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@dxluc Takes Over @HouseofTaboo's Center Stage With Her New Release as #JustyceRayne #paranormal #suspense #thriller

Welcome to The House of Taboo! I'm Lucious Lia Michaels the owner and host of this establishment where we push the limits of romance, fantasy, and fiction whether it's dark, sensual, erotic or taboo. All are welcome here!  We've got a very special guest with us today and if you've been here before, you know I've got a few surprises in store for our guest as well. ;)  Today our guest of honor is none other than one of the fabulous authors in a group called Wicked Women. I'm honored to be part of that cackle of naughty broads. They are hands down the best damn group of women you'd ever want to be associated with, and D.X. Luc is one of them.  Today though she's here to talk a bit about herself AND a new release she's written under the pen name Justyce Rayne.  She'll be out in a few minutes, but first we have a bit of House Keeping to go over. 

If this is your first time're in for a very special treat. First of all, let me introduce you to the man of every Taboo Happy Hour and more, Tony. Not only can he figure out your favorite drink just by looking at you, he makes the best Margaritas around. In fact, it's The House specialty. No matter the flavor, frozen or on the rocks, Tony's Margaritas will transport you into another dimension.  

Make sure you get one...or a pitcher for your table and get yourself ready for my first surprise for the author who will be interrogated...errr...interviewed today.  Put your hands together for Rupal! (the crowd is immediately on their feet, cheering wildly.)
Come and sit here next to me and tell me all about the limo ride. Did she figure out who you were?
Well, you know D.X. She gave me that sideways glance as if she wanted to ask, but decided against it. I guess she was a bit unsure that RuPaul would be there out of drag and dressed up as her limo driver of all people! 
LOL! I was hoping to throw her off a bit. Did she try to pump you for information about what it would be like for her tonight?
Hell yes! She wouldn't be one of the Wicked Women if she didn't try to find out what you had in store for her tonight, Lia. You have a reputation, girlie.
Oh stop! I just like to have fun with our guests...surprising the hell out of them is the frosting on the cake. Oh! Look at the time. You need to get your ass backstage and change before she starts wondering about the delay.
Okay, okay, but don't you go bringing out that sexy Patrick Stewart until I'm all dolled up. You promised I would get to come out here on his arm. I brought my best wig.
I promise. He's looking forward to having you and D.X. on his arm tonight. Now scoot!

Okay everyone! It's time to bring out D.X. Luc aka Justyce Rayne. Put your hands together and start the cheers. Let's bring her out Taboo style. Boys! Give me that fabulous purple spotlight!

(D.X. walks out through the part in the purple velvet curtains to thunderous applause. The entire place is on their feet to welcome her. Lia waves her over to the purple leather couch on Center Stage. D.X. is a vision in the hot pink leather Taboo corset and matching high heels. No jacket for this curvaceous author. Instead she paired the corset with a smokey gray micro mini. The crowd loves the entire package!)
Thank you for inviting me to Taboo, Lia. And thank you for the gifts. How did you know I loved pink?
I have many sources, darlin'. If I don't know it, I find someone who does. ;)  So how was your ride here from your hotel? Was the limo satisfactory? (a few titters in the crowd erupt, but are quickly silenced as to not give away the secret.)
Hmmm...well, the driver looked so familiar, but for the life of me, I couldn't place him. Although, I was hoping to get a bit out of him about what I should expect coming here, but he kept Taboo's secrets. So not fair!
LOL! I pay my employees well, sweetie. Of course the confidentiality agreement they sign doesn't hurt either. ;) How about we get down to business...after Tony brings over a pitcher of Margaritas for us. He's made it to your specifications. salted  rim and all. hehehe 
You are bad, Lia!  (A few cat calls and whistles sound out in the middle of the audience. "We love the bad girls!) Me too, honey! (more cheers)

Save some of those Margaritas for us, ladies! You wouldn't want people to find out that Taboo doesn't take care of all it's guests now would you? (RuPaul's voice echoes through the club as another spotlight hits the right side of the stage just in time to see Ru on the arm of none other than Mr. Patrick Stewart. The crowd is once again on it's feet. D.X.'s eyes fly open wide as they approach. She only pauses a moment to shake her finger at Lia before immediately getting to her feet to greet them.) 
OMG, Lia! How did you get them here?

