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Center Stage and House of Taboo Have Moved!

We've moved to our new home at HostGator and hope you'll join us there. As you know, Blogger (Google) had stated they were going to put all sexually explicit/graphic blogs in the private zone. This would have taken away our ability to be found during regular searches on the web. Only those we gave the direct link to would be able to access the account. 

Good news is that they changed their mind, but Tony and I didn't want to wait for them to go back to their original plan. We wanted to be sure all of our posts and interviews were safe. Moving to HostGator has done that for us and we have more control as well as peace of mind our kinky fuckery will still be allowed to continue.
We had planned on setting up an official website anyway, so this thing with Google simply moved that up. Now we can concentrate on our other celebrations. For those of you who already follow us, please come on over and subscribe to the new site so you don't miss a single post. This will be the last one here at our .com address.

Come on over and join the fun!

~Lia and Tony

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Author Lia Michaels @HouseofTaboo Shares More of Her MMMF #EroticRomance #SweetSurrender

Welcome to Center Stage here at House of Taboo! Tony and I have been swamped with the construction of Taboo II: Kisses After Dark for Temptations Resort. So many new projects have taken over but we haven't forgotten about where it all started.

House of Taboo is and always will be our home away from home. It's our flag ship if you will. Vixen has taken over many of the hosting duties at Kisses After Dark so we can come back here and concentrate on our first love...

Center Stage.

While guests were our main focus in the past, they'll be more of an added bonus from this point forward. From now on you'll see much more of us and our work. Snippets from works in progress, appearances by our characters and full on discussions with our alter egos and author friends about our shared world series Temptations Resort.  It will all be here under the purple spotlight and under a sea of Tony's fabulous margaritas.

So how about we dive into a pitcher of Taboo's new Blood Orange Margaritas and enjoy an excerpt from Sweet Surrender? Our favorite foursome is back again in the second installment in the Candy Kisses Gang series. In case you forgot what's been going on with them, here's the blurb.

Candice Monroe’s life couldn’t be happier—or chaotic. Not only is her bistro the place to be in the Detroit area, she’s fallen in love with not one, but three men. Their fantasy filled ménage a quatre and promises to spend their lives together have taken a backseat to round-the-clock construction, menu changes and plans for their grand opening of their pub Kisses After Dark. 
Will Candice and her partners be able to handle the stress of running two successful businesses and still be able to surrender to the fire that burns between them? Or will some unexpected news threaten to tear them apart forever?

