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The Center Stage Has Been Taken Over By #CandyCaneKink

Candy Kane KinkWelcome to the first day of the Candy Cane Kink Erotic Blog Hop. I'm excited to be one of over 130 participants and yes there is a prize offered at every stop! Whoohoo! At the end of this post you will find the linky list of the rest of the group...including my sister blog that I share with my alter ego, Tammy Dennings Maggy. In fact, to celebrate the release of the second book in her Now and Forever series, I've decided to showcase an excerpt from her current WIP. It's the third book of this series. 

Before we get to that smoldering HOT excerpt, let me show you what is up for grabs here at The House of Taboo.

You get a Santa Hat, Candy Nipple Tassels, Tuggie/sock for Mr. Claus, the Fifty Shades type mask and bondage tape, the Candy Cane Cock Sucker, variety of massage and warming gels and the matching whip tickler!  Now there's a fun night or two!  To get yourself in the running for this prize package the only thing you HAVE to do is leave a comment. If you want more entries, you can go through the Rafflecopter and get several more chances at this prize. You have until December 22nd, midnight to get through all the blogs and entered in all the contests. Have a great time and meet some fantastic new authors. 

Now for the hot excerpt...

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On previous posts, I've had the pleasure of interviewing the villainess of The Island (Now and Forever 2). In fact, at the end of the last interview, she invited me to go with her to pick up her Mistress at the airport. Let me tell you. I didn't come up for air for the next three days! I kid you not! Those women...hmmm...well, let me just give you a small taste of what I experienced in their more than capable hands.  I warn you. This scene between these women is very explicit and is for ADULTS ONLY.  Well, this whole blog is only for adults, but there have been a few who've tried to slip passed my bouncers. tsk tsk tsk!

(Tammy wanted to be sure to tell you that this is an unedited excerpt and part of The Surrender of Julia (Now and Forever 2). Copyright belongs to Tammy Dennings Maggy 2012. All rights reserved.)

Julia’s phone chirped with another text message. Her stomach fluttered to see that this time the text was from Mistress. “Bath, black robe and box #4.” Julia’s thighs immediately became slick with her juices. “Mistress wishes to use the paddles!” She scurried back to the bathroom to prepare the tube with Carmen’s favorite rosemary and lavender bath salts. She adjusted the temperature to near scalding. She knew her Mistress loved the water hot and by the time she arrived, Julia hoped it would be the appropriate temperature.

Well, maybe not. If it was wrong, she would receive more work with the paddles. If she guessed incorrectly, Mistress could withhold that and just let her suffer without release. No, best to follow the instructions to the letter and take the punishment and correction that was already in store for her.

She laid two more fluffy towels and a large black robe near the tub before zipping around as fast as the boots would allow, the bells jingling with every step and sway of her body. The clamps tugged at her tender flesh, sending more hot sensations racing through the rest of her body. She knew by the time Mistress arrived, she would be near exploding. That was what was expected, as was Julia presenting herself with her hands clasped behind her back, breasts out, head up and eyes cast down. For the initial “inspection,” she could be standing but after that she may be required to crawl on her hands and knees. Once again her body shuddered. “Why the hell did I stay away so long? I need this. I need Carmen’s firm hand and soft lips. I need to give myself over completely to her and never leave again.”

The front door opened and closed with a soft thud. “Kitten? Are you ready for me?”

Julia cleared her now dry throat. “Yes, Mistress.”  I’m ready to finally give you my heart!

* * * *

Carmen entered the master bedroom and was struck by the beauty of her sub. Stripped of all the trappings of her busy celebrity life, she appeared vulnerable and never more beautiful. She had longed for this day for ages and her heart raced wildly. As Carmen approached, a soft jingling of the bells began. Was she trembling?  “Kitten? Did you find everything I requested?”  She put her fingertips under Julia’s chin and lifted it up. That was their signal giving her permission to look into Carmen’s eyes when she answered.  

Julia’s long lashes fluttered a bit before she complied. Carmen was very pleased to see Julia had not put in those damn colored contacts tonight. She preferred her kitten’s steely gray eyes with flecks of amber that appeared to dazzle and dance when she was highly aroused, like now. “Yes, Ma’am.  I placed the paddles on the dressing table along with your collection of chains and whips. The bath is ready with your favorite salts.” 

The bells sounded again, causing a rush of warmth between Carmen’s legs. Normally she was taller than Julia, but with the five inch heels, they were nearly the same height now. Desire flooded through her as well as pride in her sub. She reached up and pulled the banana clip from her hair, allowing it to cascade down her back. “Beautiful.” Her lips touched Julia’s slightly, eliciting a soft whimper from her and more jingling. Carmen’s tongue plunged past her lips, slipping, sliding and possessing her sub with one deep kiss. Julia swooned slightly, giving in to the kiss completely.