You really didn't think we would pass up a chance to be with our girl did you, D.X.? Or should I call you Justyce now? I'm loving the new pen name, by the way.
Oh, stop! I'm about to piss myself just being on the stage with both of you. I thought you couldn't get away.
Lia is very persuasive. How could I resist the chance to take all of my girls out on the town tonight?
Keep talking, Patrick. I could listen to you speak all day...and all night.
Ru! You behave yourself. Tonight is all about D.X. and her new book The Replacement.
Of course it is! But I want to know how it is she can write such amazingly detailed stories and yet didn't figure out who was driving her all over town. Good Goddess! I hope you have better questions for her than she had for me on the way over here!
To be fair, Ru you can disguise yourself pretty well when you have to go undetected. I remember that night in Vegas last year—
Patrick! You know very well what happens in Vegas—
STAYS in Vegas, Mr. Sexy.  Let's get on with this interview so we can hit the dance floor.
Sounds great to me!

All right! Don't get pushy. We've got plenty of time for dancing. Tony, why don't you bring over another pitcher. We're going to need it!  D,X, what inspires you to write? 
Anything and everything. I’m like Dr. House of writing. I’ll have nothing and then someone will say something or I’ll see something and BAM! An idea hits me. Usually if I don’t write it down, I go nuts with the sound of the characters’ voices floating in my mind. 

Are you a plotter or panster or a little of both? 
Pantser. I can’t plot if my life depended on it. I sucked royally at outlines in school. My papers would be awesome and usually written on the fly. I’d always pass with A’s. But my outlines? Yeah, big, fat F’s!

Do you listen to music while writing? What kinds of music work best for you? Do different types of music help you for different types of scenes? 
I actually do. I can’t get anything done without music. I have a lot of stations on Pandora and depending on the scene, the music will change. For the sexually charged ones, I listen to Adele. Riot and angry? System of A Down. Kind of relaxed mode gets Bruno Mars (Don’t tell anyone that I like Bruno Mars as a woman in her 30s). 
Ohhhhh...well, I think your secret is out now. Take a look over to the left stage. We have another surprise for you, my love. Folks, please welcome to Taboo, Mr. Bruno Mars!

I stand corrected. You're not just bad, Lia. You're Wicked!
I can't help it. You know very well I'm not bad.  I'm just drawn that way!

She's in good company with you, DX. I seem to remember another night in Vegas—
Patrick! You're going to end up with the Wicked title yourself if you keep that up. Let's move on now, shall we?  What are your favorite fiction genres to read from? 
Erotica, erotic romance. Sci Fi and fantasy. Oh and let’s not forget paranormal! 

Who are some of your favorite authors and why do you think they appeal so much to you? 
I love Ernest Hemingway, Edgar Allen Poe, and Shakespeare. They are the founders of amazing writing in my opinion. I read them as a child and haven’t stopped as an adult. I also read some of their stories to my children. 

Who inspires you and why? (loved ones, friends, authors, public figures, historical figures, actors, teachers etc) 
My children. I was a definite wild child and rebel when I was younger. My children have reigned me in and they are my everything.  Ru? Why are you crying?

(sniffing and dabbing at her eyes) I think it's beautiful that your children inspire you. They're very lucky to have a mother like you who not only manages to take care of their every day needs including home schooling them, but you somehow manage to find time to put out amazing books. 
Everyone here agrees with you, Rupaul. That's why she's here to tell us a bit about herself. Just one last question, D.X. What else inspires you and why? 
The world inspires me. The human body and mind. I got into psychology for this very reason. Everything about life and living gives me hope and inspiration. 

Now let's give the audience a peek at your new release under your pen name Justyce Rayne.  D.X., how about you read the blurb for us?

To save a life, one must be willing to open their eyes to what it truly means to die... 

The task of the Replacement is to uphold that very idea. Keep quiet, do your job without any hiccups, and the Council will remain ever you ally.

For Jackson McFlaurey, this should have been simple. A predictable, first time assignment as a rookie Replacement. Unfortunately, he'll learn, even in a world of balance there are no absolutes and betrayal to the powerful Council will have him fighting to survive.

How can Jackson win such a challenging battle to sustain his humanity when he's already given his soul to Death?

Ohhhhh! Sounds like Jackson is going to have a rough journey ahead of him. Patrick? Why don't you do us the honors of reading the excerpt DX brought with her today?

There's a place in hell for those who think Physics and the supernatural is awesome to study. I, on the other hand, decided I wasn't one of them.

I searched through various places on the computer, trying to find instances where a life could be saved and survive through its years without the original soul. So far...nada.

