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Oh My! Monday: @AlexAnthony80 Shares The Next Book in Her Vampire Destiny Series #eroticromance, #vampires, #Ascend

Welcome to The House of Taboo! I'm Lucious Lia Michaels and today I'm happy to welcome back an old friend and many time guest here at Taboo and my sister blogs Behind Closed Doors and Sassy Vixen Publishing,  Ms. Alexandra Anthony just released the fourth book in her Vampire Destiny Series. This one is the next step in Josie and Stefan's journey to find out why the two of them were and have always been destined to be together.  Instead of me prattling on and on, I'm just going to turn over Center Stage to Alexandra and let her tell you all about Ascend (The Vampire Destiny Series Book #4)

A huge thank you for allowing me to stop by and share today on Oh My! Monday.

I’m here today to introduce you to Ascend, the newest book in my paranormal erotic romance series, The Vampire Destiny Series.  I also thought I’d share a little of insight into the series.

My main hero, Stefan Lifsten, is a 978-year-old vampire from Scandinavia.  As the series continues, we find out a little more of his human past.

One of my favorite parts of the series is when I get to write a sex scene with Stefan & Josephine.  My main reason: he’s a dirty talker that speaks in his native tongue. Maybe it’s my own personal fetish, but to imagine a hot, Nordic hulk of a man talking dirty to me in Swedish does something to me—in a very good way. ;)

As the story continues, Josephine also picks up some of his dirty talk tendencies, which I think only makes things hotter!

I hope you pick up a copy of Ascend…if you like dirty talk as much as I do!

Blurb for Ascend

Waking up as an immortal…
Josephine Anderson awakes as true vampire, leaving her half-human life behind. She has little time to adjust to the change however; her evil father has gone missing and wants nothing more than to destroy her and her vampire mate, Stefan Lifsten. But they have other plans…

Secrets and revelations are revealed…
Josephine and Stefan head back to her childhood home to search for the lost journal her uncle kept – a journal that may unlock Stefan and Josephine’s shared past. While searching, Josephine’s world is once again turned on its axis when she meets Liev Banin, who reveals a long-kept secret that will change everything for Josephine….and her family. 

Still reeling from their discovery, they are rocked to their very core when a trusted friend betrays them…and threatens to destroy them all.

*This is a romantic, erotic book. It contains sexy vampires, graphic language, adult content and situations that aren't for the faint of heart. Consider yourself warned.*

Excerpt from Ascend

His fingers linked with mine, but his other hand tugged at my hair, holding my neck back so that he could thrust deeper and deeper into me. He filled me over and over, his mouth leaving stinging kisses along my back and shoulders. When he finally let go of my hair, he pushed gently on my back until I was bent over the countertop.  My breasts pressed against the cold granite, causing another gasp to fall from my lips.

With the blood gone, strength surged through me...I'd never felt so alive, or more powerful.  If I thought my desire for Stefan had been intense before, what I felt now made my previous feelings seem weak in comparison.  Every part of me wanted more, needed more...craved more.

Our minds merged, the overwhelming feeling of being one connected us in new ways I never thought possible.  His blood now ran through my veins along with my own, and I could feel him in every part of my being.  We were one in every way.

Stefan released my hand and spread me open wider, thrusting deep within me with a swivel of his hips. Smiling wickedly, I met each of them with vigor.  The sound of our immortal bodies meeting filled the room, along with our animalistic grunts and moans.  His fingers could play me better than any instrument, bringing me to the peak of bliss. He'd then slow down, plunging harder, and then start all over again.  It was a torturous dance of desire, each time bringing me closer and closer to release.

With one hand, his talented thumb swirled over my clit and my other entrance, while his calloused fingertips skated down my spine, and his palms slapped at my skin just to make it that much more sensitive, leaving it stinging and needy.  My climax came out of nowhere; hitting me hard and making my eyes burn with the need to shed tears.

Suddenly, I was pulled away from the counter.  We fell in a tangled heap of arms and legs, sprawled across the kitchen floor.  Not even close to being sated, I moved quickly, straddling his lap and slowly lowering myself over his hard cock. My back met the muscles of his strong chest as he sat up against me.  He wasted no time in moving me to ride him slowly.

"Come again, älskare," he whispered in my ear as his fingers slipped teasingly down my stomach, swirling across my hipbone. "When your pussy grips me like this, it is telling me it never wants me to leave..."

Moaning wantonly in response was all I could manage as my hips worked over him. It was slow, graceful, and more grinding than riding, but already his touch was winding the coil in my stomach tightly. The combination of his teeth on my neck, his hand cupping my breast, and his long fingers circling my clit sent me over the edge one more glorious time.  A million lights lit up behind my eyes and the scream that I unleashed sounded wild and animalistic.
"Min gudinna," he praised, giving a growl when my hand reached back to weave into the silk of his blond hair once again.  I wasn’t finished with him yet.

Rolling my hips harder, I could feel him harden a bit more inside of me. His fingers that gripped onto my hips held me with a strength that would have bruised or broken my bones before.  We no longer had that problem.  His breathing came in panting bursts, and the most delicious language spilled from his sexy lips. "Det sätt du knulla mig är som inget annat. Min kärlek, mitt liv.  Knolla mig!"* he rumbled, lifting me up and down to bring him to his own climax. The sound of our lovemaking was the second most erotic thing I could recall hearing after listening to him speak in his native tongue.

His thoughts floating through my mind even sounded devastated as his lips brushed my neck.  "This...this is bliss.  Valhalla."

His fangs elongated and he latched onto the spot where my shoulder met my neck, his long growl vibrating against my back as he came with a muffled roar.  As he drank from me, he offered me his wrist.  Without hesitation, my fangs dropped and sank into his skin.  As the circuit completed, it was if an explosion detonated inside of me.  We were joined in every way possible: mind, body and blood.  We were no longer two separate beings.  We were truly one in blood.  Nothing could separate us, the bond unbreakable and complete.

*(Det sätt du knulla mig är som inget annat. Min kärlek, mitt liv.  Knolla mig! = The way you fuck me is like nothing else I know. My love, my life. Fuck me!)

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