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@AuthorNPrince Brings Her Wild and Wicked Fairy Tale to Taboo's Center Stage #BDSM #eroticromance #fairytales

Welcome to the very first Wild and Wicked Wednesday and our special guest, author Nikki Prince. This is her first time here to The   House of Taboo and she more than COMMANDS the Center Stage with her very naughty take on the tale of Sleeping Beauty.

Are you ready for some wickedly hot romance? I'll warn you, this is not the Sleeping Beauty tale your grandma told's BETTER!
So sit back, have a drink or two and enjoy the show! 

Wait...did you really think I wouldn't have some special guests hidden backstage? hehehe You'll just have to wait a few moments longer while they finish setting up the ummm...props for the reading of Nikki's excerpt. To start things off, I've asked a very special friend of mine to come out here and read the blurb for Waking Beauty. Put your hands together and welcome back to Taboo, Mr. Vin Diesel...(the crowd goes wild as Vin saunters out on to the stage and takes a seat next to me on the stage. Ohhhh...if only Tammy were here tonight. She would FLIP OUT!)

Aurora Devine's libido has been asleep for over eight years. She's had the curse of not being able to have the big O since running away from her master Felipe Santiago Castro. The last time she came at the hand of a man it was with Felipe. Fearing what would happen if she let go with him completely she'd run.

Convinced the only way she will find peace of mind and pleasure is to go to Once Upon a Dream Fantasies she signs up for a time of pleasure asking for everything she'd lost eight years before to be fulfilled in a fantasy.

Felipe would show her that he was her only fantasy. He'd do anything to have her back in his life as his submissive. He'll play along and give her the fantasy she wants but in the end she'd realize that her submissiveness called to his dominance and they were a matched pair.

Ohhhhh...Vin, you had me at "the big O!"  Stay here with me and help yourself to one of Tony's margaritas while I introduce the actors who will portray Nikki's Aurora and Felipe in the excerpt of Waking Beauty (Once Upon a Dream 1). Please give a big Taboo welcome to Gabrielle Union and William Levy!

(both actors come out from behind the heavy purple velvet curtain on the Center Stage. The crowd immediately hushes as the two take their places and the lights dim. Only the soft purple spotlight illuminates the pair as Gabrielle begins...)

The quiet continued on for a few moments longer before finally she couldn’t stand it any longer.

“Are you there?”

“Yes, Beauty, I’m here.” The voice was deep and the accent Spanish. They’d given her what she wanted. It wasn’t Felipe, nonetheless he’d do. She could pretend it was him. Only Felipe could make her come. The fantasy, if kept alive in her mind and in her heart, would make everything okay. She had to believe that. She couldn’t continue the way she was going. Hopefully just dreaming of Felipe as she was being touched would be enough.

She let herself live in the fantasy. This wasn’t a random stranger: it was her Felipe and he’d come back for her.

“I see you followed all of my instructions to the letter with exception of one.” His voice was stern and she squirmed.


She heard the tsk-tsk that he gave. “Don’t bother to explain. I told you there would be consequences, didn’t I?”

“Yes, but?” How on earth did he know she’d touched herself?

“No buts, Beauty. When I give my word I mean every bit of it. So you will be punished. There is no other way around it. I give what I promise.”

His words exhilarated her and at the same time scared her. This was what she wanted and he was going to give her exactly that. He reminded her of Felipe in so many ways. “Now … do you understand, beauty?”

“Yes, I understand…” She didn’t know what to call him. From what she could hear he was moving about the room and he hadn’t tried to touch her yet. It was making her antsy.

“You should know what to call me. What did you put down on your paperwork?”

“I put Amo and señor.” Those two words were what she’d placed on the form. Amo and señor were what she used to call Felipe. Amo meant master and of course señor meant sir. She did say she wanted this to be as real as possible. This place didn’t half step at all. They followed everything that the client wanted.

“Then that is what you call me when you address me, Aurora. Is that understood?”

“Yes, señor, I understand.”

“Perfecto, my beauty.”

Damn, she really could believe it was Felipe. The accent was to die for. She let out a startled gasp as she was picked up by strong hands and held against an even stronger feeling body. In the next moment she was laid across his lap on her stomach. His fingers swept over her lower back where she had her tramp stamp.

“What a beautiful tattoo, Aurora.”

“I got it on a whim, señor.” It was vines on either side with thorns and a rose that dipped into the middle near her ass.

“Briar Rose,” he whispered softly. His words were so light that she almost thought he was talking to himself. His fingers traced lightly over the tattoo and then there was a stinging slap to her ass.

“What are you doing?” She couldn’t help the startled gasp that escaped her as the sting from his palm resonated through her whole body. Her words were given in her shock.

“I think you know what’s happening.” His palm rested on her bare ass and she squirmed.

“Stay still.” The command was given and she immediately obeyed. His large hands stroked slowly over her ass.

“What instruction did you disobey, Aurora?” All the while he rubbed his hand over her bare bottom as he spoke. It was soothing as much as it was delicious.

“To not touch myself.”

“That’s right, my beauty.” She squealed from the first smack on her ass by his palm.

“While you’re here, this is my ass, my pussy and my breasts.” With each word he slapped his hand against her backside, making her moan. Her butt was stinging from the spanking. Granted, it was in a pleasurable way. This paddling didn’t repulse her. In fact, she wanted more.

“Do you understand beauty?”

He gave her another rapid succession of slaps against her bottom. She found herself rocking her body into his lap.

“Yes, yes, señor. I understand fully.” Her ass was burning as she was being spanked as if she were a petulant child, and she loved it. Each slap set off an electric current of sensations that went straight to her clit.

OMG! Didn't I tell you Nikki's rendition was a hell of a lot better than the tale you heard as a kid? I know I'm heading over to get my own copy right now. Who's with me? (the crowd is immediately on it's feel cheering wildly.) That's what I thought. Go on and head on over to Evernight Publshing. Vin, Gabrielle and William and I will meet you there!

More about the Author

Nikki Prince is a mother of two, who’s always had a dream to be a published author in the romance genre. Her passion lies in raising her children as readers, gaming, cooking, reading and her writing. Her mother can now breathe easy about the child who used to get in trouble because she was hiding books everywhere and reading when it wasn’t appropriate.

Nikki’s a multi-published author with several epublishing houses. She loves to write Interracial romances in all genres, but wants to let everyone know to not box her in, because there is always room for growth.

Nikki’s also a member of Romance Writers of America National chapter ( and OCC/RWA local chapter ( and is a member of the board as Co-Programs Director.  She is also a member of the online chapter Passionate Ink RWA. 

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    1. I'm glad you liked your surprises. ;) Make sure you come back again when you have more of those naughty fairy tales to share.

  2. This is a totally cool idea! Congratulations to Nikki for writing a wicked spin on a fairy tale. And way to go Lia, for presenting a creative blog.

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by Sheri! This tale was fun to write. I love what Lia did with the blog.

    2. I debated about having the special guests, but they are such a hit for the Saturday Spotlight that I thought I would have them here too. Nikki's post was the perfect one to kick off the new feature!

  3. Vin! Oh Lia you are a devil not telling me he was in town for Taboo. No matter. I can hear that voice of his in my head reading the blurb and I'm a puddle! Fabulous story, Nikki!

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  5. Some SEXY stuff! Kudos for some pure wickedness, my dear Nikki! The House Of Taboo was on fire today! Looking good here,Ms. Lia.

    1. Wicked Leanore!!!! Thanks so very much I loved being here today.

    2. I loved having you with me here today, Nikki! Oh and see you here tomorrow, Leanore! There are a few surprises waiting behind the purple velvet curtain for you too!


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