“I have to succeed. There's no way around this. Larry can't die." Another article revealed nothing and I finally shut off the infernal screen.

On the monitor, my host sat at his home desk, writing a manifesto of sorts. He seemed to have a list of achievements he hoped to accomplish and as I spied them, I realized he already had.

This was a losing battle and being a man who rarely failed at anything, I hated not finding a solution to the problem.

A beep jolted me from my inner torment to show I had a new message. The icon? A bright yellow square. Sponge Bob. Death has come a calling.

I opened the floating envelope and gaped at the information inside.

No one must know about this. The message will cease to exist once you close it.

To save a life, one must be willing to open their eyes to what it 
truly means to die. We can't always see the truth before us, until 
we've suffered through its brutality. Jackson, you won't find the answers you seek on the internet or even a book. You will receive them in tragedy only.


I almost didn't close the message, because I feared losing what he said. The only reason I decided to was due to the fact that noting I read made sense to me. How would I succeed if I had to fail?

That's it for tonight, my lovelies! D.X., Rupaul, Patrick and myself are headed out to start our night on the town. Before you go, make  sure you get your own copy of The Replacement by Justyce Rayne today from AMAZON. I know my alter ego The Vixen has hers loaded on her Kindle now. Don't you let her finish hers before you do!

To learn more about D.X. Luc and Justyce Rayne, just look for them on 

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Author R.L. Kirk Takes Over Center Stage For a Special #CoverReveal

The Center Stage is really hopping this week! Today Taboo is proud to take part in another cover reveal for one of our author friends and member of the Wicked Women group. This particular novel is the first of a series that will be released in late June. Don't ask me for more specifics. It's still hush hush for now. We're giving you a sneak peek at this one to get your engines revved up and ready for the actual release date. 

Are you ready to get a few more details about this fabulous paranormal romance? Here's the blurb to start up your engines...

Amidst a war of attrition and struggle for power, Lily Blackwood is torn between two strong men. 

One, Wallace is her perfect idea of a partner, loving, loyal and handsome. The second, Bryn, is her true mate, the man chosen for her by nature and her family. Denial and naivety for nature’s choice, sends her into a rage of independence against the laws of her own destiny, family and her own father.

Wallace Kirk is assigned to protect the beautiful Lily since her birth...

His loyalties are tearing him apart. His own mate, dead, taken from him, fills his thoughts as Lily begs for his attention. She needs him, but not as much as the wolf that prowls in her flesh.

Bryn Kemp's nature and need fill his flesh...

Yet his true mate, the woman chosen for him, denies her destiny. His battle for her and his own pride must overcome her feisty rebellious streak.

Both men must fight for her in the throes of oncoming battle and she must make the right choice. A decision that will shape the war.

OMG! Wolves! Now I HAVE to have this book. Don't worry folks. As soon as R.L. releases this one, I'm going to have it on my Kindle. No question about it.  But before we get too depressed that we have to wait an entire MONTH before it's released, take a look at the beautiful cover for Blackwood: Lily.  Just staring at this every day will help me get through the wait. How about you?

For more about Blackwood: Lily, check out R.L. Kirk's Goodreads page HERE.

Until next time...
~Luscious Lia

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@HouseofTaboo Reveals Cover of @Sheri_Fredricks New #Fantasy Troll-y Yours #eroticromance

Welcome to the House of Taboo's Center Stage. Today, I have a special treat for all of you. Instead of our usual Saturday Spotlight with an interview, I wanted to give a special shout out to one of my friends, fellow author, and "Wicked Woman," Sheri Fredrick.  Today, the second book in her Centaur Series was released on Amazon and while she was otherwise occupied, the Wicked One herself, Leanore Elliott asked us to help Sheri get the word out about her new book. 

So without further adieu...Boys! It's time to fire up the spotlight!  Drum roll please...

Feast your eyes on the fabulous cover of Troll-y Yours (Book 2 The Centaurs)

You want to know more about this book? Here's the blurb...


Determined to forge a better life, Ella launches her new business with high hopes—until a sexy Centaur bumps into her and throws her life off course forever. Voted “Most Eligible Bachelor in Boronda”, Aleksander shakes up her world and tilts her in more ways than one. 


Years of warfare and countless bedroom encounters have stolen Kempor Aleksander’s luster for life. He never expects to rediscover his zeal in the small, redheaded form of Ella the Troll, who fires his blood hotter than the deepest caverns in the forest.

