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#FreakyFetishFriday at The House of Taboo Welcomes @AlexAnthony80

Welcome to the very first Freaky Fetish Friday here at The House of Taboo! I wanted to have a day where my fellow authors and bloggers could share a some of their more, shall we say, risque scenes in their books. And you all know me and how much I love these kind of stories. Hell, the more taboo they are, the more I like them!

But I digress...

Today, to help celebrate the launch of Freaky Fetish Fridays, Alexandra Anthony shares a titillating scene from her new release Tempted (The Dark Hart Chronicles 1). I'll just turn the stage over to Alexandra while Tony and his crew finish making the rounds refreshing our margaritas. :)

Before I share an excerpt from my latest book, Tempted: The Dark Hart Chronicles Book 1, I’d like to talk a little about the subject matter in the snippet.  Everyone is talking about the BDSM lifestyle, thanks to a series of books that opened Erotica and made it “mainstream”.

The scene I’m going to share with you has nothing to do with sadism or masochism.  It has all to do with dominance and control.  Many people think that the “dominant” person in the situation has the control when in reality, the power lies in the hand of the “submissive”.   This scene contains no real bondage so to speak…the ties that bind Savannah are mental and powerful.  Her only real disadvantage is that she is blindfolded and given a set of instructions she is to follow.  Nick’s questions, her openness to experience ‘letting go’, relying on the cadence of his voice and the sensuality of being blind and open to only what you feel can be a empowering thing.

And the beauty is she could easily stop him at any time.  She has the control…in more ways than one.

Here is my excerpt from Tempted:The Dark Hart Chronicles Book 1.


"Do you trust me?"  He repeated his question.  His dark eyes gleamed with barely concealed excitement.

My breathing hitched and my body was almost pulsating at the lilt of his words.  "You know I trust you.”

A muffled moan fell from his lips.  He sat back on his heels and stared down at me.  “You give me more credit than I deserve.  I’ve had depraved thoughts of the things I could do to you.”  His hands ghosted across my collarbones and breasts.  "If I hurt you..."

My tongue licked over my lips as I stared at his broad chest and wide shoulders.  My fingertips swirled over his hipbones.  "Stop stalling.  You started something…finish it.  Tell me what you want."

His eyes slid closed and he inhaled deeply, his handsome face conflicted.  When they reopened, steady resolve had replaced the struggle.  He had decided.  The firm set of his mouth and the intensity of his chocolate eyes said it all.  "Ian is in the suite.  If I can't stop, you scream for him.  Promise me."  

Even though his eyes were filled with desire and need, his voice betrayed him.

"I promise." The snarky side of me started to roll my eyes, but the braveness of his expression and the worry in his tone stopped me.
He nodded and he loomed over me, kissing me with an intensity that made every fiber of my being come alive.  When he lifted his lips from mine, he released my arms and sat back.  "Close your eyes, love."

Following his command, my eyes closed and the rest of my senses kicked into overdrive.  I could hear the traffic outside the window, the soft rhythm of his breath above me.  I could smell Nick.  My nose was flooded with the smell of leather, spice and his musky cologne moving around from my left to my right in front of me.  The anticipation made my skin tingle...

"Keep them closed, Savannah," he whispered.  His voice sounded different, clearer and precise.  "I'm going to ask one more time.  Do you trust me?"

"Yes," I breathed, already drawn to his presence that seemed to be all around me.  I wanted to lean into it and drink him in.

"Then it starts now, love," he murmured in my ear and I shivered at how close he was.  "First, you aren't to speak except when spoken to...and yes or no answers only, unless I ask you a direct question.  Understand?"

"Yes," I nodded.  My arousal had spiked and we’d only just gotten started.  If he could do this much damage with his voice, what else was he going to do to me?

"Good girl," he crooned.  The bed shifted underneath me with his weight.  "Lift up your head." 

I lifted my head and gasped when the sound of ripping fabric met my ears.  "I trust you, but I'm going to blindfold you.  Are you okay with that?"  With surprise, I noticed that the use of my name and his usual term of endearment for me were gone.  No more 'love', no more 'Savannah'.  It was as if he'd flipped a switch and my Nick had disappeared.

“Yes.”  I’m sure my voice came out as a stutter.  I was having trouble laying still.  The electricity that charged between us seemed to sizzle.

His bare chest met mine as he reached around and placed the blindfold on me.  I couldn't help but whimper when our skin met, the coolness of his body was shocking against my blazing flesh.  I wasn’t sure I’d ever wanted him more.  I wanted him on me, in me, around me.  My hips jutted up in search of him on their own accord.

"Not yet," Nick growled.  I bit my lip in order not to moan.  "Can you see anything?”

I tried desperately to see, but my vision was completely obscured.  "No."  I shook my head.

"Good.  I'm going to touch you, but you aren't to move.  Do you understand?”