Excerpt from Sweet Surrender

Alexander sat back in his chair and sipped from his third glass of Chiante Classico. The laughter throughout their meal warmed his heart. This was what he’d looked for his entire life. If given the chance, he’d spend forever here in this moment with them. Of course he knew that wasn’t possible. In less than three days they’d be back to work in the kitchen of their bistro and planning out the first stages of the remodel. The four of them were now partners in Candy Kisses and the new adult themed Kisses After Dark pub. Finally, everything seemed to be going in the right direction for all of them.
‘The one that got away’ was now back in his life and he couldn’t be happier. The fact that Darrin hit it off so well with both Gabriel and Candice was an added bonus. Sure, he had many lovers throughout the years, but none of them compared to those gathered around the table with him now, laughing and getting pleasantly drunk, not on the wine, but on each other.
Candice waved at him from across the table. “Alex? Where’d you go just now? You looked a million miles away. Have you grown tired of us already?”
“Not on your life, sexy lady. I’m thinking about carrying you over to that big bed over there and having my way with you.”
“Huh. Well, if you’d been paying attention you’d have heard the three of us agreed, we want to feast on you for a bit. It’s the least we can do after this fabulous meal. Besides, I’ve been dying to try a bit of the honey and whipped cream art you and Gabe enjoy so much.”
Darrin clapped his hands together. “Now we’re talking!”
Alexander smiled. “And what makes you so sure I’ll agree to…submit to all of your charms?”
“Oh, you’ll submit and then some. Between the three of us, we know what turns you on the most. Resistance is futile.” Candice stood and held out her hand.
Gabriel elbowed Alexander in the ribs. “Go on. What are you waiting for? Here’s your chance to let go of everything and trust in what we feel for each other.”
“Using my own words on me now, are ya? That’s what I get for letting you go so long before telling her how much you love her.”
Candice backed up toward the bed. “Please. Let’s bring in the New Year showing you how much we love you. You’re the reason we’re all here in the first place. Without you, none of this would be possible.”
Alexander pushed his chair back and stood tall, never taking his eyes from hers. Everything else fell away as her hand slipped into his and she pulled him close. “You make it so easy to believe in happily ever after. Is this real?”
She nodded. “This isn’t a dream.”
“How do you know?”
She moved his hand to cup her right breast. “Does this feel like a dream?”
He held his breath and shook his head.
She moved her right hand between them and stroked his cock through his trousers. “How about that?”
He slowly exhaled. “If it’s a dream, I don’t want to wake up.”
She unbuttoned his shirt the rest of the way. She traced over the tattoos on his chest with her fingertips and brushed over his already taut nipples.
He flinched and chuckled. “See what you do to me?”
She pushed him backward so he fell onto the pillows. “I’m just getting started. I want to touch and taste every part of you…with or without the honey and whipped cream.”
“What about our partners? Can’t very well leave them out of all the fun now can we?”
“Oh, don’t you worry about a thing there. Gabe’s right. Watching the two of you is fucking hot! We’ll join you soon enough.” Darrin raised his glass in a mock salute and then clinked with Gabriel’s.
Candice reached behind her back and tugged at her zipper. Within seconds, the silky dress slid down over her ample hips before dropping at her feet. She stepped out of it and then pulled the clip that bound her raven mane to the top of her head. The ocean breeze tossed her hair as it cascaded down around her shoulders and back.
Her beauty knocked the breath right out of him. He couldn’t speak and decided to let his body do the talking. His cock rose to the point it became painful to keep his pants on. He attempted to rectify the situation, but saw the look in her eyes and raised his hands up in surrender. “I’m all yours, sweetheart.”
The Cheshire cat grin he loved so well lit up her face. Her deeply tanned skin took on an almost otherworldly golden hue from the fire that blazed behind her. Her fingers deftly worked the buttons of his trousers. Within seconds his pants joined her dress in the sand, followed by his shirt. She straddled his thighs and pulled him up into a sitting position. “Kiss me.”
He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her closer and crushed her tits against his chest. His lips touched hers and a floodgate of emotions erupted within him. His inner Dom struggled for control for only a moment, and then gave in completely to her kiss.
Her arms wrapped tighter around his neck as she deepened their kiss, her tongue slipped and slid over his and enticed him with the promise of more. Her thighs clenched and her body shivered in his arms as the scent of her arousal filled his nose and made him light headed.
His mind reeled. Never had any of his lovers had this much control over him. He had always taken the lead. Not now. Not with her. The taste of the wine and grilled pineapple she’d had for dessert tickled his own taste buds. His lust for her continued to rise, but instead of tossing her over on her back and pounding her pussy until she screamed, he fell back on the pillows and surrendered completely.

Right now, Sweet Surrender is in the new Sassy Vixen Publishing erotic collection SEASON OF SUN AND SIN and it's only 99¢ thanks to the Kindle Countdown sale that's going on for the next five days. Once the clock ticks down to zero, the book goes back to it's original price of $2.99. While that is still a deal, why not grab it now? To get this special, you have to use the Amazon US or the Amazon UK sites. At the present time, those are the only retailers offering the Kindle Countdowns.
I hope you'll pick up your copy and let me know what you think of all three of the stories. We worked hard to get this one out to you and the feedback from our readers so far has been marvelous! Still, we'd love to hear from more of you out there to help us gain the momentum we need to get the rest of their story out to you.
So go on and grab your copy today! The links will take you to the countdowns or you can use the universal link. Any way you choose will take you to the Candy Kisses Gang...


AmazonUK Link:
Universal Link:

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@DakotaSkye69 Takes Center Stage with Her #EroticSuspense Centered Around #HumanTrafficking

Welcome to the House of Taboo Saturday Spotlight! It's been some time since we had a special guest. Tony and I thought it was time to bring out this feature again. Instead of the old way of interviewing authors, we're going to set up a discussion with authors who are fascinated with the paranormal and supernatural. Those dates are still in the planning stages, but to whet your appetites—and serve up some fabulous margaritas, we've invited our friend Dakota Skye to take over Center Stage and talk about her new release, SnowBound.