But as trouble lingers in their midst—and edges ever closer—Alek and Ella spiral into troubled terrain. Turning to each other, the pair face down dangers that run impenetrably deep in their mythological world. But will the two lovers discover a passion that runs even deeper?

Hot centaurs and sexy curvy trolls...what more could you want in a steamy fantasy romance? Go on and head on over to AMAZON and get your copy right now!

~Luscious Lia

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#CalienteBlogHop Brings Out An Amazing Hopper To Claim the @HouseofTaboo Jackpot!

I am besides myself excited! Of the four sister blogs, Taboo was the last one to announce it's winner. I'm glad I did. You see, for those of you who think visiting all the stops in a hop isn't worth it, well take note.  The winner of the Sassy Vixen prize package got an extra special surprise tonight as Rafflecopter chose her as my winner.  Taboo received over 670 entries from the visitors and one winner was chosen. It was her entry for tweeting about the hop that won her the naughty prize here.  

Congratulations to...SHADOW KOHLER!!!

Thank you all for stopping by and participating. You've made the very first hop hosted by the Four Seduced Muses a lot of fun and a huge success. Make sure you keep checking back there with them as they will announce the Grand Prize winner before the end of the week.  Also keep on the lookout for details for their summer hop!


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#FreakyFetishFridays: Classic Naughtiness with Menage and a Little Whipping From @MorticiaKnight

It's Friday once again and time to talk about those freaky fetishes we all hold near and dear to our hearts and tied up to us with those silk scarves! ;)  Today The House of Taboo welcomes back to the Center Stage our friend and fellow author Morticia Knight. She's been quite busy since her last appearance here. In fact she just stopped in at Four Seduced Muses two days ago and is here today to share a bit more about her new release.

Morticia takes an old classic tale and puts her own spin on it but stays with the language of the time and the tone set by the original author. She delves into the "what if" and makes it hot. hot. hot! It's a historical erotic romance at it's finest...did I mention there is a menage? hehehe.  How about I let the author tell you all about it.

Classic Naughtiness, Ménage, & a Little Whipping

Thank you for having me here today Lia, and oh what a tale I have to tell. Last week, my release for the Clandestine Classic line came out, and my classic is The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. B
asically, for this line of erotic romance books, we take an existing classic – and without changing a word of the story – we open the bedroom door (wide open!) and in that author’s voice, we write what would have been severely frowned upon in that point in history. Well – people did it, but they certainly never wrote about it. Okay, maybe they wrote about it, but unless they were willing to be ostracized and live a tortured life ala the Marquis de Sade, they certainly never shared it publicly.

But here we are in the 21st century, and boy do we ever write about it! Now some of you may be wondering why in the hell I chose The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. I mean, not many girls fantasized about Ichabod Crane the way they might have with Darcy or Tarzan, right? First of all, my name is Morticia, so that’s half the explanation. But the more interesting part is how I always wondered a few things about that story. Washington Irving definitely alluded to the coquettishness of the winsome lass Katrina, and even hinted at some possible shenanigans when Ichabod was wooing her by making references to geese being foolish things, but that everyone knows that girls can take care of themselves. MmmmHmmmm. I bet they can.

Also, just who in the hell is this Deidrich Knickerbocker guy that’s narrating, and how is it that he knows so much about the personal goings-on of Sleepy Hollow? Was it because he was there? Finally, what really did happen to Ichabod the night he encountered that pesky Headless Horseman? I’m pleased to tell you that I have filled in those blanks – and that there are plenty of shenanigans going on in the Hollow. The best part about having to write in Irving’s voice is that I was able to keep the light-hearted, tongue in cheek aspect of the story (possible pun intended). And since it wouldn’t be Friday without some fetish, the following short excerpt will give you an idea of just the type of frolicking that goes on in my take on the Hollow:

Excerpt from The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
By Washington Irving & Morticia Knight

By the time we had cleared the top of the ladder, Katrina’s ample breasts were exposed to our eyes, her peachy nipples at a hard peak. All that she had left to divest herself of were her undergarments, and she did so slowly and saucily, creating more discomfort for my crotch. I could tell this would not do for what I had planned, wanting to take my time with her tied up to the railing and taking her downstairs as well where I could tie her to a post and whip her. I would not last in this condition.

“My dearest lovers, I’m afraid I need a quick release in order to facilitate this evening’s games more effectively.”

