Monday, May 20, 2013

Author R.L. Kirk Takes Over Center Stage For a Special #CoverReveal

The Center Stage is really hopping this week! Today Taboo is proud to take part in another cover reveal for one of our author friends and member of the Wicked Women group. This particular novel is the first of a series that will be released in late June. Don't ask me for more specifics. It's still hush hush for now. We're giving you a sneak peek at this one to get your engines revved up and ready for the actual release date. 

Are you ready to get a few more details about this fabulous paranormal romance? Here's the blurb to start up your engines...

Amidst a war of attrition and struggle for power, Lily Blackwood is torn between two strong men. 

One, Wallace is her perfect idea of a partner, loving, loyal and handsome. The second, Bryn, is her true mate, the man chosen for her by nature and her family. Denial and naivety for nature’s choice, sends her into a rage of independence against the laws of her own destiny, family and her own father.

Wallace Kirk is assigned to protect the beautiful Lily since her birth...

His loyalties are tearing him apart. His own mate, dead, taken from him, fills his thoughts as Lily begs for his attention. She needs him, but not as much as the wolf that prowls in her flesh.

Bryn Kemp's nature and need fill his flesh...

Yet his true mate, the woman chosen for him, denies her destiny. His battle for her and his own pride must overcome her feisty rebellious streak.

Both men must fight for her in the throes of oncoming battle and she must make the right choice. A decision that will shape the war.

OMG! Wolves! Now I HAVE to have this book. Don't worry folks. As soon as R.L. releases this one, I'm going to have it on my Kindle. No question about it.  But before we get too depressed that we have to wait an entire MONTH before it's released, take a look at the beautiful cover for Blackwood: Lily.  Just staring at this every day will help me get through the wait. How about you?

For more about Blackwood: Lily, check out R.L. Kirk's Goodreads page HERE.

Until next time...
~Luscious Lia


  1. Awwwwww!!!! Thank you for having me! I am so excited about this release too!

    It will also be available in paperback and as we edit keep a lookout for little teasers on my facebook page!

    R.L. Kirk

  2. Seriously, this cover is fantastic. So eye-catching.


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