chuckling) Good night, all. Apparently I have a date.

You two go on back stage. I'll join you in a moment. 
As for the rest of you...Thank you for spending time with Leanore and me for Freaky Fetish Friday. Make sure you pick up your very own copy of More Sex from Amazon today. The links are below. 

Have fun and remember to always get your freak on!
~Luscious Lia

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@AuthorNPrince Brings Her Wild and Wicked Fairy Tale to Taboo's Center Stage #BDSM #eroticromance #fairytales

Welcome to the very first Wild and Wicked Wednesday and our special guest, author Nikki Prince. This is her first time here to The   House of Taboo and she more than COMMANDS the Center Stage with her very naughty take on the tale of Sleeping Beauty.

Are you ready for some wickedly hot romance? I'll warn you, this is not the Sleeping Beauty tale your grandma told's BETTER!
So sit back, have a drink or two and enjoy the show! 

Wait...did you really think I wouldn't have some special guests hidden backstage? hehehe You'll just have to wait a few moments longer while they finish setting up the ummm...props for the reading of Nikki's excerpt. To start things off, I've asked a very special friend of mine to come out here and read the blurb for Waking Beauty. Put your hands together and welcome back to Taboo, Mr. Vin Diesel...(the crowd goes wild as Vin saunters out on to the stage and takes a seat next to me on the stage. Ohhhh...if only Tammy were here tonight. She would FLIP OUT!)

Aurora Devine's libido has been asleep for over eight years. She's had the curse of not being able to have the big O since running away from her master Felipe Santiago Castro. The last time she came at the hand of a man it was with Felipe. Fearing what would happen if she let go with him completely she'd run.

Convinced the only way she will find peace of mind and pleasure is to go to Once Upon a Dream Fantasies she signs up for a time of pleasure asking for everything she'd lost eight years before to be fulfilled in a fantasy.

Felipe would show her that he was her only fantasy. He'd do anything to have her back in his life as his submissive. He'll play along and give her the fantasy she wants but in the end she'd realize that her submissiveness called to his dominance and they were a matched pair.

Ohhhhh...Vin, you had me at "the big O!"  Stay here with me and help yourself to one of Tony's margaritas while I introduce the actors who will portray Nikki's Aurora and Felipe in the excerpt of Waking Beauty (Once Upon a Dream 1). Please give a big Taboo welcome to Gabrielle Union and William Levy!

(both actors come out from behind the heavy purple velvet curtain on the Center Stage. The crowd immediately hushes as the two take their places and the lights dim. Only the soft purple spotlight illuminates the pair as Gabrielle begins...)

The quiet continued on for a few moments longer before finally she couldn’t stand it any longer.

“Are you there?”

“Yes, Beauty, I’m here.” The voice was deep and the accent Spanish. They’d given her what she wanted. It wasn’t Felipe, nonetheless he’d do. She could pretend it was him. Only Felipe could make her come. The fantasy, if kept alive in her mind and in her heart, would make everything okay. She had to believe that. She couldn’t continue the way she was going. Hopefully just dreaming of Felipe as she was being touched would be enough.

She let herself live in the fantasy. This wasn’t a random stranger: it was her Felipe and he’d come back for her.

“I see you followed all of my instructions to the letter with exception of one.” His voice was stern and she squirmed.


She heard the tsk-tsk that he gave. “Don’t bother to explain. I told you there would be consequences, didn’t I?”

“Yes, but?” How on earth did he know she’d touched herself?

“No buts, Beauty. When I give my word I mean every bit of it. So you will be punished. There is no other way around it. I give what I promise.”

His words exhilarated her and at the same time scared her. This was what she wanted and he was going to give her exactly that. He reminded her of Felipe in so many ways. “Now … do you understand, beauty?”

“Yes, I understand…” She didn’t know what to call him. From what she could hear he was moving about the room and he hadn’t tried to touch her yet. It was making her antsy.

“You should know what to call me. What did you put down on your paperwork?”

“I put Amo and señor.” Those two words were what she’d placed on the form. Amo and señor were what she used to call Felipe. Amo meant master and of course señor meant sir. She did say she wanted this to be as real as possible. This place didn’t half step at all. They followed everything that the client wanted.

“Then that is what you call me when you address me, Aurora. Is that understood?”

“Yes, señor, I understand.”

“Perfecto, my beauty.”