Both Ichabod and I were still near the top of the ladder standing in the loft, and Katrina—now completely nude—crawled over to us. She looked up at Ichabod and winked. He dropped to his knees, and they began to pull at the opening of my pants. Katrina tugged them down to my ankles, whilst Ichabod cupped my bollocks with his long fingers, teasing and tickling the underside in the way he knew I loved so well. He then presented my pulsing staff to Katrina, and she sucked it into her mouth greedily, taking it all the way in.

Wow! Morticia you are such a tease. Now all of you will have to go out and get your very own copy of this book. I already have mine!  Here's where you can find it at the moment.

About the Author

Erotic Romance author Morticia Knight enjoys a good saucy tale, whether it is contemporary, paranormal, historical, ménage, M/M or BDSM - she loves it all! One of her passions is bringing people's fantasies to life on the page, because life is too short for even one boring moment. Her stories are volcanic in heat, deep in emotion, and sprinkled with doses of humor. 

When not indulging in her passion for books, she loves the outdoors, film and music. Once upon a time she was the singer in an indie rock band that toured the West Coast and charted on U.S. college radio. She currently resides on the northern coast of Oregon, where the constant rain and fog remind her of visits to her family in England and Scotland when she was a child. 

Morticia has a three-book series called Uniform Encounters set in the Southwest that features those yummy men in uniform coming out in 2013, and is currently working on both a Steampunk horror ménage, and a Sci-fi ménage.

Connect with Morticia

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#CalienteBlogHop @dochappycamper Shares Excerpt From #eroticromance The Surrender of Julia

Welcome to The House of Taboo! I'm Lia Michaels and I own this fabulous hangout for authors and readers of all things taboo. Whether you're into smokin' hot M/F, M/M, F/F erotica and erotic romance, menage and more, this is the place to be. Currently we're busy with a move to Temptations Resort, but don't you worry. You won't miss one single moment of the fun we have planned around here in the coming months with our guests. 

Temptations Resort is a beautiful tropical island where your every wish and fantasy is granted, no matter how big or small, how sweet or sensual, or taboo. You dream of it, Temptations will bring it to life.  The House of Taboo will be the place to be for guests looking to enjoy the night life, meet a few authors and dare I say a few special guests who will rock their worlds! Of course Taboo wouldn't be much of anything without our Head Bartender Tony the Magnificent. He does make the best Margaritas around, any size and any flavor. You crave it, and Tony will blend it, shake it, and set it on fire for you!

Let's not forget the House Specialty...The Center Stage. This will become even more popular when we move to Temptations Resort, but until then, I've got a few surprises in store for everyone starting with Morticia Knight on Friday 5/10/13. And you know we won't have to wait too long for Taboo faves Leanore Elliott, Kendall McKenna, Tara S. Wood and Alexandra Anthony to come back and share a pitcher or two of Margaritas with me. It's never a dull moment around here with our friends. 

Now how about the current fun going on...The Caliente Blog Hop hosted by the Four Seduced Muses? Well, it's still going strong. With all the construction going on with the new club, I had to move it to it's own page to keep it running for the entire week. All you have to do it click on the tab at the top of the page that says CALIENTE! Blog Hop and Prizes and you will be taken right there to see what Taboo has to offer for a naughty prize package and what you can win for the Grand Priae. Now what are you waiting for? Click on the tab and get to hoppin'! You only have four more days to get all the entries you can in all the contests on the 99 participating blogs.  Have fun and stay NAUGHTY!


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#Caliente! @HouseofTaboo Celebrations All Week All Genres

Welcome to The House of Taboo! I'm Lia Michaels one three alter egos for author Tammy Dennings Maggy aka The Vixen. If you've stopped in today, you're probably looking for the Caliente Blog Hop. If you look at the top of this site in the Taboo menu, you'll see a tab that will take you directly to my post and your chance to enter for my prize package and the grand prize.

So go on now! Click on that tab and get to HOPPIN'!

Good luck, have fun and above all be naughty doing it!


