Saturday, March 8, 2014

#SaturdaySpotlight @HouseofTaboo author Lia Michaels Revises Her #Erotic #LGBT Short Story FORBIDDEN DESTINY

Welcome to the Center Stage at the House of Taboo! I'm "Luscious Lia" Michaels, your host and co-owner of this naughty establishment. My partner Tony and I are thrilled to have you here today for the relaunch of my first gay erotic romance Forbidden Destiny (Fearless Love 1). I've taken the critiques to heart and tweaked the tale a bit to tighten it up. Sassy Vixen Publishing has now added their new logo to the cover to help bring the series into the fold s one of their exclusive authors.

The story ended up a little longer and we've redistributed through Draft 2 Digital now to get to Barnes and Noble, iTunes and soon to Kobo. Currently there is a delay with Kobo for all books, but it should be worked out soon.

It's still on Amazon, Smashwords and All Romance eBooks


Ethan Quaderer is the Great Thunderbird, the creature of Native American legend. From childhood, Ethan soared high across the land, as one with the majestic bald eagles—only larger and more powerful. Great Thunderbird has one mission, to save the Native American people. But first, he must find his Chosen, his soul mate.

Abraham Tuttle grew up in a household where being different was unacceptable. Forbidden. He hid his true nature, a Two Spirit—not male or female, but both. For many Native American tribes, being Two Spirit is a blessing, one to be honored and revered. Not so for Abraham.

Through the Thunderbird dreams each finds the happiness they long for. One dreams of the Great Warrior who’d someday rescue him. The other dreams of the one he’s searched for through many lifetimes.

Dreams turn into reality when both men come face to face in the real world. Can Abraham find it within himself to let go of his past and embrace his future with Ethan, or will his doubts and fears of who and what he really is cause him to lose the only one who could ever complete him heart and soul?

Until next time my lovelies!

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