Saturday, September 28, 2013

#BDSM: It's Not Just Bedroom Play But A Consensual Lifestyle

Come on in folks. We're still open for business while we do a bit of remodeling. You see, we're getting ready to open Taboo II on the island paradise that houses Temptations Resort. While the new project was under construction, Tony and I thought it would be fun to do a few upgrades here at our main club. Don't you worry. The purple spotlight will be shining again soon! It's just getting a bit of a makeover. ;)

Tony's mixed up another batch of my favorite pomegranate 'ritas. Why don't you come over and join me in the lounge and chat a bit. I've a few things I'd like to bounce off you if you don't mind.

Last week I found myself in the middle of a discussion about how the scenes portrayed in the Fifty Shades books weren't really true to the lifestyle. Within seconds I was more or less attacked for calling BDSM a lifestyle.  Let's see, how did he say it...oh yeah. "Don't you just love how 'they' call it a lifestyle. You can go ahead and get your kink anyway you want but don't you call it a lifestyle."

WTF???  That's what I thought too. I had to bite my tongue a few minutes to keep from bitch slapping him right there...verbally of course. After confessing he knew NOTHING at all about BDSM and didn't want to, he continued to be adamant it cannot be called a lifestyle.  He kept going on and on about how what went on in the bedroom doesn't play out in the real world and so it can't be a lifestyle.  I told him repeatedly it's not all about the sex or the bedroom play.  He got even more irate by saying, "I don't care where you get your kink on, it's still not a lifestyle."

He missed the entire point.  Just like the majority of society here in the United States who think what's portrayed in porn and in the Fifty Shades books accurately represents it. He ducked out of the conversation before I could correct his misconceptions yet again and then the person who started the conversation deleted it off her Facebook page. I guess she didn't like to be lumped in the same category as me even though she agreed with everything I said. Peer pressure at it's finest!

Do you see why we keep a lot of this stuff behind closed doors? Here at Taboo and on Temptations Resort island there is no need to keep things hidden. You're free to enjoy all your passions as you wish and feel safe doing it.  Hmmm...sounds a bit like a lifestyle to me. How about you?  Not sure.  Well, let's take a look at the definition of a "lifestyle."  And yeah, I wrote it all down to flip into that dude's face the next time I run into him. 


~ a way of life or style of living that reflects the attitudes and values of a person or group.

~ a set of attitudes, habits, or possessions associated with a particular person or group.

Seems to me BDSM fits those definitions. It is a way of life for those of us not just curious or dabbling in it. We do tend to be drawn to like-minded people and form groups and even full communities. We do have set rules for safe and consensual relationships and many of our possessions are associated with our lifestyle.  Take look at the leather corsets, boots, whips and cuffs we have in our club boutique. Would you associate any of that with another group of people?

This is just one more incidence that makes me happy Tony and I opened The House of Taboo and now Taboo II. We want it to be a place where adults can go to let their hair down and enjoy all that life has to offer. What's wrong with that? Just because you don't understand the attraction to our LIFESTYLE, doesn't make it wrong and doesn't give you the right to say we can't call it a style of living. 

Well, thank you for letting me vent just a bit. Go ahead and enjoy another Margarita on me. The first band's about to take the stage. Before they do, here's a video explaining what we talked about today. If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments section. Tony, myself and the rest of the staff are here if you need us.

~Luscious Lia

Friday, September 13, 2013

#FridayFantasy: @HouseofTaboo Takes Over Center Stage With Forbidden Destiny (Fearless Love) #LGBT #erotic

Welcome to one of the most exciting days here at Taboo! I'm Luscious Lia Michaels, the co-owner of this establishment and your host for this celebration.  What are we celebrating? The release of my very first erotic short story, Forbidden Destiny.

This has been a quite the journey let me tell you! Not only have I driven my partner in business and life bonkers with endless nights of research and rewrites, I've neglected my duties here to you, Taboo's patrons and fans. Lucky for all of us, Tony has kept things rolling in my absence. So please raise your Margaritas with me to toast the man behind Taboo, my rock and soul mate. To Tony! 
Darlin' you know I wouldn't want to be anywhere but here with you, even with your tossing and turning over your "menz."  I have to say, I'm so proud of you for sticking with this story. I know how much some of your research broke your heart.
True. The murder of the one Two Spirit...
I know, honey. How about we share that video with everyone here.
Good idea. Folks, please turn your attention to the right stage. There you'll learn about one of the most heinous crimes. A young man is cut down in his prime simply because he's different.

These are the kind of stories the LGBT community across the globe have had to deal with on a day to day basis. But Fred's story hit me just a bit harder because I was learning so much about the Native American traditions involving these special individuals.  You see, for centuries "Two Spirits" were honored. Neither male nor female, these people have the spirits of both. This is what made them blessed by the Great Spirit. Two Spirits were given places of honor within the tribe and often became healers or shaman.

That all changed when the Europeans colonized the "west." Because they didn't understand the Native beliefs, the "white man" labeled them unholy and abominations. So began the hate crimes.

To this day many tribes still honor the old traditions and except Two Spirits, but others shun them. This is the core premise of my Fearless Love series.  Because they love someone of the same sex, my characters face all sorts of challenges...from without and within. Their biggest fights are within their own hearts and accepting who and what they really are.