Damn, she really could believe it was Felipe. The accent was to die for. She let out a startled gasp as she was picked up by strong hands and held against an even stronger feeling body. In the next moment she was laid across his lap on her stomach. His fingers swept over her lower back where she had her tramp stamp.

“What a beautiful tattoo, Aurora.”

“I got it on a whim, señor.” It was vines on either side with thorns and a rose that dipped into the middle near her ass.

“Briar Rose,” he whispered softly. His words were so light that she almost thought he was talking to himself. His fingers traced lightly over the tattoo and then there was a stinging slap to her ass.

“What are you doing?” She couldn’t help the startled gasp that escaped her as the sting from his palm resonated through her whole body. Her words were given in her shock.

“I think you know what’s happening.” His palm rested on her bare ass and she squirmed.

“Stay still.” The command was given and she immediately obeyed. His large hands stroked slowly over her ass.

“What instruction did you disobey, Aurora?” All the while he rubbed his hand over her bare bottom as he spoke. It was soothing as much as it was delicious.

“To not touch myself.”

“That’s right, my beauty.” She squealed from the first smack on her ass by his palm.

“While you’re here, this is my ass, my pussy and my breasts.” With each word he slapped his hand against her backside, making her moan. Her butt was stinging from the spanking. Granted, it was in a pleasurable way. This paddling didn’t repulse her. In fact, she wanted more.

“Do you understand beauty?”

He gave her another rapid succession of slaps against her bottom. She found herself rocking her body into his lap.

“Yes, yes, señor. I understand fully.” Her ass was burning as she was being spanked as if she were a petulant child, and she loved it. Each slap set off an electric current of sensations that went straight to her clit.

OMG! Didn't I tell you Nikki's rendition was a hell of a lot better than the tale you heard as a kid? I know I'm heading over to get my own copy right now. Who's with me? (the crowd is immediately on it's feel cheering wildly.) That's what I thought. Go on and head on over to Evernight Publshing. Vin, Gabrielle and William and I will meet you there!

More about the Author

Nikki Prince is a mother of two, who’s always had a dream to be a published author in the romance genre. Her passion lies in raising her children as readers, gaming, cooking, reading and her writing. Her mother can now breathe easy about the child who used to get in trouble because she was hiding books everywhere and reading when it wasn’t appropriate.

Nikki’s a multi-published author with several epublishing houses. She loves to write Interracial romances in all genres, but wants to let everyone know to not box her in, because there is always room for growth.

Nikki’s also a member of Romance Writers of America National chapter ( and OCC/RWA local chapter ( and is a member of the board as Co-Programs Director.  She is also a member of the online chapter Passionate Ink RWA. 

Connect with Nikki

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#FreakyFetishFridays: Dog Tag Fetishes with Author @kendallmckenna #eroticromance #marines #wolves #manlove

It's Friday and you know what that means here at Taboo. It's time to talk about some of our forbidden and freaky fetishes. This week I'm excited to have back my friend and fellow author Kendall McKenna. She's shared many a story about hot Marines in love and this week she doesn't disappoint. So Tony, pass me that pitcher of Margaritas while I sit back with the rest of you and let Kendall have the stage!

Hey, there, and welcome to Freaky Fetish Friday! My name is Kendall McKenna and I write M/M Erotic Romance. I’m going to be talking about men, here, because that’s my fetish. 

When Lia Michaels first announced this new theme day, I immediately knew I had a topic. My tag line is “Love and Dog Tags”, so obviously, I’m going to discuss the fetishization of dog tags. My specialty is in writing stories about U.S. Marines, including authentic language and jargon, and realistic action sequences. This means my characters wear dog tags, all the time! Of course I’ve gotten creative with them. 

First, a little history. Dog tags is the slang term for military ID tags worn by U.S. service personnel. Where the nickname came from, is obvious. Dog tags are embossed metal, secured on stainless steel ball-chain. One tag hangs on a long chain (24” – 30”), a second is secured to the first chain with a second, shorter one (4” – 6”). Currently, service personnel are permitted to wear the second tag secured in a boot, as opposed to also wearing it around the neck. 

