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#SPeekSunday: Author Lia Michaels @House of Taboo Share A Snippet From Her Latest WIP #menage #EroticRomance

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Welcome to The House of Taboo! I'm Luscious Lia Michaels, your host and owner of this adults only establishment. This week I've joined a group of fabulous authors sharing six paragraphs from a new release, current WIP, or any of our books from our back lists. I thought it would be fun to share the opening paragraphs from my current work in progress, "Sweet Surrender" which will be out this summer in Sassy Vixen Publishing's anthology Season of Sun and Sin. I'm one of five authors in that one and it showcases five tales of erotica and erotic romance that will blow your mind. 

This is actually the second installment in the story of the Candy Kisses Gang as I call them. The first part was told in "Have a Naughty, Naughty Christmas" in 'Tis the Season for Seduction. Now we find the polyamorous foursome moving forward with the renovations of their restaurant and with their relationship together.

So until our release date on July 1st, here's the opening of "Sweet Surrender."

June 15th, Present Day Candy Kisses
Detroit, Michigan

Candice untied her apron and hung it up on the hook in the kitchen. The last of the wedding cakes had been decorated and transferred to the large walk in refrigeration units in her newly expanded kitchen of the bistro. Thank God, I listened to Darrin when he recommended we expand the kitchen here before tackling the space next door. With the added space in the bistro, business could continue nearly uninterrupted while the construction continued at night after hours.
At first she wasn’t thrilled about turning over the keys to a bunch of people she didn’t know, but Darrin had assured her they were a reputable bunch and would stick to the schedule they all agreed upon. With the crews working through the night, they cleaned up reasonably well so the bistro could still function during the day. Now they were just over two weeks away from the grand opening and she’d finally have a little less chaos swirling around her.
Not that she minded the chaos, but lately it was getting a bit more than she could handle. The excitement over the new restaurant and after hours pub had built up to near rock star levels since Darrin held the press conference after they returned from Maui in January. He’d wasted no time getting the word out that Candy Kisses and Kisses After Dark would be the place to be in Detroit during the Fourth of July weekend. Between the endless requests for interviews and the sudden increase in business from the crowds who wanted to watch the new place unfold before their eyes, Candi, Alexander, Gabriel, and Darrin had very little time to breathe let alone find time to spend with each other.
Tonight they were to have one more run through with the contractor to tighten up any loose ends and make any changes the foursome wanted before the opening. This was it. Her dreams for her little bistro were finally coming true and she owed it all to the three hunks in her life. Six months earlier the four of them set out on an adventure of pure lust and fantasy. Now they were partners in business as well as in private. Being part of a menage had always been a secret fantasy, but what she had with the guys was so much more.
She detested labels, but she knew if people found out about their private lives, one would be attached to it. Polyamory. It’s something she’d only read about and honestly, up until Maui she’d never understood it. Now it’s as much a part of her life as her relationship with her family and it’s just as important to her—if not more. She couldn’t see her life without any of them, especially Gabriel. She knew he felt the same about her. Alexander and Darrin also had a bond separate from the group, but no less important. For them, it worked but would it hold up under the stresses of the new business? What would they tell her parents when they came to town for the grand opening?
She wasn’t too worried about telling her father. He’d always been open minded and still believed in the old Native American traditions of revering Two Spirits. These special people were not considered male or female, but both. Candice felt the men in her life fit that bill—maybe not in the traditional sense, but in the spiritual one. The four of them loved each other and being male or female didn’t really matter. She hoped her father agreed. 

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  1. Oh, yes...what will she tell her parents? Interesting opening.

    1. she's still trying to figure out how to tell them. LOL Thank you for stopping by.

  2. It's no wonder her life seems chaotic! 3 guys to handle! :) I love the Candy Kisses theme.

    1. Thank you for stopping in. The three of them are absolute putty in her hands. ;)

      Tammy (aka Lia)


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