Saturday, February 28, 2015

Center Stage and House of Taboo Have Moved!

We've moved to our new home at HostGator and hope you'll join us there. As you know, Blogger (Google) had stated they were going to put all sexually explicit/graphic blogs in the private zone. This would have taken away our ability to be found during regular searches on the web. Only those we gave the direct link to would be able to access the account. 

Good news is that they changed their mind, but Tony and I didn't want to wait for them to go back to their original plan. We wanted to be sure all of our posts and interviews were safe. Moving to HostGator has done that for us and we have more control as well as peace of mind our kinky fuckery will still be allowed to continue.
We had planned on setting up an official website anyway, so this thing with Google simply moved that up. Now we can concentrate on our other celebrations. For those of you who already follow us, please come on over and subscribe to the new site so you don't miss a single post. This will be the last one here at our .com address.

Come on over and join the fun!

~Lia and Tony


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  2. This is NOT a place for you to post your escort bullshit. You have your own websites. Kindly stick to your own. Your fans will follow you there. Mine are not into porn or escorts. They are readers of erotic romance. Lia Michaels is one of my pen names.


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