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Tammy Dennings Maggy Takes Over Center Stage

Once again I get to share the stage with my alter ego Tammy Dennings Maggy. In just five short days, the second book of her Now and Forever series will be released. It's been a long time in between the first book and The Island (Now and Forever 2), but having read it all TWICE now I have to say it was worth the wait! Not to mention I got to meet the villainess Julia Santos live and in the flesh! (fanning self.) We'll get to that in a bit. 

First things first. Make sure you all have your drink orders in. Once Tammy gets to talking, Taboo's bartenders stop serving. Don't try to get them to make an exception either. They absolutely ADORE her and hang on her every word. Too bad boys! Tammy is spoken for by a HAWT 18 year member of the Coast Guard. (sigh) He is one hell of a Knight in Shining Armor but if you get too close to his woman, he'll go all Hulk SMASH on ya, so don't say I didn't give you any warning.

(The lights start to dim, signalling the show is about to start.) Looks like Tammy's ready to come out. Put your hands together and welcome to The House of Taboo's Center stage, the sinfully sassy author of erotic romances that will curl your toes, Tammy Dennings Maggy!

(Tammy comes out on stage dressed in black from head to toe, thigh high boots, and wait...not all black at all. She's taken a page out of Maya DeLeina's book and is wearing the Taboo hot purple and black leather corsette. Oh those two! They did that on purpose to throw me off my game!)

What's the matter, Lia? Cat got your tongue? LOL

I see you've been checking out our clothing line again. I have to say, both you and Maya do those corsets well. Am I right folks? (the crowd cheers wildly and the Tony the head bartender blows her a kiss.) 

Now don't you go flirting with me, Anthony! I know your heart belongs to Maya. ;)  It's great to be back here. You've really outdone yourself with The House of Taboo, Lia.

Thanks, but we aren't here to talk about me or the club. It's your turn to shine tonight, Vixen. You've been hard at work on the Now and Forever series for how long now?

Available for Pre-Order Now
It took nearly two years for me to finally finish the first book, but the others have all been coming along pretty well over the last year. The Island will come out officially on November 15th and I hope to have The Surrender of Julia ready to send off to Siren with in the next two months. 

How do you find the time to write when you work full time as a veterinarian and have a brand new hubby to take care of?

Sometimes I wonder about that myself, but I'm fortunate to have many people in my corner helping out with everything else. My husband, Liam is my biggest cheerleader and keeps our house and our life running smoothly so I can get lost in my writing. As you know, sometimes those pesky characters won't give me a break.

One in particular kept you guessing, am I right?

I was wondering how long it would take you to ask about her.

Well, she made an impression on me.

(snort) Is that what you're going to call it now? Why don't you just come right out and admit you have a "thang" for Julia Santos?

Awww. Are you jealous? Last time I checked you were blissfully married AND still carrying a torch for Jenna Jameson!

(catcalls and whistles erupt throughout the audience) That's no big secret.  But I do have one for you. Julia has convinced me to tell her entire story...including the menage scenes!

(I'm shocked and just stare at her for a moment.) Really? I thought you were going to leave that "taboo" stuff to me? Julia got to you too. Admit it!

LOL! Well, she is rather convincing when she puts her mind to it. She's been in my ear for quite some time wanting to be sure the entire story was told. Don't get me wrong, she definitely wanted Quinn and Jacob's story told first, but she didn't want to be remembered as the bitch that caused Jacob's near fatal accident.

The Island starts one year after For the Love of Quinn left off, but since you write it as a series of flashbacks, it's actually a prequel. Why didn't you put this one out first?

I didn't have the story then. The very first scenes that came to me were the ones at the END of For the Love of Quinn. When I started on the opening scenes where Quinn is in Vegas the same time Jacob is, I had no idea that Steve Eischer was going to take over everything.  Then I got another shocker when Jacob tells his friends about the accident that nearly took his life...all because of a girl.  That girl was Julia. She's only mentioned briefly, but like you, I wanted to know more about her.

So you wrote the short story "A Christmas Miracle for Jake" because you wanted to tell more about Jacob's former life?

Uh huh. People can read that short on my Behind Closed Doors blog HERE. It's in three parts for a blog hop I did then. You will see even with that short, there was a whole lot of story going on and Julia stole the show.

That she did! Folks, Tammy has agreed to share an excerpt from The Island where Julia gets her freak on with Jacob. Obviously this is before the accident that puts him in a coma and on the Island, but I think this is a pivotal part of their story. 