January is human trafficking awareness month. Rather than being a political or racial issue, this is a global concern that affects people no matter their social status, finances, race, political belief, or religious (or non-religious) origins. Women and children make up more than 80% of all human traffickers, which is why I'm comfortable addressing my audience of erotic romance readers—we are the instruments for change.  There are more slaves in the world today than ever before in human history. Women, children, young boys sold into the sex trade, forced into labor, and sometimes made into suicide bombers (children as young as 7 years old can be sold for approximately $14,000 US Dollars to become suicide bombers). 

I write about sex that, yes, is heavy into BDSM and can be very dark at times. However, I write from the stance of an empowered woman who is in control of how I live my life. My readers are the same—strong, smart, savvy. In SnowBound, my characters embark on a twisted sexual journey while in pursuit of a sex trafficking ring run by very wealthy individuals. 

That last part is based on fact. The human trafficking industry is very lucrative-but the victims of it are shown no mercy. Once they've been used up, they are discarded like trash. Be aware. Get involved. Our humanity transcends boundaries. Yes, women are the primary victims—but we are also the primary activists leading the way to bring this topic from the shadows and into the light. 

To learn more about this global issue, go to Thank you for your time. Now, please, take a look at my newest release, SnowBound

It's not for the shy. 


Professional psychic Landon Mitchel is a desperate man willing to do whatever it takes to save his sister—including kidnapping a federal agent.

FBI Agent Haley Masters has a reckless side that leads her into dangerous sexual situations to burn off the anxiety for her job. When she meets a hot man in a bar hoping for one night of fun, little does she know he's about to take her on a wild ride of conspiracy, sexual exploration, and betrayal.

Will Landon be able to bring his sister home in time for the New Year? Will their mutual quest for justice bring them together or tear them apart as the danger of their twisted hunt for ruthless human traffickers comes to an end?
*sexually explicit and dark themes* 