The purpose of two tags was so that, if someone was killed in combat and the body had to be left behind, one tag was left on the body, the other was carried off the field of battle so that it could be used for identification and for notification. In modern warfare, this is slightly less significant, as bodies are required to be left behind less often. Much of this has to do with modern battlefield medicine. More lives are saved in the field than ever before (while there are significantly more amputated limbs than ever before). The reason for the notch in the WWII version of the tags was so that they could be secured in the machinery for debossing.  It was NOT so that the tag could be secured in the teeth. That’s an urban legend. Black rubber silencers were first allowed on the tags during Vietnam, so that the clinking metal didn’t announce the presence of the troops moving through the jungle. 

By now you’re wondering what the hell is erotic and fetish-worthy about dog tags? That’s some unpleasant stuff to think about. True. But that’s what makes the fetishization of them so much more interesting. 

Fetishes have an emotional component, as well as a conditioned sexual response. Military family and loved ones have been known to appropriate or obtain a spare set of tags, to wear while their warrior is on deployment. It’s a way to honor them, and to keep them close while they’re away. Tags are passed down to family members if a warrior is lost in battle. It honors the sacrifice and keeps the memory alive. Dog tags are a part of make-shift battlefield memorials. They are hung from the trigger guard of the fallen warrior’s M16, the boots laid at the stock, the Kevlar helmet balanced on the bayonet. Dog tags are uniquely military, and they represent so much more than just the identity of the person who wears them. 

"Free of his clothing, Sean planted his feet flat on the ottoman and let his thighs fall open enticingly. Corey smiled at him, fully aware of what Sean was doing. He knelt on the floor, reaching between Sean’s legs and gripping his waist firmly. Sean wrapped his hands around Corey’s wrists.

When he leaned over to lick at each of Sean’s hip bones, Corey’s tags fell between Sean’s thighs and lay against his semi-hard cock. Corey gripped them and flicked them over his shoulder so they rested against his own back. 

‘That’s okay, but don’t you fucking dare take those things off,’ Sean gasped fiercely, his hips pushing upward into Corey. 

Corey looked up at Sean in surprise. He was used to being asked to remove them because they were always in the way. Sean’s adamant demand that Corey leave his tags on made his chest tighten. He’d thought he’d never find such easy acceptance from anyone except another Marine.”                                
--The Final Line: The Recon Diaries, Book 3

Now let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. Dog tags are fucking sexy!

Okay, I’m going to be generalizing here, just to have some fun with this post. There’ll be exceptions to each example, but you don’t want to be reading this all day!

Military guys are hot! They tend to be youthful, especially the enlisted guys on the front lines. The nature of the job requires them to have a fairly high level of fitness. They’re strong and competent, trained to do things must of us aren’t. Military guys run toward the sound of gunfire, they run toward the danger. And uniforms are sexy! They’re a fetish all their own! Uniforms make the well-built, highly trained heroes even sexier. We’ve all seen pictures of the hard-bodied men, shirtless, wearing only their camouflage pants and boots – and their dog tags. 

Dog tags are a symbol of strength, competence and sacrifice. They’re a link to warriors who go off to combat. They’re an erotic ornament, nestled between strong pectoral muscles, lying against tanned, sweaty skin. They’re decorative, without being flimsy. Dog tags are inextricably linked to all things military, so if your crank is turned by military characters to begin with, the tags become a singular point of focus. 

“Sean slid his hands up Corey’s back, then back down to his sides. Corey found a rhythm, rising and falling on Sean’s dick. He rose up and the head of Sean’s cock stretched the rim of his opening. When Corey sank down and took Sean deep, fissions ran the length of his spine. Shudders wracked Corey’s body and he moaned loudly each time his ass met Sean’s thighs. 

Sean’s fingers fluttered at the back of Corey’s neck. The chain of his dog tags pulled snug against his throat, the tags themselves clinked against Corey’s back. 

‘That’s it, make yourself feel good,’ Sean murmured. His hand moved at the base of Corey’s neck. ‘Use me to make yourself feel good.’

 Corey realized Sean was gripping his dog tags, his hand wrapped up in the chain. Corey leaned back slightly, when Sean used his tags to tug him backward. When Sean’s other hand ran up the length of Corey’s back, Corey arched into his touch. Fuck, this was nice. Sean’s touch on his skin made Corey feel cared for.”
--The Final Line: The Recon Diaries, Book 3

And…dog tags are kept on a chain. A chain that can be used to bind, or to restrain, or to mark. If you’re careful, they can be used in breath-play. From the standpoint of erotic romance, dog tags are a great tool to add variety and creativity to love scenes. They can be used to demonstrate the unconditional love and acceptance of the warrior, by his lover. 