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@HouseofTaboo Welcomes Bethany from #TheLastTime by @ElodieParkes

Welcome back to The House of Taboo and the Saturday Spotlight! We have a very special treat for all of you today. Author Elodie Parkes was supposed to be here today, but seems she's been errr...tied up with promoting her latest release The Last Time. In her place is none other than Elodie's heroine Bethany. Honestly, I think Ms. Bethany has Elodie tied up backstage while she comes out here with us. Don't you worry folks. I've got my best security detail scouring every inch of the club. We'll find our missing author and treat her to a night on the town for being a good sport and allowing Bethany a bit of the spotlight. ;)  

So grab your drinks from Tony and the gang at the bar and take your seats. We wouldn't want to keep Bethany waiting now would we? Come on out, darlin'! We're all dying to meet you. (the crowd cheers as they hurry to take their seats and Bethany tentatively peeks out from behind the purple velvet curtain. 

Lia, you didn't say there would be so many people here. I'm not sure I can do this.
Of course you can. Just put one foot in front of the other and come sit down by me. I've got a pitcher of killer margaritas to share. You can't have any if you stay back there.
Oh! Why didn't you say so in the first place? I heard about Tony's drinks. I wouldn't want to have come all this way and not try at least one of them. ;)

That's right! Tony's famous around these parts, but best not get too flirty. He's madly in love with The Vamp Maya DeLeina!  Go on Tony. Take a bow!
(Tony jumps on top of the bar and waves to the crowd. Bethany laughs as he blows her a kiss.)
Seems to me he's the one who loves to flirt. ;)
LOL! Yes, that's our Tony. Now how about we get down to business. Tell us a bit about yourself and the book you star in?
The book is The Last Time and it’s probably the last time you’ll read anything with me in it. It’s a romance and set on a movie location. I get to have lots of yummy sex with someone who shall remain nameless, as that might be a spoiler. It’s a fun book although a little thread of suspense and mystery run through it.

Why won't we read anything else with you starring in it, Bethany? That sounds intriguing.
I can’t say without giving away the end of the book, but let’s just say it’s a happy reason.

Fair enough. 
Most of us want to be different, so what's the one thing you wish the author had done differently with you?

I would have liked to give my point of view a little more often, in the love scenes, just because sex is different for a woman. I think Elodie wanted to show the great relationship the three central characters developed, me being one of them, but I didn’t have much influence over that either.

If you could have added something to the story, and the author would have let you, what would that have been?
I would have liked more physical action perhaps, to show off my martial arts abilities.
Hmmm...martial arts abilities come in handy during those fabulous sex scenes too, I'm sure.
Maybe, but if I told you that, I would be giving away too much again.
Oh we can't have that. ;)

What do you think of the author? 
I think she tries to give everyone a fair chance in the limelight. She gives characters their dignity too. She tries to make the sex scenes about the love people feel for each other. She’s okay. I guess she’ll be reading this interview.
She'll be doing more than that soon enough I'm sure. 
Wh..what do you mean? Is she here?

She's around. Don't you worry your pretty little head over it.  Let's continue with the interview, shall we? 
You get the chance to have the author change your name what will it be?

I actually like my name although that would have been a hoot if suddenly someone had shortened my name, and I’d been with Seth, another main character, because it would have been Seth and Beth.

What are some of your deepest, darkest secrets.
You’re kidding right? They’re secrets! Okay I’ll tell you a couple of things. I hate thong underwear, will not wear it, detest it, so when the author tried to get me in some I had a meltdown.
I’m a coffee addict…drink it almost nonstop, but then doesn’t everybody? All the authors I know do, well except my author, she drinks tea.
What else? I don’t really have secrets you know…they’re not healthy. I sort of spill my guts about sex and men in the book so there’s not much to say here.

What do you love best about yourself?
My hair if it’s a physical thing, and if not, then my compassionate nature. 

What do you like least? 
The author gave me smaller breasts than I would have liked. No really, I don’t mind that. (laughing) I suppose I quite like myself the way she’s written me. 

How do you feel about the book you're in?
It’s fun, sexy. It’s supposed to show a little of what people do for love and when they think they are losing love, or are in love and it’s the most important thing to them. We can be vulnerable and stupid, but if it’s right then it’s the best thing ever.

Can you share one of your favorite parts of the book without giving too much away and tell us why you chose it?
Okay it’s probably not what you expect given the amount of sex in the book, but here you go.

Seth was still sleeping. He looked gorgeous and Bethany stood in the doorway watching him for a moment or two. Suddenly his cell phone, which was on his bedside unit, began chirping. Like a flock of birds, the chirping filled the bedroom, and Seth sat up and looked around as if startled.

Bethany watched him suddenly realize it was his cell phone, reach for it, and shut off the alarm call.

He looked at her and smiled.

“Bethany you made me sleep properly for the first time in months.”