She tugged his sweater up his chest and over his shoulders, breaking their kiss only long enough to toss the offending clothing aside. Straddling his waist, she removed her gun from where she'd tucked it in the back of her jeans, smiled, and set it on the bedside table. Bending, she kissed the center of his chest before sliding her hands over his shoulders like someone admiring a piece of sculpture.
"Your turn," she whispered, sliding her hands down his arm.
"What do you mean?"
She closed the metal of the handcuff over his wrist, winked, and held his hand up to the headboard. "I think it's only fair."
He willingly lifted his other hand, anxious to see what she would do with him. He usually preferred being the one doing the restraining, but his cock already throbbed at the idea of her taking charge.
She kissed his neck, bit him, slid her fingers over the tattoos on his shoulders, licked his chest, and cupped the bulge nearly breaking the zipper on his jeans. Sliding lower, she undid his zipper, pushed his pants down his legs, and yanked his underwear off with agonizing slowness.
She moved her tongue up the inside of his right thigh before moving to his left, deliberately tormenting him while his cock lifted high desperate for attention. She cupped his balls, nipped against his hipbone, hair slid over the tip of his penis.
Pulling away from his body, she stood, gaze locked on his cock, stripped, bit her lower lip, and grabbed the bottle of wine from where she'd left it. She leaned over him, pressed the bottle to his lips, and grinned.
"Want a taste?" She poured the wine into his mouth before smashing her lips over his, both kissing and drinking from him.
"Mmm...I want to taste you."
"You'll need to wait." She set the wine aside, looked at him, and squeezed her tits together. "Is this what you want?"
He nodded, salivating at the idea of sucking on her. Her hands moved down her sides and slid between her legs. He watched, fixated while her fingers slid over her clit and dipped lower to her cunt.
"Haley, you're driving me crazy."
"Do you wish you were touching me?" She lifted one of her legs to the edge of the bed, giving him a good view of her fingers sliding inside her folds.
She grinned, kept one hand working her pussy while the other squeezed a breast, thumb teasing her nipple.
He watched, fascinated as she stood just out of reach, naked and delectable, giving him a show while he clenched his fists in frustration and his cock ached to be satisfied. Pre-cum dripped onto his lower abdomen.
"Haley, please."
She tilted her head back, long hair sliding down, neck bare, tit squished in her palm, and rubbed herself into orgasm. He watched the muscles of her cunt flex around her fingers and bit his lower lip until it bled.
Abruptly, she turned her ass to him, bent over, and unsnapped the strap from her duffel bag. Holding hit between her hands, she stretched it out as if testing its strength.
"Turn over," she demanded. "You've been very bad."
"Now." She smacked his thigh with the strap.
He struggled to turn, wrists overlapping in the handcuffs, top of his head pressed against the headboard. She smacked his ass. Hard. He gasped, the force jolting him tighter against the wooden frame. One of her hands reached between his legs and squeezed his balls just as another strike smacked his ass.
"That's for holding a gun against me," she said before sliding her hand over his shaft from behind.
She bit his back, swatted his ass, and moved her hand over his cock.
"Do not come," she instructed, her hot breath moist on his shoulder blades. "I want that for myself. Do. Not. Come."
He winced, the pain of obeying almost too much to bear. The pressure in his cock throbbed for release. He squeezed his eyes closed as another blow came, this time to the back of his thighs.
She squeezed his balls again, leaving his penis to throb alone.
"Haley, my God. Please."
"You like being punished, don't you?" She moved both hands over his butt. "Turn over."
He returned to his back, sweat rolling down his face from the effort of controlling his release.
She knelt between his thighs, licked his balls, and held her tits together and moved them over his dick. Meeting his gaze, she smiled before sliding her tongue around the tip of his cock. Her mouth closed over him, sucking, cherishing. He couldn't stop himself anymore. He came with a shout, hips thrusting up until the tip of his penis hit the back of her throat. She moaned and swallowed all of him, her hands reaching beneath him to hold him tight against her face.
The tremor ripped through his entire body, bringing him off of the bed, legs twisting against the sheets, restraints snapping the old wood frame headboard with a loud crack.
"Fuck, we broke the bed," he muttered, looking at the wooden slat that fell against the pillow.
She pulled her mouth from his cock and crawled over him like a predatory cat. Nipples trailed along his chest, blue eyes shined with need. When they were eye-to-eye, she reached over for the bottle of wine and took a long drink before pouring some into his mouth.
In a surprise move, she undid his restraints and smiled. "I can't stand not being touched by you."
"Oh, thank God." With the shackles still dangling from his left wrist, he rolled her onto her back in one flip and ravaged her mouth with his tongue.
When she moaned her approval at his roughness, he wrapped his hand in her hair and pulled. Rarely had he found a woman who could give it as well as she received it and, damn that thrilled him.
He pinched her breasts before cupping them in his hands and squeezing them as she had done when tormenting him, never breaking their kiss. The more he tasted, the more he wanted.
Cock already hard again, he sucked on her lower lip, met her gaze, and grinned before standing abruptly. He raked his gaze over her naked body, feeling gigantic standing over her small frame and amazed that she'd had the power to make him lose all control. Again and again.
He flipped her over, spread her legs with his thigh, and rammed his cock deep inside her. Seeing the discarded strap, he held her firm with one hand, fucked her hard from behind, and smacked her ass with the belt.
She shouted, hands clenching the sheets at her side, head rolling back.
He dropped the strap, grabbed her hips with both hands, and ground his hips into hers as hard and fast as he could go. Her pussy was so hot, so wet. With his second orgasm, he collapsed on top of her.
They lay there panting, both sweaty and unable to move.
"Glad the room's on your credit card and not mine," she whispered against the sheet. "We're going to destroy this place if we're snowed in long enough."
He laughed against her hair and dragged his hand beneath her to cup her breast. "Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow..." 

Buy Links:

Author Bio

Dakota Skye is an author fascinated by the paranormal. After having several personal "unexplained experiences" in her life, she started exploring the idea of the "other side." Ghosts, angels, Spirit Guides...what are they and do we interact with them more than we know? In her stories, she incorporates that fascination with fantasy while always focusing on the love.

Novels and stories by Dakota Skye are Blurred Lines, Impact Zone, Uncharted Territory (ongoing series), Snow Bound and Daydreams. Another paranormal erotic suspense novel, Deadly Decadence, is scheduled for release in the spring of 2015. Ms. Skye is the pen name for a multi-published author of romantic suspense, contemporary romance, and nonfiction. Writing as Dakota enables the author to explore without limitations.

Author Contact information

What are you all waiting for? Go on and grab your copy of SnowBound today. It's a fabulous read that will leave you Breathless and Begging for more!


~Luscious Lia

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The Candy Kisses Gang Rides Again in a New #Erotic #Romance

I'm BAAAAACK! Did you miss me? LOL!

