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Victorian Polyamory and Bisexuality...Oh My!

Even though I'm not fond of Mondays, here at The House of Taboo, we make our Mondays ROCK! It's time for our Oh My! Monday spot where we feature a steamy excerpt from the new release of one of our author friends. Today I'm happy to welcome Rose Anderson to the House. She's a friend of both myself and my alter ego Tammy Dennings Maggy. Enough about us. How about I turn over the stage and let her tell you about herself and her book Loving Leonardo.

Thanks for this wonderful promo opportunity, Tammy and Lia. After being out of the loop with my health issues for the better part of a year, I’m back with lots of news. You might say I’m on a blitz! 

As you know, my most recent novel in print is Loving Leonardo. It’s an unusual tale if I do say so myself. Though set in the late Victorian era, this polyamorous bisexual tale is a topical story. Acceptable sexuality is big in the news these days. And just a few months ago a well-known high-profile news man “came out of the closet”, so to speak. He said plainly that he always knew, and he always was, and he’s perfectly happy. That statement about being gay turned on the idea bulb over my head. How often in our lives do we truly come to know ourselves? 

Conversely Leonardo Da Vinci was a man torn between his true nature and a very unforgiving church doctrine. I’m a research hound and found something quite unbelievable -- liturgical documents of the early Christian church in the 10th through 12th centuries show ceremonies for same-sex unions between men. I find it so utterly absurd that 400 years later Leonardo was imprisoned for loving another man. Who are we to determine what love is for another? Armed with info and, you might say, a righteous indignation, I wrote my story around these facts. 

But no one likes a story without a story in it so I created a layering in my characters. Da Vinci was an artist. Nicolas is an art historian. Da Vinci was a philosopher. Progressive Ellie is a student of philosophy. Da Vinci was a grand inventor, much of his knowledge based upon processes that came before him. Luca is a historian. Before I knew it, these three were having the most amazing discussions! Certainly love had to follow such compatibility. And to balance it all – a conscienceless adversary who’d stop at nothing to get what he wanted.

Here’s an “Oh My!” bit from Loving Leonardo:

The ladies took their sherry as ladies do, and the men headed to the lounge for cigars and port. Of course wherever men congregate, politics and finances are on everyone’s mind; that, and the Queen’s upcoming Jubilee. The century would be turning shortly and industry and modernization were keen topics alongside investments and instability in South Africa. Queen Victoria’s bellicose grandson Wilhelm had recently alienated public opinion by his interest in the Cape Colony of South Africa. More than one man in the room felt the foreseeable future held a second Boer war. I found I didn’t have much to say, my thoughts otherwise occupied by my body’s surprising reaction to my wife, and the way the blond Dutchman rolled the end of his cigar between his lips.

I was certain Ellie would retire when she’d had enough small talk. From the little I knew of her progressive attitudes, small talk of hats and fashion weren’t topics to hold her interest for long. I was unversed in American politics but I doubted half the men in my own House of Lords were as well versed in Britannia’s policies as she was in the politics of her country. My wife wanted the vote. As wise and learned as she was, America was wrong to deny her. In quick order, I found myself lost in thoughts of her. Under a newlywed’s pretense, I downed my port, made my goodnights, and took my thoughts to the deck where I became momentarily captivated by the moonlight sparking upon the water. It was an image that brought to mind the dappled water of Pierre-Auguste Renoir, coupled with the hazy quality of Ivan Aivazovsky’s Moonlit Night.

Although his invitation had been crystal clear, I was nevertheless surprised when the Dutchman walked up and stood beside me. We talked about sea voyages, Lord Byron, and the feel of a fine Cuban cigar over your tongue. His description was such that I asked him to show me what he meant. He “just happened to have one in his cabin,” he said, “a fine hand-rolled Havana, the same sort that Britain’s own Prince Edward enjoyed.” Primed with innuendo, needless to say, I followed.

The cabin was dimly lit and private from his sister. After he closed the door behind us, he made no move to light the lamp. In a flash he was on his knees before me. It wasn’t a Havana he wanted rolling over his tongue, but then I never thought it was. He kissed his way up my thighs, switching from one to the other as his fingers deftly undid my trousers. Pulling them down to my knees, he closed his hand around my now hard cock, while his other hand freed his own. This would be no long coupling. It would be short and hard and infinitely satisfying.

My eyes closed and I held my breath as his warm mouth enveloped me. A man knows what feels good, and my Dutchman treated me as if he sucked himself. He laved my shaft until I was sloppy wet. I couldn’t help but sink my hands into his golden hair to guide him, and my fingers coated with his spicy Makassar oil. He gagged, he slobbered, and he sucked me hard. All the while, the whapping sound of his hard-handed abandon filled the quiet space. I knew his delicious act drove him over the edge, and he made little sounds of surrender as I held him fast and fucked into his mouth; plummeting along tongue and teeth, while my balls slapped against his chin. The groan was unmistakable and I knew he shot his spunk by the feral scent in the air. I gave him the rest in quick short jabs. An instant later my floodgates opened and I pumped into him, thrilling to the carnal duet of his muted gags and straining gulps. He was glorious.

Rose, that was positively YUMMY! Tammy and I both have this one on our kindles and we are loving it! The rest of you have to get this book for yourselves. To find out more about Rose and her books, check out the links below. 

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  1. I'm so glad you're both enjoying it. I took everything I'd learned from Hermes Online and Dreamscape getting published and used it to find an editor and a cover artist for myself. Boy did I get lucky on both counts. Loving Leonardo became my first self-published novel, and despite my nerves and fears, it came out exactly as I envisioned. What an exhilarating experience! Book 2 comes out early next year, and these character may go on to have other adventures. I'll be on and off all day to answer any questions. Ask away!

  2. Loving Leonardo was a wonderful book, Rose. The love scenes were so hot without being super graphic. Good job. I'm a fan!!

  3. Rose, I enjoyed the self-pub experience myself. To have everything come out as you envisioned is definitely as they say "having your cake and eating it too...without the weight gain!" LOL

    Can't wait for your Saturday Spotlight on our Sassy Vixen Blog November 24th. What other secrets will we find out about you and your books? ;)

  4. Without the weight gain sums it up nicely! As novelists I don't think we can do better than to find an editor who understands the author's voice. I have one and I hope it's a long relationship. :) As for secrets, oh I have one or two.

  5. Waving hello to my favorite sexy, sensual romance writer. I love your books as you always write with class. I can't wait to read this one. What's your next one in this series? Does it have a title, yet?
    E. Ayers

  6. Thanks! The next is Loving Leonardo - The Quest and without giving too much away --- Sometimes life has loose ends and not all of them good ones. :)

  7. Smokin' excerpt, very enticing !

    1. Thanks May. Now coming from YOU that's a compliment. Nice work on the B Awards by the way. :)


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