“Jonah wrapped a hand around the chain of his dog tags and gave a slight tug. ‘Let go,’ he ordered. 

Reluctantly, Kellan let the tags slide from between his lips. He watched Jonah pull the chain up over his head. He sat back on his heels and reached for Kellan’s cock. 

Kellan clutched at the bedclothes when he felt both of Jonah’s hands on his cock and balls. He looked down in desperation, only to see Jonah slipping the chain of his tags around Kellan’s cock like a noose. 

‘Oh fuck,’ Kellan moaned. He watched as Jonah slipped the chain lower until it circled Kellan’s balls as well. Jonah tugged on the chain and the loop slid closed with the sound of singing metal. The tags themselves hung pressed to the side of Kellan’s cock, the chain working like a cockring. Jonah wrapped the rest of the chain around Kellan and he felt that much more constricted. His cock throbbed, his balls ached and the head of his dick was a deep shade of purple. 

He watched Jonah flip the end of the chain in place, locking the entire improvised rig in place. 
Fuck Jonah and his motherfucking creativity and his goddamn ability to fucking make do. Kellan needed to fucking come. 

Jonah started to move again and Kellan threw his head back when he felt Jonah’s cock slide in and out again. ‘Fucking bastard,’ he hissed in frustration.”
--Missing Scene: Brothers In Arms: The Recon Diaries, Book 1

My latest release, Fire For Effect, is Book #2 of The Recon Diaries. It’s being very, very well reviewed, it’s currently on Amazon’s Top 100, as well as in ARe’s top 5 mystery/thriller. 

Hired to investigate the denial of a Marine the Medal of Honor, Kellan Reynolds and Jonah Carver try to untangle a web of lies, deceit, and heroism.

Two years after the events of Brothers In Arms, Kellan Reynolds and First Sergeant Jonah Carver are struggling with their bi-coastal relationship. Following the events in Iraq, Kellan’s expertise in national security is well established and he is hired to investigate the suspicious repeated denial of a KIA Marine the Medal of Honor. 

Kellan brings Jonah onto his staff and into his home, but just as their relationship settles into a routine, their investigation heats up. What begins at the Pentagon, leads to Camp Leatherneck in Afghanistan, and an ambush that threatens to destroy everything they’ve built.

If you haven’t read Book #1 of The Recon Diaries, Brothers In Arms, you’ll want to start there, first. 

Jonah Carver is a Marine and combat veteran. He and his former Captain, Kellan Reynolds, once shared a scorching night, but then lost touch; something Jonah has long regretted. 

When an investigation into government corruption, and the murder of U.S. troops, ends in the killing of a V.I.P. on Jonah’s watch, the FBI arrives. With them is Kellan Reynolds.

When Kellan is kidnapped, Jonah has to find and rescue him. If he doesn’t, not only will the investigation unravel, but he’ll lose Kellan for a second time–for good.

Dog tags are so fetishized, that I have difficult time keeping in stock, the swag tags that I have made for my characters from Strength of the Pack. Lucas and Noah are both Marines, and Noah is a werewolf. This book is the first in the series, The Tameness of the Wolf. I had a small number of authentic tags made for Lucas and Noah as giveaways on release day. Now I can’t keep them on hand. They’re definitely a way in which the readers feel they can have a small piece of characters they have come to love. 

Lieutenant Lucas Young doesn’t know much about shifters. When Sergeant Noah Hammond is assigned to Lucas’ platoon, the Marine Corps’ True Alpha werewolf challenges the Lieutenant’s authority and his self-control. As Lucas learns to dominate and command Noah, he struggles against a strong attraction and deepening emotional bond. 

During their combat deployment to Afghanistan, Lucas and Noah begin mirroring legendary partnerships. Their bond and their power grow as they survive dangerous combat and ambushes. When one of them is wounded in battle, they both must embrace the strength of their bond before they lose each other forever.

You can find purchase information for all of my books here.

Enter to win a copy of either of the Recon Diaries: Brothers In Arms OR Fire For Effect. Just let me know in a comment which of the two books you would like, if you’re the winner.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you’ve read Strength of the Pack and would like a set of Lucas’ and Noah’s dog tags, enter for a chance to win.  Leave me a comment with your favorite SotP quote or scene.