Welcome to the House of Taboo and our celebration for the release of SEASON OF SUN AND SIN. It's been a heck of a long time in the making. My story in this one has waited for six months to be read by you all and now it's here!

As a group we decided to keep this one on Amazon exclusively for the next three months. This gives folks a chance to check it out in the Kindle Unlimited program. On April 1st, Sassy Vixen Publishing will release it on other vendors and on their own website. 

Check out the new 3D cover:

Find it on AMAZON

Back in July I shared a little excerpt with you. If you'd like to check it out, click HERE.  As you know, this is the second part of the Candy Kisses Gang's story. Later in the year, I have plans to put their entire story out in one full length novel. For now, here's the blurb for SWEET SURRENDER

Candice Monroe’s life couldn’t be happier—or chaotic. Not only is her bistro the place to be in the Detroit area, she’s fallen in love with not one, but three men. Their fantasy filled ménage a quatre and promises to spend their lives together have taken a backseat to round-the-clock construction, menu changes and plans for their grand opening of their pub Kisses After Dark.

Will Candice and her partners be able to handle the stress of running two successful businesses and still be able to surrender to the fire that burns between them? Or will some unexpected news threaten to tear them apart forever?

I really love this menage. Candy, Alexander, Gabriel, and Darrin are kindred spirits and a joy to be around. In fact, in their honor, Tony and I have renamed our second club/blog. It's now Taboo II: Kisses After Dark. As well as giving them a nod, they've agreed to join us on Temptation Island once we are open and ready for business!

Until then, why don't you pick up your copy of SEASON OF SUN AND SIN and catch up with Candy and her boys? You know you want to—

One, Two, Candy's coming for you...



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#SneakPeek of SWEET SURRENDER by @HouseofTaboo author Lia Michaels #menage #erotic

Welcome to the House of Taboo! I'm Lia Michaels, your host and owner of this "nightclub" where all your fantasies are explored. The more taboo the better! In fact, for more sinfully sassy topics, we have Taboo II just behind the purple velvet curtain...

Before you head over there to talk with The Vixen, why not join me for a few margaritas and get a little teaser from my new novelette, Sweet Surrender? It's the next part of the story of my favorite Candy Kisses Gang. You remember them...the sexy former marines and the rich entrepreneur give a Detroit caterer an offer she couldn't refuse. What starts off as a business proposition quickly heats up to a menage a quatre so hot, you have to wear oven mitts to hold your Kindles and Nooks!

Candice Monroe is the lucky broad who gets not one, not two, but THREE hunks in her bed. She's in love with them all but her bond with Gabriel is over the top. Not to be outdone, Alexander and Darrin share a love from years before and now have their second chance together. The pairs are delish but the four of them will put you in a coma of pure sexual bliss.

Don't believe me? Check out this snippet from the prologue of Sweet Surrender. It picks up right where Have a Naughty, Naughty Christmas left off in Maui. Our lovers ring in the New Year together...

This scene is from Alexander's POV. He's dealing with some serious issues this go round. Will the foursome be able to weather the storm? You'll have to read it all to find out!

Alexander opened his eyes as two more sets of hands and lips explored his body. He reached out and combed his fingers through Darrin’s unruly salt and pepper, shoulder length hair.  There was nothing like the rush that coursed through him when he pulled his lover’s hair as he fucked him. Tonight he suppressed the urge and enjoyed the other sensations crashing through his body.
Candice popped his dick out of her mouth as Gabriel embraced her from behind. His hands kneaded and squeezed her tits then pinched her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers.
Alexander’s cock bounced in time with each pinch and twist.
Darrin worked his way up Alexander’s abs to his throat and finally the sweet spot under his ear.
Sweet Jesus. All three of them torturing me at once. Not sure I can take this much longer. Alexander used his grip on Darrin’s hair and guided him further up to his hungry mouth. With both hands on either side of his face, Alexander kissed Darrin with abandon. He hoped the kiss conveyed how desperately he needed Darrin now and always.
Gabriel tore open a condom and sheathed Alexander’s cock then held Candice up as she eased down until her inner muscles accommodated him. She leaned forward and rested her hands on Alexander’s chest as Gabriel helped her move up and down. Her cunt squeezed Alexander’s cock hard with every plunge with a force that drove him closer and closer to his release.
Alexander didn’t want to give up yet. He needed a distraction and an eager Darrin provided it. He grasped Darrin’s cock and squeezed in the same rhythm of Candice’s rocking body.
Darrin moaned the instant Alexander’s lips sealed around the head of his cock. “Christ, Al, that feels fucking fantastic.”
Candice shifted forward as Gabriel entered her ass. She kept Alexander’s dick buried inside her as Gabriel stretched her other opening.
Alexander sucked harder and moved his hand faster along Darrin’s shaft. He wanted all of them to come together and had held off longer than he’d ever been able to do in the past. Finally, with one more thrust, Gabriel cried out. Candice’s pussy clenched repeatedly and took Alexander with her. As his cum shot out of him and filled the condom, Darrin reached his climax and exploded deep in Alexander’s throat. He continued to suck and lick until Darrin collapsed in a heap next to him.
The four of them didn’t move for a good five minutes. As their breathing slowed each turned to Alexander. Candice smiled and kissed the skin below his navel. “Happy New Year, Alex. May all your dreams come true.”
“They already have.”

