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@dxluc Takes Over @HouseofTaboo's Center Stage With Her New Release as #JustyceRayne #paranormal #suspense #thriller

Welcome to The House of Taboo! I'm Lucious Lia Michaels the owner and host of this establishment where we push the limits of romance, fantasy, and fiction whether it's dark, sensual, erotic or taboo. All are welcome here!  We've got a very special guest with us today and if you've been here before, you know I've got a few surprises in store for our guest as well. ;)  Today our guest of honor is none other than one of the fabulous authors in a group called Wicked Women. I'm honored to be part of that cackle of naughty broads. They are hands down the best damn group of women you'd ever want to be associated with, and D.X. Luc is one of them.  Today though she's here to talk a bit about herself AND a new release she's written under the pen name Justyce Rayne.  She'll be out in a few minutes, but first we have a bit of House Keeping to go over. 

If this is your first time're in for a very special treat. First of all, let me introduce you to the man of every Taboo Happy Hour and more, Tony. Not only can he figure out your favorite drink just by looking at you, he makes the best Margaritas around. In fact, it's The House specialty. No matter the flavor, frozen or on the rocks, Tony's Margaritas will transport you into another dimension.  

Make sure you get one...or a pitcher for your table and get yourself ready for my first surprise for the author who will be interrogated...errr...interviewed today.  Put your hands together for Rupal! (the crowd is immediately on their feet, cheering wildly.)
Come and sit here next to me and tell me all about the limo ride. Did she figure out who you were?
Well, you know D.X. She gave me that sideways glance as if she wanted to ask, but decided against it. I guess she was a bit unsure that RuPaul would be there out of drag and dressed up as her limo driver of all people! 
LOL! I was hoping to throw her off a bit. Did she try to pump you for information about what it would be like for her tonight?
Hell yes! She wouldn't be one of the Wicked Women if she didn't try to find out what you had in store for her tonight, Lia. You have a reputation, girlie.
Oh stop! I just like to have fun with our guests...surprising the hell out of them is the frosting on the cake. Oh! Look at the time. You need to get your ass backstage and change before she starts wondering about the delay.
Okay, okay, but don't you go bringing out that sexy Patrick Stewart until I'm all dolled up. You promised I would get to come out here on his arm. I brought my best wig.
I promise. He's looking forward to having you and D.X. on his arm tonight. Now scoot!

Okay everyone! It's time to bring out D.X. Luc aka Justyce Rayne. Put your hands together and start the cheers. Let's bring her out Taboo style. Boys! Give me that fabulous purple spotlight!

(D.X. walks out through the part in the purple velvet curtains to thunderous applause. The entire place is on their feet to welcome her. Lia waves her over to the purple leather couch on Center Stage. D.X. is a vision in the hot pink leather Taboo corset and matching high heels. No jacket for this curvaceous author. Instead she paired the corset with a smokey gray micro mini. The crowd loves the entire package!)
Thank you for inviting me to Taboo, Lia. And thank you for the gifts. How did you know I loved pink?
I have many sources, darlin'. If I don't know it, I find someone who does. ;)  So how was your ride here from your hotel? Was the limo satisfactory? (a few titters in the crowd erupt, but are quickly silenced as to not give away the secret.)
Hmmm...well, the driver looked so familiar, but for the life of me, I couldn't place him. Although, I was hoping to get a bit out of him about what I should expect coming here, but he kept Taboo's secrets. So not fair!
LOL! I pay my employees well, sweetie. Of course the confidentiality agreement they sign doesn't hurt either. ;) How about we get down to business...after Tony brings over a pitcher of Margaritas for us. He's made it to your specifications. salted  rim and all. hehehe 
You are bad, Lia!  (A few cat calls and whistles sound out in the middle of the audience. "We love the bad girls!) Me too, honey! (more cheers)

Save some of those Margaritas for us, ladies! You wouldn't want people to find out that Taboo doesn't take care of all it's guests now would you? (RuPaul's voice echoes through the club as another spotlight hits the right side of the stage just in time to see Ru on the arm of none other than Mr. Patrick Stewart. The crowd is once again on it's feet. D.X.'s eyes fly open wide as they approach. She only pauses a moment to shake her finger at Lia before immediately getting to her feet to greet them.) 
OMG, Lia! How did you get them here?

You really didn't think we would pass up a chance to be with our girl did you, D.X.? Or should I call you Justyce now? I'm loving the new pen name, by the way.
Oh, stop! I'm about to piss myself just being on the stage with both of you. I thought you couldn't get away.
Lia is very persuasive. How could I resist the chance to take all of my girls out on the town tonight?
Keep talking, Patrick. I could listen to you speak all day...and all night.
Ru! You behave yourself. Tonight is all about D.X. and her new book The Replacement.
Of course it is! But I want to know how it is she can write such amazingly detailed stories and yet didn't figure out who was driving her all over town. Good Goddess! I hope you have better questions for her than she had for me on the way over here!
To be fair, Ru you can disguise yourself pretty well when you have to go undetected. I remember that night in Vegas last year—
Patrick! You know very well what happens in Vegas—
STAYS in Vegas, Mr. Sexy.  Let's get on with this interview so we can hit the dance floor.
Sounds great to me!