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@HouseofTaboo's New Banners for the Guest Author Features

Hello gang! This is just a quick post to show off the new banners for  the guest author features and a few other bits of housekeeping. We'll be having some fabulous guests over the next few weeks for Freaky Fetish Fridays. Last week Alexandra Anthony kicked that feature off for us and I debuted the new banner then as well. Now, my alter egos and I have completed our work on the rest of the banners and I'd like to show them to you here. 

Don't they look great? I had a blast designing those too. So many different pics to choose from. *sigh* I did save a few for future projects so look for those in posts to come!

For those of you who are looking to so guest appearances, please see the GUIDELINES in the tabs above. It will take you directly to the page with all you need to know about the posts and whether or not Taboo is the spot for you and your work. If you want something more in the PG vein, then I suggest you visit my alter ego Stephanie Ryan. Her blog, Through Stephanie's Eyes is also open to guests of all genres but nothing more than a PG rating. She's the "good girl" of our group. Don't let that fool you though. She can rock out with the best of them and she's been known to show up here at Taboo and share a pitcher or two of Margaritas with me. ;)

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Recently there has been a rash of authors signing up for guest spots on my blogs and those of some of my friends and simply flaking out. Either they never respond to the reminder emails, or if they do respond, send a condescending email stating they can't possibly be associated with erotica or erotic romance since their stuff is barely spicy at its best.  Hmmm.  My question is, why request a spot on an adult blog in the first place if you don't feel your work fits in? 

I have nothing against the other genres and heat levels. I have many of them on my Kindle and love every single one of them, but when you screw with me and my blogs, I tend to get a bit testy. It takes a bit to get these posts up and running and looking great. I don't have 24/7 to work on them either. I have an evil day job as well as my own guest spots and WIP to prioritize. I can only schedule so many posts a week and still be able to get it all done so the spots are in demand. If you take a spot and then are a no show, you've basically taken the spot away from someone else who really wanted it and never would have flaked on me...EVER.

And remember, your stunt of being a no show doesn't go unnoticed by the rest of the blogger community. We talk. We share who behaved badly and who we will never allow to be on our blogs again. We don't want the headaches. I would much prefer to have a guest matched up with the correct blog then to have them back out on me at the last minute.

My sister blog Sassy Vixen Publishing is now an affiliate with the Vampire Book Realm. Yay! Four Seduced Muses is also a part of the same group. All of us have detailed guidelines for pages and guest posts so we've been taken aback by some of the issues that have been coming up lately. There has been a bit of a diva syndrome thing going on with a couple authors making demands over at VBR and then assuming they were just going to be able to ask for a spot with the Muses or with The Vixen and have no issue. WRONG. When you refuse to fill out forms to be able to create your author page at VBR and demand that the folks running the pages go searching all over the Internet for YOUR information, then you have got to be crazy to think you're going to get an author page there at all or a guest spot on any of the affiliated blogs. Common sense should tell you that, but I guess some folks will never learn.

It takes a few bad apples to spoil a pie, but I'm just going to make a different kind of pie. End of story. 

For those authors, readers, fans and friends who continue to visit The House of Taboo and make our features fun, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. YOU are the reason I keep doing this and not chucking the whole thing because of a few bad apples.

See you all tomorrow for the Freaky Fetish Friday spot. Kendall McKenna will be back with us and you know she'll have a sexy Marine or three with her. ;)

~Luscious Lia 

Friday, April 12, 2013

#FreakyFetishFriday at The House of Taboo Welcomes @AlexAnthony80

Welcome to the very first Freaky Fetish Friday here at The House of Taboo! I wanted to have a day where my fellow authors and bloggers could share a some of their more, shall we say, risque scenes in their books. And you all know me and how much I love these kind of stories. Hell, the more taboo they are, the more I like them!

But I digress...

Today, to help celebrate the launch of Freaky Fetish Fridays, Alexandra Anthony shares a titillating scene from her new release Tempted (The Dark Hart Chronicles 1). I'll just turn the stage over to Alexandra while Tony and his crew finish making the rounds refreshing our margaritas. :)

Before I share an excerpt from my latest book, Tempted: The Dark Hart Chronicles Book 1, I’d like to talk a little about the subject matter in the snippet.  Everyone is talking about the BDSM lifestyle, thanks to a series of books that opened Erotica and made it “mainstream”.