The four of them curled up against each other with Candice and Alexander in the middle and Darrin and Gabriel on either side. This was the way he slept the best, with all of them wrapped around each other. Before their trip to Maui, Alexander had spent many nights tossing and turning, praying sleep would come. When it did, his dreams had more often than not been taken over by the demons of his past. Only in their arms had his dreams changed from dark and lonely, to bright and hopeful. He had never considered himself a religious person, but he prayed nonetheless. For the first time in my life, I’m truly happy. It’s all because of them. Please don’t let me do anything to screw it up. 

©Lia Michaels and Sassy Vixen Publishing
All Rights Reserved

This one will be released before the end of September in our next anthology Season of Sun and Sin. Check back in tomorrow. I hope to have a cover reveal for this one. You don't want to miss it! Now for the spicy cucumber margarita!


~Luscious Lia

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

#FreedomHop Celebration with Author Lia Michaels @HouseofTaboo #menage #RomanticSuspense

Romance BeckonsLive. Love. Read.

As a book lover, don't take for granted your freedom to read. In this era of technology, books are at our fingertips and reading is something we make time for. eBook, audiobooks and good old-fashioned paperbacks give readers of all types the opportunity to enjoy reading.

Which type of books do you enjoy? Is it the fingernail-biting suspense? The thrill of an erotic romance? Or the fantasy of paranormal romance? Do you like your books to take you out of this world? Or is all about the possibilities in a contemporary romance?

Welcome to House of Taboo! I'm Lia Michaels and your host for this stop for The Freedom Hop. As you can tell from the short intro above, we're celebrating our freedom to "live, love and read." 

Think about it. What would your life be like right now if you were denied the freedom to read. I know it's hard for many of you to imagine, but there was a time in this country where girls/women weren't taught how to read. It wasn't thought to be an important asset to find a husband. You just had to look pretty and maintain a household and pop out kids. 

Even today, in the twenty-first century there are people without the right to read. That fact makes me sad. If I didn't have my escapes with my characters, I'd go bonkers. I'm not restricting this to the characters in the stories I write, but all the fabulous ones brought to life in the pages of all the books I have on my shelves and on my Kindles. 

Those stories helped me get through some very rough patches in my life. Without them, I'd probably be in a mental hospital somewhere on a suicide watch because of debilitating depression. Those tales allowed me to escape the pain I was going through long enough for me to heal and find the strength to move on.

Move on I did! I found my happily ever after and now make sure the characters of my stories find theirs too. To celebrate our freedom to read and get lost in other worlds, I'm giving away an eBook copy of Sweet, Sultry and Oh So Taboo to FOUR lucky winners. All you have to do is leave a comment below with your contact details. On Tuesday, July 8th I'll announce the winners and send out the prizes.

Here are the blurbs for the three stories included in the little anthology from Sassy Vixen Publishing.

The “Sweet” from Stephanie Ryan’s Dangerous Medicine (M/F): Detroit based veterinary surgeon Miranda Jacobs puts her fast-paced career on hold in order to be with her family at her brother's bedside. It's on the way to the hospital that she literally collides with Detective Jake Martinelli. Sparks fly between them, and Miranda finds herself fiercely attracted to Jake even though she knows very little about him. 

The “Sultry” from Tammy Dennings Maggy’s Meet Me Under the Mistletoe (MF): Coast Guard Steve Sanders is called to assist a sinking vessel. His pregnant wife Jolene waits for his return when the rescue mission has goes horribly wrong. Will a miracle bring him back to meet his wife under the mistletoe? 

