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#FreedomHop Celebration with Author Lia Michaels @HouseofTaboo #menage #RomanticSuspense

Romance BeckonsLive. Love. Read.

As a book lover, don't take for granted your freedom to read. In this era of technology, books are at our fingertips and reading is something we make time for. eBook, audiobooks and good old-fashioned paperbacks give readers of all types the opportunity to enjoy reading.

Which type of books do you enjoy? Is it the fingernail-biting suspense? The thrill of an erotic romance? Or the fantasy of paranormal romance? Do you like your books to take you out of this world? Or is all about the possibilities in a contemporary romance?

Welcome to House of Taboo! I'm Lia Michaels and your host for this stop for The Freedom Hop. As you can tell from the short intro above, we're celebrating our freedom to "live, love and read." 

Think about it. What would your life be like right now if you were denied the freedom to read. I know it's hard for many of you to imagine, but there was a time in this country where girls/women weren't taught how to read. It wasn't thought to be an important asset to find a husband. You just had to look pretty and maintain a household and pop out kids. 

Even today, in the twenty-first century there are people without the right to read. That fact makes me sad. If I didn't have my escapes with my characters, I'd go bonkers. I'm not restricting this to the characters in the stories I write, but all the fabulous ones brought to life in the pages of all the books I have on my shelves and on my Kindles. 

Those stories helped me get through some very rough patches in my life. Without them, I'd probably be in a mental hospital somewhere on a suicide watch because of debilitating depression. Those tales allowed me to escape the pain I was going through long enough for me to heal and find the strength to move on.

Move on I did! I found my happily ever after and now make sure the characters of my stories find theirs too. To celebrate our freedom to read and get lost in other worlds, I'm giving away an eBook copy of Sweet, Sultry and Oh So Taboo to FOUR lucky winners. All you have to do is leave a comment below with your contact details. On Tuesday, July 8th I'll announce the winners and send out the prizes.

Here are the blurbs for the three stories included in the little anthology from Sassy Vixen Publishing.

The “Sweet” from Stephanie Ryan’s Dangerous Medicine (M/F): Detroit based veterinary surgeon Miranda Jacobs puts her fast-paced career on hold in order to be with her family at her brother's bedside. It's on the way to the hospital that she literally collides with Detective Jake Martinelli. Sparks fly between them, and Miranda finds herself fiercely attracted to Jake even though she knows very little about him. 

The “Sultry” from Tammy Dennings Maggy’s Meet Me Under the Mistletoe (MF): Coast Guard Steve Sanders is called to assist a sinking vessel. His pregnant wife Jolene waits for his return when the rescue mission has goes horribly wrong. Will a miracle bring him back to meet his wife under the mistletoe? 

The “Taboo” from Lia Michaels’s Have a Naughty, Naughty Christmas (MFMM): Candice, Alexander and Gabriel own Candy Kisses, the place to be in Detroit. The business partners have kept their desires hidden. When a wealthy playboy extends an offer that allows them to indulge their wildest fantasies, they embark on a very naughty Christmas. 

Makes sure you get yourself in the running for this fun collection and catch up with my Candy Kisses Gang! I'll be releasing the next part of their story in the Season of Sun and Sin anthology coming out soon!

Also make sure you check out the other stops in this fabulous hop. There will be many other prizes up for grabs along the way. You have until midnight July 7th to visit everyone. What are you waiting for? Have fun!
~Luscious Lia

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  1. I don't know if I have a favorite, I just know I read anything and everything.
    skpetal at hotmail dot com

  2. It's crazy what books some people want to the Harry Potter books because wizards and witches are bad. Come on, are we living in the dark ages!?!

  3. I like to mix up what I read. I can go from reading a sweet romance, to historical, western, regency, medieval, contemporary to Erotica Romance. I just love a great story, and yes, Taboo is fun!

  4. Thank you all for stopping by! Your names have been placed in the fish bowl and we'll pick four winners on Tuesday July 8th.
    Enjoy your weekend and happy reading!

  5. I read a bit of everything form sweet to taboo and any genre. happy holiday weekend!

  6. I totally feel you,... i'd go insane too if I didn't have books to escape into! I'm so thankful we have the freedom to read anything we want. <3 And I do read everything cuz i'm such a bookaholic lol.

    Thank you for the giveaway!

    Take care & I hope you have a happy & safe weekend! <3

    BLeigh1130 at yahoo dot com

  7. So far the weekend is turning out great! Thank you for stopping in. Make sure you check in Tuesday July 8th. I'll announce the winners then!

  8. I would go crazy if I was denied the right to read. I go through at least two books a day, they are my escape from bad things in reality. Thanks for the giveaway.

    Kathryn Laprade

  9. I like to read a bit of everything except - horror and poetry. My favorite is romantic suspense.

    Reading provides so many avenues for adventure. I cannot imagine being denied the right to read.

    Thanks for taking part in the hop. It's great to find new authors to read.

    Fingers crossed to win. Hope you had a great weekend!

    skeeterlee63 @

  10. I decided to give everyone who stopped in and left a comment for the Freedom Hop a copy of SWEET, SULTRY, AND OH SO TABOO!
    Look for an email from me today.

    Congrats and thank you all for participating!



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