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Miranda Stork's Vigilante of Shadows Takes Center Stage!

I've got a special treat for you my lovelies! Author Miranda Stork is celebrating the release of the first book in her brand new series with a blog tour and a swag giveaway. Trust me, you don't want to miss out on this one. My alter ego, Tammy Dennings Maggy asked me to help out with the celebrations be spreading the party out between both of our blogs. She's set up a bit of a teaser with our usual Thursday Thirteen post over at Sassy Vixen Publishing. Here at The House of Taboo, we get to take it one step further and share the entire excerpt from Vigilante of Shadows. Doesn't that title sound yummy?  Here's what Miranda herself has to say about her new book.
"The action begins fast and hard with a murder, an immortal murderer, and a bright young police officer caught in the action. Oh, and shadow-people and a demon. Did I not mention those? Vigilante of Shadows sets the series off on a path that will be humorous  horrifying, and just a little bit steamy. A path where this time…the whole of humanity hangs in the balance."

Want to learn more? Me too! So grab your drinks and take your seats folks our special guest isn't quite ready to take the stage. Let's take a quick peek and see what's holding him up...

Sorry about that, Gerard! (snicker) We'll let you finish dressing and meet you out here on stage when you're ready to go. 

hehehe...yeah, I did that on purpose. Well, he had it coming! He turned on the water when I was in the shower and made me get blasted with a sudden blast of cold water...uh, yeah...hmmm. How about we take a look at that HOT cover now on the screens over Center Stage? Boys! Fire up the spotlight!


Are you sure?

I can't hear you...(the crowd goes wild with cheers and stomping of their feet)

Here ya go!

All images and writing related to Vigilante of Shadows is copyright and property of Moon Rose Publishing, and may not be copied, reproduced, or used in any form, digital or print, without the express written permission of
Moon Rose Publishing

Don't those eyes just pull you right in? And those lips...oooooo

(Gerard's voice calls out from back stage "Oh stop drooling over the demon, girly and tell them a bit more about the book before I give them the excerpt the beautiful Miranda sent over.)

LOL! Don't you all just love that man's accent? He's right. Let me read the blurb to you all while Mr. "I Am Always Running Around in a Towel Backstage" finishes getting dressed. ;)

(I heard that!)

Well, finish getting ready and get your sexy ass out here! 

Ahem...let's see...the it is!

Aodhan clutched uselessly at his head, groaning. He knew it was useless, because the voice was not inside his head. It followed him, skimming across buildings and land. It had followed him since he was sixteen, and it still followed him today, like a memory too horrific to be forgotten…

Aodhan is a shadow-demon, hardened and cold after years of being alone, after his love, his Entwined, was cruelly taken away from him. He has closed his heart to the world, and now spends his life ridding the world of men like those who took his beloved away, an immortal hit-man…

Arianwen Harris is a young DCI, working for York City Police. When a known criminal is found viciously killed, she finds herself trailing a hit-man who has seemed to escape clutches again and again…but she begins to find herself drawn to his dark charms and roguish good looks…

As their two worlds collide, Aodhan and Arianwen find themselves coming together to escape a far greater enemy, one that threatens to create a world far worse than the one they live in. As they battle to hold back the oncoming forces, fate has another plan; one to draw them together and heal their broken pasts together…

Ooooooo! I wanna hear more. How about you? (the crowd starts cheering and then suddenly they are on their feet and pointing. I turn around and there is the man of the hour looking as fine as ever all dressed up. *sigh* I do love him in that towel though!)

I see you haven't been behaving out here all by yourself. A guy can't finish his shower in peace without some firecracker trying to catch him naked!

You weren't so worried about me catching you naked last night.

I was just trying to do my part conserving water, darlin'. But seeing you all wet and soapy in there, all alone...well...what can I say?

Stop it! You are making me blush on my own stage. How about you read the excerpt for Miranda and then we can tell everyone how to enter to win some fantastic prizes?

(He winked at me before taking my hand and kissing it softly.) As you wish, darlin' just as long as you promise we take up this conversation again later, over dinner.

LOL! You drive a hard bargain. Go on. The stage is yours.

He paced along speedily, hands shoved deep in the pockets of his jeans. The sounds of the night surrounded him--distant cat song, the steady hum of far-off cars, the soft sound of wind whistling underneath people’s windows. He loved being out at night, not because it was a time when his ‘kind’ were more active, but simply because it was so much quieter than the day. The sounds of people rushing around disappeared, and left a peaceful calm with the soothing darkness.

Of course, there were the voices in his head, but that was another story.

He shrugged his shoulders up, cutting off the wind whistling around his neck. He wasn't particularly cold, but the noise was annoying when your ears were so sensitive that a pin dropping could sound like a two-ton weight.