I chose it because that’s so cool to have helped someone like that. Have you ever been unable to sleep? It’s horrible.

How do you see your future? Without giving anything away.
Like I said in the beginning, you’ll not see any more of me. The other characters…well that could be a different story. Mine ends with this book.

Let's say they make a movie about this book. Who do you want to play you, and why?
I truly hope there’s no movie of this book because I have no idea who I’d want to play me, and they more than likely would want Seth to play himself since he’s an actor. I think that would be horrible, watching him on the big screen getting naked with someone else.

Anything else you would like to tell us?
It’s been fun being here and not having the author, editor, cover artist, proof reader, beta readers watching everything I do. Thank you for inviting me and try not to let the author read this.
I can't promise you that since she's waiting in my office backstage.
How did she get out...errrr...I mean, has she been her the whole time? (Bethany visibly pales and fidgets in her seat. Lia signals to the stage hands to watch closely and prevent her from bolting if Elodie wants to have a word or two with her.)
Why don't we ask her? Put your hands together and give Elodie the Taboo welcome she deserves!

(Elodie steps out from behind the velvet curtain and the cheers become deafening. Of course everyone figured out from the start that Bethany had something to do with the author's tardiness for her Center Stage appearance. All is forgiven though as she crosses the stage to sit on the other side of Lia. Tony himself brings her a special drink he made just for her.)
Thank you! I'm a bit parched. Seems someone who shall remain nameless, locked me in the wine cellar just as the music started up. If it wasn't for your security detail, Lia I would still be down there.

No worries, Elodie. Bethany was kind enough to tell us a bit about your new book.
Did she now? Well, I have a bit more to share with you and the audience if we still have time. And I have a the Rafflecopter to share with everyone so they can enter to win free copies of all of my books released to date!
Go ahead, darlin'. Center Stage is all yours. Boys! You know what to do!


Actor Seth Carbery swears he will never fall in love again, that is until he meets private detective Bethany Snow.

Something strange is going on. Seth and other members of the movie cast and crew are receiving threatening letters, but no threat has ever been carried out... yet. Bethany Snow is sent on location by the Black Agency to investigate, and guard Seth Carbery against danger.

The case is not what it first seems and even when Bethany thinks it could be over, a new twist means she becomes a target.
Seth and Bethany find they can’t keep their hands off each other.

Who is sending the letters and why? Does Seth have a secret admirer or stalker?

Adult Excerpt

Seth made a little sound of need. He felt he was in a fog of lust and sensation, surprised he was thick and hard again.

Bethany took as much of his length into her mouth as she could. She sucked and swirled her tongue around the shape of him. She moved her lips up his shaft and then nuzzled the velvet end of him.

Seth was beginning to thrust his hips and sigh. He felt Bethany’s hair spread out across his stomach. It felt soft and teasing. He reached to grasp a handful, as Bethany began to do the best thing he had ever felt with her mouth, her tongue, her hands cupping him, grasping him, until his entire body was sensitized, and then it all began to pool in the bottom of his stomach, and then lower. Between his thighs where she cupped him was pulsing with sensation, and he was moaning and thrusting.

Bethany sucked suddenly deeper, harder, and he was coming, moaning with the intense feeling. He heard himself groan. It lasted a long time and Bethany held him until he had finished. She was very gentle taking him out of her mouth. Seth moaned a little feeling a loss. Bethany kissed up his body and left a wet trail across his nipples, her own hardened peaks brushing his body.

Seth held her head and brought her face to his. He realized she must have swallowed his seed, and only a trace of the taste was on her lips as he tenderly kissed her.

She moved back just slightly to whisper against his lips.

“Seth, put your fingers in me. Feel how much I need you. I’ll come very quickly if you just let me move on them. You’re so delicious.”

Seth was enchanted by this. He hadn’t been with that many women, and none of them had talked like this, nor made love like this.

He kissed her again and tenderly pushed his fingers into her. Her gasp of pleasure and the way she began to move on him almost had him moaning again. He held her head and kissed her softly as she murmured against his lips, coming just as she had said very quickly. He left his fingers inside her, and then kissed her hard, holding her head with his hand tangled in her hair.


That was fabulous, Elodie! Don't you all agree? Make sure you get your copy of The Last Time today. Here are the links and the Rafflecopter. While you all get your entries for the contest, I'm taking my guests out for a fun night on the town. If you're all good, maybe I'll tell you all about it next time!