The scene I’m going to share with you has nothing to do with sadism or masochism.  It has all to do with dominance and control.  Many people think that the “dominant” person in the situation has the control when in reality, the power lies in the hand of the “submissive”.   This scene contains no real bondage so to speak…the ties that bind Savannah are mental and powerful.  Her only real disadvantage is that she is blindfolded and given a set of instructions she is to follow.  Nick’s questions, her openness to experience ‘letting go’, relying on the cadence of his voice and the sensuality of being blind and open to only what you feel can be a empowering thing.

And the beauty is she could easily stop him at any time.  She has the control…in more ways than one.

Here is my excerpt from Tempted:The Dark Hart Chronicles Book 1.


"Do you trust me?"  He repeated his question.  His dark eyes gleamed with barely concealed excitement.

My breathing hitched and my body was almost pulsating at the lilt of his words.  "You know I trust you.”

A muffled moan fell from his lips.  He sat back on his heels and stared down at me.  “You give me more credit than I deserve.  I’ve had depraved thoughts of the things I could do to you.”  His hands ghosted across my collarbones and breasts.  "If I hurt you..."

My tongue licked over my lips as I stared at his broad chest and wide shoulders.  My fingertips swirled over his hipbones.  "Stop stalling.  You started something…finish it.  Tell me what you want."

His eyes slid closed and he inhaled deeply, his handsome face conflicted.  When they reopened, steady resolve had replaced the struggle.  He had decided.  The firm set of his mouth and the intensity of his chocolate eyes said it all.  "Ian is in the suite.  If I can't stop, you scream for him.  Promise me."  

Even though his eyes were filled with desire and need, his voice betrayed him.

"I promise." The snarky side of me started to roll my eyes, but the braveness of his expression and the worry in his tone stopped me.
He nodded and he loomed over me, kissing me with an intensity that made every fiber of my being come alive.  When he lifted his lips from mine, he released my arms and sat back.  "Close your eyes, love."

Following his command, my eyes closed and the rest of my senses kicked into overdrive.  I could hear the traffic outside the window, the soft rhythm of his breath above me.  I could smell Nick.  My nose was flooded with the smell of leather, spice and his musky cologne moving around from my left to my right in front of me.  The anticipation made my skin tingle...

"Keep them closed, Savannah," he whispered.  His voice sounded different, clearer and precise.  "I'm going to ask one more time.  Do you trust me?"

"Yes," I breathed, already drawn to his presence that seemed to be all around me.  I wanted to lean into it and drink him in.

"Then it starts now, love," he murmured in my ear and I shivered at how close he was.  "First, you aren't to speak except when spoken to...and yes or no answers only, unless I ask you a direct question.  Understand?"

"Yes," I nodded.  My arousal had spiked and we’d only just gotten started.  If he could do this much damage with his voice, what else was he going to do to me?

"Good girl," he crooned.  The bed shifted underneath me with his weight.  "Lift up your head." 

I lifted my head and gasped when the sound of ripping fabric met my ears.  "I trust you, but I'm going to blindfold you.  Are you okay with that?"  With surprise, I noticed that the use of my name and his usual term of endearment for me were gone.  No more 'love', no more 'Savannah'.  It was as if he'd flipped a switch and my Nick had disappeared.

“Yes.”  I’m sure my voice came out as a stutter.  I was having trouble laying still.  The electricity that charged between us seemed to sizzle.

His bare chest met mine as he reached around and placed the blindfold on me.  I couldn't help but whimper when our skin met, the coolness of his body was shocking against my blazing flesh.  I wasn’t sure I’d ever wanted him more.  I wanted him on me, in me, around me.  My hips jutted up in search of him on their own accord.

"Not yet," Nick growled.  I bit my lip in order not to moan.  "Can you see anything?”

I tried desperately to see, but my vision was completely obscured.  "No."  I shook my head.

"Good.  I'm going to touch you, but you aren't to move.  Do you understand?”

"Yes." I felt his fingers wrap around my wrists, securing them both in his strong hands.  He pulled them up over my head and gently wrapped my fingers around the post of the ornate headboard.  "I want you to keep your hands’s a test in control only.  You could move.  But you won’t," he reminded me.  I could hear a touch of amusement in his voice as he repeated the rules.

My breath was coming in quick pants, the anticipation almost too much to endure.  The bed moved and I felt his breath against my cheek.  "I could do anything to you like look so fucking beautiful.  You’re completely at my mercy."