Aodhan’s mind went back to the girl from the bar. He hadn't meant to be so brisk with her, but it was really best that no-one got that close. He… didn't do well with people any more. They always brought back memories of simpler times, of her. And besides that…he killed people. People who wouldn't die if they hadn't found out about them…

Aodhan was a demon.

A rare demon, as well, a shadow demon. He had been born to a Scottish clan just over eight-hundred years ago, to humans. Contrary to what he saw people believed in the media and books, demons were actually born to humans. There was no line of them, like vampires or werewolves. They were simply…random.

When he had been born, there were no noticeable signs of what he was. He just looked like any of the other babies born to them, strong and healthy, but definitely human.

As he grew older, he had shown great proficiency with all weapons, learning faster than any of the other boys in the clan. Even some of the boys older than him had a hard time keeping up. He was never big-headed about it though, simply trying to fit in with everyone else. However, the clan talked about how the strange-eyed boy was so much quicker and stronger than others twice his age, and whispered about ancient gods coming back to the earth. His looks weren't too odd for his clan, everyone having black, brown, or auburn hair. But his eyes were odd. All others in his clan had mostly blue eyes; some of them had brown eyes. But he had startling clear green ones, more like a cat than a human.

When he was thirteen, he suddenly began developing strange growths near his temples. After going to see the clan’s wise woman about it, she simply cackled, and whispered, “Those who are given the gift of darkness, should not fear the unknown.” He had shaken off the wise woman’s words, telling himself that she had finally gone crazy.

The growths had developed further, until they started to look like small dark horns, about the length of his thumb. They curled close to the curve of his head, smooth with small ridges forming at each stage of their growth. Luckily, Aodhan’s hair grew wild and long, allowing him to cover them up as much as he could.

By the time his twentieth year was reached, he was a well-loved member of his clan. He was kind and helpful to all, and helped to fight off their enemies more times than he could count on both hands. But he was holding a dreadful secret from his clan. Since his horns had grown, he had also noticed many other things. 

He had begun to...see things. Shadows.

When he was out hunting in the forest near to their home, he would think that he had seen someone moving in the trees behind him. But when he swung around to face them…nothing. Then he would hear a soft chuckle, his name being called on the wind. At night, in his bed as he tried to sleep, he would see black figures running around the walls. 

He had tried to tell the wise woman of the village again, thinking them to be spirits sent to drive him mad, or something worse. She simply shook her head at him, and chuckled, rocking herself to and fro. He had got used to the shadows by now, drawing the blanket up over his head so that he couldn't hear their taunting murmurs...

Aodhan suddenly stopped walking, snapping out of his daydream. He was sure he had seen one of...them. Looking all around, he scanned the buildings with his vivid eyes. The problem with them was that they could hide anywhere they chose--walls, buildings, floors, anywhere--especially at night.

The red brick buildings around him looked empty, the few alleyways just leading alongside the backs of houses, a small number of bins scattered about. No-one else was walking near him on the pavement, no sound anywhere.

Just as he was about to turn around and carry on walking, pulling his jacket up again, he heard something behind him. Something whispery and cold.


(Gerard Butler blows a kiss to the crowd before heading off the stage. He stops, turns to me and flashes that smile he knows will have my panties drenches in seconds. He taps his heart and bows deeply, never taking his eyes from mine. Bloody hell! So much for a quiet night in my jammies! LOL!)

Let's hear it one more time for Mr. Gerard Butler! (the crowd is on it's feet again, cheering wildly. Gerard slips off stage leaving me alone with my people.) Okay, okay! Settle down now. Mr. Sexy Pants has left the stage. It's time for a few more things before you go. Here's the Rafflecopter for you to enter to win some great Vigilante of Shadows swag from Miranda. Make sure you head over to Sassy Vixen and enter there too. That way you get DOUBLE the entries! 

Good luck and make sure you get your copy of Miranda's book today. I'm going to get mine as soon as I see Gerard back to his hotel suite. What? Can I help it if the man is too FINE to ever say no to? 

Vigilante of Shadows Release Day Giveaway

About the Author

I was born in Guisborough, North Yorkshire in 1987 and have lived in various places around Britain, including Newcastle and Glasgow.
My writing is inspired by various writers, including the vivid characters of Charles Dickens, the imagination of Stephen King, and the gothic imagery of Anne Rice.

My love of horror began at an early age, when I was only three or four. I could read proficiently at the age of three, and devoured fairy-stories, but I always had a bent towards the darker stories, such as the Brother's Grimm's tales...Red Riding Hood was always a firm favorite  although I always felt sorry for the wolf, despite him having tried to eat everyone!

Where to Find Vigilante of Shadows

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