Yes it is. This is one of the times you get to see a more vulnerable part to Julia. Jacob helps her to realize many of her fantasies, but she's at a loss as to why what they have isn't enough for her.  Don't get me wrong. The sex is out of this world, it's just she craves more.

And so will you when you hear who we got to read this excerpt for everyone tonight. Please direct your attention to the screens on the stage to our right and welcome to the House...Mr. Vin Diesel.

No flippin' way! 

Surprise! LOL

Her hands slid under his arms to hold him tight. “You know I still feel horrible for not being with you for your father’s funeral, but I didn’t want to intrude on your family’s grief.” She put her fingertips on his lips, silencing his words of protest. “I didn’t realize how much this all meant to you. I’ll have my assistant clear my schedule for the next week. My clients will just have to understand. You’ve been by my side through all of this, and now it’s my turn. My place is with you.”

Jacob’s lips covered hers once again, finding her tongue more than eager to do battle with his. She quickly undid his belt and the zipper of his pants and slid her hands inside to caress his growing erection. He pulled her tank top over her head and tossed it to the floor. He lifted her off her feet and carried her to the bed he made for her as a Christmas present. The king-sized four-poster bed was crafted out of a dark, richly stained oak with red sheer curtains draping over the top. She squealed with delight when she first saw it set up in their bedroom, and now he was hoping to get her squealing once again.

She slid out of her boy shorts and up to lay on the pillows. She reached for him as he got rid of the rest of his clothes to join her. “Show me how much you love me, baby. Make me feel it.”

He slowly worked his way down her body, licking, nibbling, and tasting as he went. Julia cooed and sighed with every touch along the way, offering her body up for his enjoyment, teasing him with it, knowing full well he couldn’t resist her for very much longer. His excitement grew with every sound she made. This was the game they played often with each other, but something felt different to him this time. Something about the way she switched from being adamant she couldn't abandon her clients to wanting to be by his side for the difficult family gathering nagged at the back of his mind. Jacob didn't want to analyze anything at that moment except the beautiful, naked woman underneath him. For now he pushed those doubting thoughts to the side and continued to make his lover squirm.
* * * *
Jacob’s lips sealed over her clit, drawing out a deep guttural moan from Julia. No man could eat her out like him, and tonight he was in rare form. His tongue glided in and out of her folds with deliberate slow motions that made her entire body burn with need to have him. While he sucked her throbbing, hooded flesh yet again, his fingers filled up her pussy and stretched her anus. “Oh my God, that feels fucking fantastic. Don’t stop.”

He feathered and teased her hot, wet folds until the comforter beneath them was drenched with her cum. He slid back up her body, slowly snaking his tongue along a burning trail to her tits. Her nipples were so erect they hurt, just the way she liked them. The slightest touch sent her body over the edge, her cunt twitching with the need to be completely filled with his cock. To emphasize that point, she pulled her legs up and wrapped them around his hips. “Fuck me, now, Jake. Let me have that glorious dick of yours deep inside me.”

Her breathing quickened as the head of his cock eased into her so slowly. She tried to pull him in fast, but he only smiled and held his position. He tugged her arms up over her head and quickly bound them in the leather straps attached to the headboard. Julia returned the smile. She loved the feel of the strap around her wrists and in her palms. Jacob really did know how to please her, in every way. Having her hands bound while she was willingly ravaged by a man had always been a fantasy of hers, and now she could mark that off of her bucket list.

Julia clenched her fingers tightly around the leather as Jacob shoved her legs further apart and buried his cock in her cunt. The sensation overwhelmed her, and yet her body craved more. He pulled out quickly and sat up, lifting her ass off the bed as he went. Now with half of her body suspended in the air he entered her again, slowly working her up and down his cock, gradually building up to the speed she craved. Her tits bounced hard with each thrust. Her thighs quaked and were soon slick with her own juices, and yet he still loved her, still took more and more from her. Julia’s mind went blank with one final full-body orgasm.

She came to her senses as Jacob released her from the leather straps and pulled her close to curl up to his body, her head resting on his chest. As she listened to his heartbeat slow down to its normal soothing rhythm, she fought to hold back the tears that threatened to fall. What the hell’s wrong with me? Why can’t this be enough? Why can’t Jacob be enough?

Wow! Didn't I tell you guys Tammy's stuff will curl your toes? The Island is currently available for pre-order. All you have to do is click on the book cover above and you will be taken right to her Bookstrand page. As an added bonus, the book is at 10% off the listed price now until November 22nd. Go on and get yours today. 

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