In Forbidden Destiny, we get to meet two Army Rangers whose worlds turn upside down the day they finally meet face to face. For their entire lives they've been dreaming of one another, longing for the day they'd be reunited and get their happily ever after.  

Both are Two Spirit, but only one was loved and accepted as one. The other had to hide it from his family for fear of being shunned and tossed aside. It's those fears that come between them and nearly tear them apart.  This short story shows you a glimpse of what happened when their dreams finally came to life.  Can love be enough to get them through their own doubts and fears, or will it take the intervention of Fate to reunite The Great Thunderbird and his Chosen Mate?

We have a special surprise for you, Lia.  You always make our guests feel at home by bringing out a few celebrities to celebrate their new releases. Well, all of them wished to return the favor.
What? You didn't! I asked you not to make a big deal, Tony.
Shush! It's our turn to spoil you a bit.  Come on out, Benjamin!

(The crowd goes wild as Benjamin Bratt strolls onto Center Stage. Lia is beside herself and throws her arms around his neck as he hugs her tight.)
Did you really think I'd miss being here with you to celebrate your very first short story? Not to mention you fashioned Ethan after me...
LOL! Who else could have been my inspiration for The Great Thunderbird?
I'm honored you thought of me. It's a beautiful story and one that had to be told.
How about we bring out Abraham? (The crowd cheers wildly.) Come on out Adam! 

(Adam Beach slips through the purple velvet curtain and waves to the crowd. After shaking hands with Tony and Benjamin, he grabs Lia in a bear hug and spins her around, making her squeal with delight.)
Put me down you big lug! You'll break your back.
Oh stop! You're light as a feather tonight. Must be all your excitement over this new series. I'm telling you, when I read Forbidden Destiny for the first time, I cried. I didn't think I was worthy to be your inspiration for Abraham.
Why not?
He's had to hide his true self from those who were supposed to love him unconditionally. I didn't. My family always supported me in whatever I wanted to do. I wouldn't have been able to get into acting if I didn't have their support. His story broke my heart.
Mine too. That's why it had to be told and you are exactly the man I pictured in my head while Abe spoke to me. 

Ben and Adam have a another surprise for you, darlin'. They've agreed to read an excerpt from Forbidden Destiny.  Guys, take it away!

“Come to me, Abe. Together we’ll save our people.”

Abraham scanned the shoreline for the source of the deep, haunting voice. He walked up and down the trails in the woods surrounding the lake and so far he turned up nothing. That is, nothing but the bald eagles soaring high in the sky. 

As he watched the aerial display, one of the largest birds of the group broke away from the trio circling overhead. Abraham’s eyes followed the majestic creature through every dive and swoop back up toward the treetops. His breath caught in his chest each time the free fall began. “So beautiful.”

“Join me now, my Chosen. Together the Thunderbirds will bring peace and hope to all our people.”

Abraham’s heart raced and goose bumps immediately covered his bare arms. He spun around quickly to catch the owner of the voice he swore came from behind him. “I don’t understand. Where are you? And how can I hear you so clearly if you’re nowhere in sight?”

“I’m with you always. You hear me in your mind and in your heart. Turn around and look to the sky.”

A moment of fear nearly caused Abraham to run away from the lake and the voice as fast as his legs could carry him, but his curiosity won out. Abraham did as the voice commanded. Just as he turned, all three of the eagles dove toward the water. While two of them soared skyward again, the largest bird flew in his direction. 

The huge raptor came to a stop within a few feet of Abraham and simply hovered in midair, talons extended forward and wings fully expanded. Its voice reverberated through Abraham’s mind. “I am the Foretold, the One our people call the Great Thunderbird.” 

A brilliant flash of light burst forth from the creature, nearly blinding Abraham as he sank to his knees. Stunned by the vision before him, it took a few moments for Abraham to find his voice again, albeit one that stuttered and stammered. “The legends are true? You’re really here with me now and this isn’t all a fantasy playing out in my head?”

The great bird landed at Abraham’s feet and changed into his human form. The deep brown skinned man stood tall before Abraham, naked except for the eagle feathers braided into his long black hair. “Everything your Elders have told you is true. I’ve been waiting for you to find me for many lifetimes. I can’t do any of this without you, Abe.” 

Abraham allowed the Mighty Warrior to help him to his feet. The well-muscled man before him had to be at least six three, a good four inches taller than himself. Abraham tilted his head up slightly to look him in the eye. “I don’t even know your name let alone what I’m supposed to do to help you. What if you’ve made a mistake and I’m not the one you’ve been waiting for all this time?”

“There’s no mistake. You are my soul mate promised to me when the Thunderbirds were first created. I’m known by many names, but when we find each other again, you’ll call me Ethan.” 

Wow! That dream sequence just got even hotter with the two of you reading it. Whew! Thank you both for coming here today to make my release day extra special. (Lia hugged and kissed both men one more time before they left the stage to join the rest of the guests near the bar.)
Don't worry folks, the night isn't over yet. The servers are making their way around with new flavors of Margaritas. Pick one or two you've never tried before. For my Luscious Lia, I've made a special hot pink 'rita. almost looks too cute to drink. (Lia picks up her drink and sips daintily at first, and then tips the glass back for a big gulp. The crowd laughs and raises their classes.)
Congratulations to our fearless leader, Lia Michaels! May you always listen to your inner spirit and tell the tales in your heart. Salute!

Where to find Lia (besides here at Taboo!)

Where to find Forbidden Destiny
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