The “Taboo” from Lia Michaels’s Have a Naughty, Naughty Christmas (MFMM): Candice, Alexander and Gabriel own Candy Kisses, the place to be in Detroit. The business partners have kept their desires hidden. When a wealthy playboy extends an offer that allows them to indulge their wildest fantasies, they embark on a very naughty Christmas. 

Makes sure you get yourself in the running for this fun collection and catch up with my Candy Kisses Gang! I'll be releasing the next part of their story in the Season of Sun and Sin anthology coming out soon!

Also make sure you check out the other stops in this fabulous hop. There will be many other prizes up for grabs along the way. You have until midnight July 7th to visit everyone. What are you waiting for? Have fun!
~Luscious Lia

CHECK OUT ALL THESE GREAT AUTHORS for books you might enjoy!

Friday, June 13, 2014

#FreakyFetishFridays: A MEASURED RISK by Author @NBlackthorne is on SALE! #Rubenesque #EroticRomance #BDSM

Welcome to another Freaky Fetish Friday...on Friday the 13th! I'm Lusious Lia Michaels, your host and co-owner of this establishment. The House of Taboo is gearing up for an extra special celebration for our friend and fellow erotic romance author Natasha Blackthorne. Tony is busy creating a special margarita just for the occasion. What's the cause for the party?For a limited time, you'll be able to get one of her fabulous novels for a steal...

A Measured Risk is only 99 cents starting today and through midnight Sunday June 15th. You don't want to miss this one, especially if you love Regency Historicals. 

Summary of the book details: Erotica Romance ~ Light BDSM ~ Rubenesque / BBW ~ Regency Historical ~ Shy Heroine ~ Novel Length 86,000 Words . Contains graphic erotic descriptions and frank sexual language. As a work of historical romance fiction, A Measured Risk is not intended to be an accurate portrayal of modern BDSM lifestyles.

The little summary is from the author, but I have to tell you, even though this story is a Regency Historical, the glimpse into the world of BDSM is SPOT ON for the time period. Trust me. You will thoroughly enjoy this book!


He is her most dangerous temptation, the only man she has ever trusted and now he is demanding her submission. Dare she take the risk?

Emotionally scarred in the horrific accident that took her husband’s life, Lady Cranfield is imprisoned by her lingering terror of horses and carriages. She longs to be closer to the fascinating Earl of Ruel, as she senses intuitively that he might be able to teach her how to overcome the terrors that hold her in bondage.

And now she’s willing to risk almost anything—her reputation, even her virtue—to find out. 

But what Lord Ruel proposes startles her.

When the shy, studious and socially awkward young widow approaches him, Lord Ruel instantly senses she will be the sweetest, most submissive experience of his life—but first he must gain her complete trust. Lord Ruel makes Lady Cranfield a non-negotiable offer: His help in return for her submission and obedience.

But Lady Cranfield grew up neglected by her ducal parents, raised by servants and then later ignored by her handsome, charming husband. She’s learnt to protect her heart at all costs and she trusts no one but herself.

How can the jaded Earl of Ruel break through Lady Cranfield’s self-defences and show her how to love when he himself has spent his life avoiding that tender trap?


She backed all the way into the bookcase.

“Why did you run away?” His deep voice settled in her belly, rich and warm, like crème brûlée on a cold winter’s night.

“Because I wanted you to follow.” She tried to sound sophisticated and seductive, but her voice choked off on the last word.

Ruel placed his hand on the shelf above her head and blocked her path to the door. His tall, solidly muscled body leaned over her, surrounding her with the sumptuous, sinful scents of tobacco, Scotch whisky and something masculine and undeniably dangerous. A slow, sensual smile stretched his hard mouth.

He appeared different. Softer. More approachable.

At the change, her insides seemed to flip over.

“Well, sweeting, getting us off alone was a very inspired idea.” He touched one of her fallen ringlets. “I am bored to distraction with endless talk of hunting and fencing.”

As he slowly wrapped the curl around two fingers, he brushed her collarbone. Fiery sparks tingled down her spine, so intense that she shivered and her nipples beaded, pressing against her stays. By some instinct she hadn’t even known she possessed, she arched her back, presenting herself for his assessment.

