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#WildAndWicked Wednesday Presents Debut Author @DakotaSkye69 and BLURRED LINES #lovetriangle #eroticromance

Come on in folks! Grab your seats and put your orders in for your favorite margaritas. My partner and love Tony will be sure to hook you up right with a pitcher of them for your tables. 

Welcome to Wild and Wicked Wednesday here at the House of Taboo. I'm Lia Michaels, your host and co-owner of this place. Taboo is the spot where you can leave your inhibitions at the door and just immerse yourself into your fantasies. Today we have a very special guest. Our friend and fellow author Dakota Skye just released her debut paranormal erotic romance. I'm thrilled to no end she's jumped right into the erotic world!

Blurred Lines is the first of what I hope are many more books from Dakota that deal with ghosts. The otherworldly beings are a fascination of mine and I think that's why I'm drawn to this story. After reading the blurb and the following excerpt, I'm sure you will be too! And just look at the purple in that cover! Could it match the decor around here any more perfectly? ;)


Letting go is like a death. Sierra never thought she would be caught in a love triangle between her writing partner, Alex, and the love of her life, Shane—especially because her ex-fiancĂ© is now a ghost. Tormented with both guilt for moving on with someone else and a desire to be free of the past, she's pulled between both men. Shane struggles with accepting his death and seeing the woman he loves with someone else. Alex is determined to free Sierra from limbo and change their relationship from casual to serious, but the bond she has with Shane transcends death. One of the three needs to let go.

Only the good die young. When Shane Weston is murdered before prosecuting a key member of the Mexican drug cartel, he can't accept the idea that all of the plans he had had for his life will never come true. More than that, he can't let go of the love he has for his fiancée.

Love never dies. Sierra Daniels is crushed after Shane's death. Head writer on a successful television series, she can't get back into the groove of life. All enthusiasm for work is gone. Ready to quit everything, she travels to her cabin in Lake Tahoe in hopes of escaping everyone's expectations and disappearing for a while.

The lines between right and wrong often blur. Alexander Blaine has risked his future on a career change from DEA agent to lead consultant and writer on hit television series. Sierra's grief has shadowed everyone around her, including him, and jeopardizes both of their careers. Unwilling to accept defeat, he follows her to Lake Tahoe determined to break through the barrier enveloping her and make her see that life is still worth living. 