All right! Don't get pushy. We've got plenty of time for dancing. Tony, why don't you bring over another pitcher. We're going to need it!  D,X, what inspires you to write? 
Anything and everything. I’m like Dr. House of writing. I’ll have nothing and then someone will say something or I’ll see something and BAM! An idea hits me. Usually if I don’t write it down, I go nuts with the sound of the characters’ voices floating in my mind. 

Are you a plotter or panster or a little of both? 
Pantser. I can’t plot if my life depended on it. I sucked royally at outlines in school. My papers would be awesome and usually written on the fly. I’d always pass with A’s. But my outlines? Yeah, big, fat F’s!

Do you listen to music while writing? What kinds of music work best for you? Do different types of music help you for different types of scenes? 
I actually do. I can’t get anything done without music. I have a lot of stations on Pandora and depending on the scene, the music will change. For the sexually charged ones, I listen to Adele. Riot and angry? System of A Down. Kind of relaxed mode gets Bruno Mars (Don’t tell anyone that I like Bruno Mars as a woman in her 30s). 
Ohhhhh...well, I think your secret is out now. Take a look over to the left stage. We have another surprise for you, my love. Folks, please welcome to Taboo, Mr. Bruno Mars!

I stand corrected. You're not just bad, Lia. You're Wicked!
I can't help it. You know very well I'm not bad.  I'm just drawn that way!

She's in good company with you, DX. I seem to remember another night in Vegas—
Patrick! You're going to end up with the Wicked title yourself if you keep that up. Let's move on now, shall we?  What are your favorite fiction genres to read from? 
Erotica, erotic romance. Sci Fi and fantasy. Oh and let’s not forget paranormal! 

Who are some of your favorite authors and why do you think they appeal so much to you? 
I love Ernest Hemingway, Edgar Allen Poe, and Shakespeare. They are the founders of amazing writing in my opinion. I read them as a child and haven’t stopped as an adult. I also read some of their stories to my children. 

Who inspires you and why? (loved ones, friends, authors, public figures, historical figures, actors, teachers etc) 
My children. I was a definite wild child and rebel when I was younger. My children have reigned me in and they are my everything.  Ru? Why are you crying?

(sniffing and dabbing at her eyes) I think it's beautiful that your children inspire you. They're very lucky to have a mother like you who not only manages to take care of their every day needs including home schooling them, but you somehow manage to find time to put out amazing books. 
Everyone here agrees with you, Rupaul. That's why she's here to tell us a bit about herself. Just one last question, D.X. What else inspires you and why? 
The world inspires me. The human body and mind. I got into psychology for this very reason. Everything about life and living gives me hope and inspiration. 

Now let's give the audience a peek at your new release under your pen name Justyce Rayne.  D.X., how about you read the blurb for us?

To save a life, one must be willing to open their eyes to what it truly means to die... 

The task of the Replacement is to uphold that very idea. Keep quiet, do your job without any hiccups, and the Council will remain ever you ally.

For Jackson McFlaurey, this should have been simple. A predictable, first time assignment as a rookie Replacement. Unfortunately, he'll learn, even in a world of balance there are no absolutes and betrayal to the powerful Council will have him fighting to survive.

How can Jackson win such a challenging battle to sustain his humanity when he's already given his soul to Death?

Ohhhhh! Sounds like Jackson is going to have a rough journey ahead of him. Patrick? Why don't you do us the honors of reading the excerpt DX brought with her today?

There's a place in hell for those who think Physics and the supernatural is awesome to study. I, on the other hand, decided I wasn't one of them.

I searched through various places on the computer, trying to find instances where a life could be saved and survive through its years without the original soul. So far...nada.

“I have to succeed. There's no way around this. Larry can't die." Another article revealed nothing and I finally shut off the infernal screen.

On the monitor, my host sat at his home desk, writing a manifesto of sorts. He seemed to have a list of achievements he hoped to accomplish and as I spied them, I realized he already had.

This was a losing battle and being a man who rarely failed at anything, I hated not finding a solution to the problem.

A beep jolted me from my inner torment to show I had a new message. The icon? A bright yellow square. Sponge Bob. Death has come a calling.

I opened the floating envelope and gaped at the information inside.

No one must know about this. The message will cease to exist once you close it.

To save a life, one must be willing to open their eyes to what it 
truly means to die. We can't always see the truth before us, until 
we've suffered through its brutality. Jackson, you won't find the answers you seek on the internet or even a book. You will receive them in tragedy only.


I almost didn't close the message, because I feared losing what he said. The only reason I decided to was due to the fact that noting I read made sense to me. How would I succeed if I had to fail?

That's it for tonight, my lovelies! D.X., Rupaul, Patrick and myself are headed out to start our night on the town. Before you go, make  sure you get your own copy of The Replacement by Justyce Rayne today from AMAZON. I know my alter ego The Vixen has hers loaded on her Kindle now. Don't you let her finish hers before you do!

To learn more about D.X. Luc and Justyce Rayne, just look for them on 


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    1. Just let Patrick sleep a bit longer. I don't think he's danced so much in his entire life. Well, there was that time in Vegas—


  4. And to think I only slammed two margaritas before y'all polished off the pitcher! TONY! We need more for the morning-after hang-over!! Awesome job, you two. And this new release? Out of this world!

    1. Tony is da bomb! He always has a pitcher waiting for me and my girls!


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