His eyes shone so vividly blue against his bronzed face that they resembled cornflowers. She swallowed tightly and wished for a long drink of claret. This more personal side of him suddenly seemed far more hazardous than his usually fierce exterior.

Well, no matter. There was nothing to fear. She would allow only as much contact as need be to get to know him a little. Since being torn from her lonely yet secure life in Ireland and thrust into Society at age sixteen, she’d spent her time allowing people only as near as was comfortable. She was an expert at emotional evasion.

It should be easy to regain her control.

But now, as rays of the late-afternoon sun played over his pale hair, turning it the colour of winter wheat, all her carefully rehearsed words flew from her mind.

Say something—anything—else he will think you’re a bird-wit.

An intimate smile, one that invited her to play, tugged at his mouth.

“In a situation like this, alone with a gentleman, it’s perfectly normal for a lady to feel some apprehension.” His hushed voice, barely audible above the piano and boisterous singing from down the corridor, accentuated their isolation. His gaze became so piercing that she had to lower her eyes. 

He brushed his fingertips over her cheek. “She will invariably ask herself if he will try to kiss her.”

She jerked her eyes back to his face. God, he couldn’t mean to—not yet, surely… Peculiar, heated chills swept over her. She tried to take a step back, but found her arse flush against the bookshelf.

He leaned closer; so close that his Scotch-scented breath tickled her face. “And just in case you are wondering, Lady Cranfield—the answer is most assuredly yes.”

She should demand that he put his arm down so she could pass by and leave. She really should. But she couldn’t stop looking at his hard mouth and wondering what it would feel like upon hers. He was so close to her that his breath blew on her lips. If she moved but a fraction, she’d be kissing him.

Kissing him.

Dear God. Her breaths began to come very fast and short. Her throat went tight with a suppressed moan.

His eyes burnt as brightly as aquamarines. He looked so fierce. If he kissed her, if he dared… Oh God, it would be so harsh. That cruel-looking mouth could express itself no other way.

Excitement rushed through her, sending tingles to every point of her body, even her toes.

But no, he wouldn’t. Not yet.

He kept leaning closer. He didn’t close his eyes. Instead, he seemed to focus all the harder upon her.

Her heart pounding, unable to move away, she braced herself for his assault.

His lips brushed hers, barely. A gossamer caress.

He lifted his head.

It was done.


And it hadn’t even begun.

He held her chin, appearing so cool, so unaffected. His kiss had seemed to sear her. An urge to put her fingers to her lips arose in her. She resisted it, for it would give away too much of how she was affected.

Never show your feelings.

He traced his thumb along her lower lip, slowly, deliberately, as he studied her with eyes that now glittered with something powerful and predatory. Heat pooled in her pelvis, low and spreading even lower.

She went weak all over, as if she’d lain in a sunny window seat for too long. Her knees almost buckled. She forced them to lock. To be strong.

It should not have affected her so profoundly. It had been just a peck—not a true kiss at all. William had poured out all of his skill upon her and hadn’t garnered even a tenth of the reaction in her that this man’s peck had.

Ruel traced her jaw line with his fingertips. Unthinkingly, she leaned in to his touch.

“Of course, once he has kissed her, then it’s his turn to wonder…” 

His voice sounded unnaturally loud in her ears. “How will she respond? Will she withdraw, or can he ignite some hidden fire?”

She sensed that he was toying with her. She didn’t understand flirtation—why had she imagined she could carry off this ruse? Was he making advances in order to have a laugh with Francesca and her simpering friends later? Hurt blossomed in her chest. She resented him for that. She ought to feel indignant, superior, uncaring—anything but hurt.

“Please don’t make sport of me.”

She cringed. Was that quavering, pleading voice really hers?

An infinitesimal pause. “Now, why on earth would I do such a thing?” His voice was as smooth as velvet.

“To please your vanity,” she replied, trying to regain her wits.

“Here.” He placed her hand to his chest. The contours of his muscles were hard, powerfully developed. Even more so than she’d expected. His body heat radiated through the satin and, beneath her hand, his heart’s beat was rapid and strong.

“Is that vanity?” He put a finger under her chin, giving her no choice but to face him. “Is it?” He gentled his grip.

The warmth in his voice settled over her like luscious hot chocolate. Melting her insides to quivering burgoo, rendering her speechless, unable to move.

“My dear, lovely Lady Cranfield, I am going kiss you again.”

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