He pulled her across his lap and kissed her. "You have no idea how many times I've thought you needed some restraints...and maybe a spanking."
"Hmm...," she teased his lower lip with her teeth, "I think you like that I'm a little bit bad."
"I think you're right." Amusement flashed in his eyes as he lazily brushed his lips against hers. "I'm also liking the idea of tying you up and having my way with you."
"You had your way with me." She sucked on his lower lip, feeling the twinge of desire stir deep in her core. With a sigh, she smoothed her hand through his hair and pressed her forehead against his. Heart hammering in her chest, she needed to do the one thing she didn't want to do.  "Listen, Alex, you trust me and it's about time I came clean with everything before you follow me into this new venture."
He shook his head 'no', a teasing light in his eyes. "You talk too much. Do you ever stop thinking?"
Abruptly, he stood, hands on her ass to carry her with him toward the bedroom.
"Alex...I need to tell you something," she said even though her body had already begun quivering with anticipation.
"You can tell me afterward." He tossed her onto the bed. "Take off your clothes."
"Oh, you're going to boss me now, is that it?" Damn, she liked this idea.
"Sweater first. I like seeing your tits." He stood over her, waiting. He bit his lower lip, his gaze already fixated on her chest.
She shifted to her knees in the middle of the bed, heart quickening at the idea that Shane may be watching, but desire at Alex's commanding presence in front of her. With a yank, she pulled the sweater over her head and tossed it aside.
"Touch yourself like you did this morning," he said, gaze feasting on her breasts.
She grabbed each breast in the palm of her hand and lifted them up, squeezed them together, her thumbs flicking over the nipples. She never looked away from his face.
"Now strip all the way. I want you naked."
She stood on the bed, feeling more daring than she'd ever felt with his eyes devouring her every move. She shimmied free of first her pants before slowly guiding the panties over her hips.
He knelt on the side of the bed and ran his hands up the sides of her legs. "You are magnificent, Sierra."
He slid a hand between her thighs and moved his thumb in a circular motion around her clit, teasing but not touching the sensitive spot that ached for his full attention. He licked the inside of her knee.
Standing above him like this, fully exposed in the light, had all of her nerve endings snapping with both uncertainty and desire.
"Lay face down on the bed," he ordered before stepping away from the mattress.
Alex walked to his bag and pulled out a belt. Without saying a word, he moved behind her, slid the belt down first one shoulder and then the other before leaning against her and whispering, "Do you trust me, Sierra?"
"Yes," she whispered.
"Put your hands behind your back."
She complied, wincing when he cinched the belt around her wrists so tightly she couldn't break free. A tingle of fear rippled down her spine. She'd been partially joking about being restrained, hadn't thought he'd go through with it.
His hands moved around her torso, firmly grasping her tits in his hands before licking the side of her neck. "I'm going to have my way with you again. Don't speak." He sucked on her earlobe. "Don't think. Let me have complete control for once. Just feel."
She nodded, heartbeat lodged in her throat.
He squeezed her ass before biting each cheek, his thumbs sliding into the crack and spreading her open.
Face against the mattress, she had never felt so vulnerable. His hands slid down the back of her thighs before returning to her ass and spanking her. Once. Twice. Soft at first. Then harder. Squeezing. Biting.
"Maybe I should have used the belt for this," he muttered against her hip before slapping her ass again. Harder. "That's for all the hell you've given me this past year."
He spread her legs wide, his fingers sliding into her pussy while he continued slapping and biting her ass.
She bit her lip to keep from speaking, enjoying this role of submissive, but she wanted his cock. His teasing torment was too much to bear.
Alex flipped her onto his back, keeping her legs spread wide, knees hanging over the edge of the bed, while he undressed between her thighs. Gaze on hers, he peeled off his sweater. Scars and cigarette burns marred his flesh, but she didn't care. To her they only magnified his sexiness. Jeans off, he stood with his massive cock erect and twitching.
Once again she thought he looked dangerous and as far from legal as anyone she'd ever met. Arms bound behind her back, she lay naked in front of him.
He ran his hands over her thighs before shoving three fingers inside of her. Hard.
He knelt over her, licked her clit. Sucked. Bit her hip. Lightly, but hard enough to cause enough pain to deliciously torture her.
His mouth covered one breast, while his fingers increased their torment on her cunt. His tongue teased her nipple to arousal.
Saliva flooded her mouth. She wanted his cock in every hole she had. She craved his cum in her mouth. She wanted to be thoroughly fucked until all troubling thoughts disappeared from her mind. Whimpers of need escaped her throat. She bit her lip, remembering his command not to speak.
He moved to her other breast, teeth grazing he nipple. His fingers fucked her, faster and harder.
She wiggled her hips to meet his pace. Pleasure stirred low in her gut and rippled through her body like waves on the ocean.
"Don't come until I give you permission. Stop yourself."
She shook her head 'no' against the mattress. Was he insane? She couldn't stop.
He rose above her. "I said no, Sierra. You don't get to orgasm until I say so."
His fingers left her just before she could find release. Looking satisfied with himself, he used both hands to cup her breasts and push them together.
"God, I love your tits. They're perfect. I could suck on them all day and never get enough." His gaze met hers. "I liked fucking them this morning." He dropped them and straddled her chest until his cock bobbed in front of her face. "Do you want to suck my dick, Sierra? Or how about my balls? Do you want them in your mouth?"
She nodded and licked her lips.
He slid his penis into her mouth until she thought she'd suffocate. Then he slipped it out until the tip touched her lips. She licked the head, sucked it, wished she could touch him. Then he shoved it back into her mouth until she gagged from him hitting the back of her throat.
In a sudden move, he pulled himself free of her and replaced his cock with his tongue, ravaging her mouth until they were both moaning with need.
One hand on her breast and another fisting in her hair, he thrust himself deep into her cunt while his mouth clung to hers. He fucked her, deeply and slowly.
Denying her body release became painful as she squeezed the muscles of her pussy trying to keep herself from orgasm.
"Do you want to come?" He muttered against her lips as her body twisted and bucked against his.
"Say please."
"Please what?"
"Please let me come, Alex. Please."
"I like the way you beg."
He lifted from her and rammed his cock faster into her. "Come with me, Sierra. Come with me."
Ecstasy arched her back. She screamed with it. Waves of pleasure rocked her into oblivion.
He fell on top of her, equally out of breath and sweaty.
It felt like minutes before either of them moved. He untangled himself from her legs, turned her onto her side, and released her wrists from their bondage.

He bit her shoulder, his arm sliding around her waist from behind. "This is the best damn getaway of my life." 

About the Author

Dakota Skye is an author fascinated by the paranormal. After having several personal "unexplained experiences" in her life, she started exploring the idea of the "other side." Ghosts, angels, Spirit Guides…what are they and do we interact with them more than we know? In her stories, she incorporates that fascination with fantasy while always focusing on the love.

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