"Yes." I felt his fingers wrap around my wrists, securing them both in his strong hands.  He pulled them up over my head and gently wrapped my fingers around the post of the ornate headboard.  "I want you to keep your hands’s a test in control only.  You could move.  But you won’t," he reminded me.  I could hear a touch of amusement in his voice as he repeated the rules.

My breath was coming in quick pants, the anticipation almost too much to endure.  The bed moved and I felt his breath against my cheek.  "I could do anything to you like look so fucking beautiful.  You’re completely at my mercy."

My eyes rolled back underneath the blindfold at his words and instinctively my thighs pressed together.

Big mistake.

"No! You won't come without me," he hissed harshly.  It was one of the sexiest things I had ever heard until he spoke again.  "Spread your legs and keep them apart."

My legs fell open and the bed moved as he slid closer.  A single finger drifted over my neck and traced around the curve of my breast.  My back arched, trying to get closer to his touch.  His delicious torture continued, his fingertip looping around each nipple and down to my navel, his merciless hand floating over my overheated flesh.

I jumped slightly when his finger caressed the sensitive skin on my inner thigh.  "Nervous?" Nick snarled.  I would have been scared if I couldn’t hear the smile in his voice.

"No," I panted.  I craved him...Oh god did I need him.  I wanted him to take me hard and fast.  I knew that wouldn’t happen anytime soon.  Nick was in his element.

"I'm going to ask you need to listen to my voice and not what my touch is doing to you.  Like I said, you won't come until I tell you can.  Understand?"

"Yes," I groaned, gripping the post a little harder.  My nails dug into the wood.  There would likely be scratches by the time he was finished with me.  That much I was sure of.

His finger slipped through the hot slickness between my legs.  I whimpered at just how sensitive and wet I was.  I almost cried out his name when I felt his lips surround my nipple.  More…I needed more than his mouth and hands.

"Do you like my mouth on you?  Or maybe my fingers, deep inside…" he whispered against my breast, his fingers sinking deep within me at the same time.  “Maybe it’s my fingers you like.” 

"Your fingers, your mouth.  Everything," I agreed, not able to keep my head from pressing back into the pillow.

"Just my mouth and fingers?  Are you sure there isn’t something else?" Nick admonished, curling his tongue around each peak.
Fuck.  How could I ignore what he was doing when I wanted it so badly?

"Everything," I snapped when his thumb ghosted over my clit.

"What about my cock?"  Nick asked.  I could taste his cool breath as his tongue traced over my lips and along my jaw.  “Do you like that too?  Tell me.”

Was he trying to kill me? 

"Your mouth, your fingers…and your cock," I moaned, my hips rising as his fingers methodically slid in and out.  "I want it all!”  My body clenched and a feral cry escaped when he withdrew his fingers.

"You won't come until I say," he replied simply, his voice commanding but composed.

"Fuck!" I yelled out into the room.

"That wasn’t a question.  You’re only supposed to answer my questions," he hissed, tugging my fingers from the bedpost and pulling me up into a kneeling position.  "Maybe I need to put something in your mouth to remind you."

Oh yes, please.  Anything…

I felt his thumb tug at my bottom lip and my mouth opened.  I sucked his thumb into my mouth, twirling my tongue around it.  A deep guttural moan escaped him, making me even wetter than I was before.  I didn’t realize until I heard it that I’d do anything to hear that sound come from him again.

"Enough," he ordered, pulling his thumb from my mouth with a soft pop.  I felt him shift in front of me.  "Open," he commanded.  I had to resist the urge to squeeze my thighs together again as his satiny cock slipped into my mouth.

He might be controlling what I could say, but he couldn't stop my thoughts.  This may be a game, but I'm not losing.

I couldn’t help that my inner voice came off just a tad snarky.

"Your mouth.  Do you know what it does to see my cock in your mouth?" Nick questioned darkly.  I moaned wantonly around him.  I took him all the way in over and over, his hands gripping my hair to guide me.  Not touching him or caressing his skin was utter torture.  My hands were free but I was still unable to touch him.  My arms were shaking with the need to feel him as he slid in and out of my mouth.

"It almost makes me lose control.  I want you to take everything I give you..." Nick groaned.  We may have been playing a game of control, but I knew Nick.  He was close.  His cock twitched, growing slightly larger and his breathing changed to heavy gasps as he pulsed in my mouth.  If I could have seen him, I knew his eyes would be black and his brow would have been furrowed.  The mental image almost made me come along with him.

(fanning self) Tony! Bring another round and make these the frozen variety. I'm sure I'm not the only one who needs a bit more to "cool down" after that excerpt. Whew!

If you enjoyed that excerpt, check out another one that she shared with my alter ego Tammy on the Sassy Vixen Publishing Blog. Once you read that, you will be chomping on the bit to get your own copy of this novel. 

Until next time
~Luscious Lia

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