My eyes rolled back underneath the blindfold at his words and instinctively my thighs pressed together.

Big mistake.

"No! You won't come without me," he hissed harshly.  It was one of the sexiest things I had ever heard until he spoke again.  "Spread your legs and keep them apart."

My legs fell open and the bed moved as he slid closer.  A single finger drifted over my neck and traced around the curve of my breast.  My back arched, trying to get closer to his touch.  His delicious torture continued, his fingertip looping around each nipple and down to my navel, his merciless hand floating over my overheated flesh.

I jumped slightly when his finger caressed the sensitive skin on my inner thigh.  "Nervous?" Nick snarled.  I would have been scared if I couldn’t hear the smile in his voice.

"No," I panted.  I craved him...Oh god did I need him.  I wanted him to take me hard and fast.  I knew that wouldn’t happen anytime soon.  Nick was in his element.

"I'm going to ask you need to listen to my voice and not what my touch is doing to you.  Like I said, you won't come until I tell you can.  Understand?"

"Yes," I groaned, gripping the post a little harder.  My nails dug into the wood.  There would likely be scratches by the time he was finished with me.  That much I was sure of.

His finger slipped through the hot slickness between my legs.  I whimpered at just how sensitive and wet I was.  I almost cried out his name when I felt his lips surround my nipple.  More…I needed more than his mouth and hands.

"Do you like my mouth on you?  Or maybe my fingers, deep inside…" he whispered against my breast, his fingers sinking deep within me at the same time.  “Maybe it’s my fingers you like.” 

"Your fingers, your mouth.  Everything," I agreed, not able to keep my head from pressing back into the pillow.

"Just my mouth and fingers?  Are you sure there isn’t something else?" Nick admonished, curling his tongue around each peak.
Fuck.  How could I ignore what he was doing when I wanted it so badly?

"Everything," I snapped when his thumb ghosted over my clit.

"What about my cock?"  Nick asked.  I could taste his cool breath as his tongue traced over my lips and along my jaw.  “Do you like that too?  Tell me.”

Was he trying to kill me? 

"Your mouth, your fingers…and your cock," I moaned, my hips rising as his fingers methodically slid in and out.  "I want it all!”  My body clenched and a feral cry escaped when he withdrew his fingers.

"You won't come until I say," he replied simply, his voice commanding but composed.

"Fuck!" I yelled out into the room.

"That wasn’t a question.  You’re only supposed to answer my questions," he hissed, tugging my fingers from the bedpost and pulling me up into a kneeling position.  "Maybe I need to put something in your mouth to remind you."

Oh yes, please.  Anything…

I felt his thumb tug at my bottom lip and my mouth opened.  I sucked his thumb into my mouth, twirling my tongue around it.  A deep guttural moan escaped him, making me even wetter than I was before.  I didn’t realize until I heard it that I’d do anything to hear that sound come from him again.

"Enough," he ordered, pulling his thumb from my mouth with a soft pop.  I felt him shift in front of me.  "Open," he commanded.  I had to resist the urge to squeeze my thighs together again as his satiny cock slipped into my mouth.

He might be controlling what I could say, but he couldn't stop my thoughts.  This may be a game, but I'm not losing.

I couldn’t help that my inner voice came off just a tad snarky.

"Your mouth.  Do you know what it does to see my cock in your mouth?" Nick questioned darkly.  I moaned wantonly around him.  I took him all the way in over and over, his hands gripping my hair to guide me.  Not touching him or caressing his skin was utter torture.  My hands were free but I was still unable to touch him.  My arms were shaking with the need to feel him as he slid in and out of my mouth.

"It almost makes me lose control.  I want you to take everything I give you..." Nick groaned.  We may have been playing a game of control, but I knew Nick.  He was close.  His cock twitched, growing slightly larger and his breathing changed to heavy gasps as he pulsed in my mouth.  If I could have seen him, I knew his eyes would be black and his brow would have been furrowed.  The mental image almost made me come along with him.

(fanning self) Tony! Bring another round and make these the frozen variety. I'm sure I'm not the only one who needs a bit more to "cool down" after that excerpt. Whew!

If you enjoyed that excerpt, check out another one that she shared with my alter ego Tammy on the Sassy Vixen Publishing Blog. Once you read that, you will be chomping on the bit to get your own copy of this novel. 

Until next time
~Luscious Lia

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