Carmen trembled a bit herself, trembling with need to take Julia into her arms and never let go. “Do you have any idea how often I’ve fantasized you’d return here to me this way, kitten?”

Julia’s eyes never wavered as they filled with tears. “Yes, Mistress. I’ve stayed away too long. I’ve come to beg for your forgiveness.”

“Forgive you for what my darling pet?”

“Please forgive your kitten, Mistress for denying what her heart and body desired the most in the world.”

Carmen’s breath caught in her throat.  Could she really be admitting her true feelings tonight? “Go on. What have you denied yourself?”

“Julia trembled in her arms and more tears flowed down her cheeks. “I’ve denied my place with you. I’ve allowed others into my heart and bed when all along it’s been you, Carmen—Mistress. If you’ll still have me and find me worthy, I wish to stay here with you.”

Carmen smiled and kissed Julia again softly before pulling back, gazing deep into her eyes. “Nothing would please me more. Are you sure, Julia? I won’t force you or beg you to stay with me. If you choose us now, it’s forever.”  Julia swallowed and managed to nod. “Use your words, kitten.”

“I love you. I can really be myself with you and in your care. You’re the only one besides Jake who has ever loved me, and the only one who has never judged me. Punished me yes, but never judged.”

* * * *

Carmen held her breath as Julia slowly unbuttoned her dark green tailored dress shirt and slipped it from her shoulders. The bells jingled with each movement of her body, exciting and distracting Carmen a bit. “Kneel, kitten. Put your hands behind your back.”

“Yes, Mistress.” Julia knelt before her, her tits pushed forward. Carmen watched the blush slowly rise from those mounds and up toward her sub’s cheeks. 

“You’re right. I’ll never judge you, but it is time for a bit of punishment. You’ve been quite generous with your sexual gifts over the years.  Tell me, have you learned anything about yourself by doing that?” Carmen picked up the riding crop from the bedside table before turning back to face Julia.  “Look at me when you answer.”

Julia did as instructed, slowly lifting her lids as tears trailed down her now rosy cheeks. “I’ve used my body to get what I wanted out of life. I didn’t care who I hurt along the way.”

“Why not?” Carmen tapped the bells hanging from Julia’s nipples with the crop, eliciting a moan from her. “Not one of your lovers made you feel secure enough to drop your guard?”

“No, Mistress. I didn’t allow myself to feel anything for anyone else until Jake.”

Carmen’s heart clenched. Guessing the truth was hard enough, but hearing it from her lover’s lips was a bitter pill to swallow. “Why did you turn him away?”

“He wasn’t you, Mistress. As much as he loved me, I couldn’t give my heart to him. I do care for him deeply, but I tried to turn him into you.” Julia hung her head and sobbed. “I didn’t realize what I was doing until it went too far.”

She tried to turn him into me? Carmen used the crop to tilt Julia’s chin back up. “It’s my fault as much as it’s yours, kitten. You’ve been away for too long and I’ve neglected my duties as your Mistress.” She gently wiped the tears from Julia’s face and brushed her hair away from her face. “Bring me the paddle.”

Julia bit her lower lip. “As you wish, Mistress.” She slowly lowered herself to the floor and crawled to the bedside table. Using only her mouth, she took the paddle from the table and back toward Carmen. By the time she knelt up once again and offered the paddle, Carmen had stripped off the remainder of her own clothing except for her black lace bra and boy shorts.

Carmen took the paddle from Julia, before kissing her deeply. Teasing her tongue through the slightly parted lips sent a thrill through her body that Carmen didn’t realize she’d missed. “Crawl to the ottoman and drape yourself over it, kitten.” Julia immediately dropped to the floor again, keeping her ass high in the air. The paddle hit her right cheek with a loud crack. “A little higher, kitten.” Once again she struck Julia’s round ass, making the left side as pink as the right. She hit her every step of the way, guiding her toward the leather ottoman in the opposite corner of the bedroom. With each contact, the bells attached to Julia’s nipples and pussy answered with frantic jingles. The sound no longer distracted Carmen from her purpose, but encouraged her to keep going. Of course the moans coming from her beautiful sub added to her own mounting excitement. Her nipples tightened and her clit throbbed, but she put her needs to the back of her mind. “Spread your legs wider and lean all the way over so your hands are on the floor.”

* * * *

Julia’s ass was warm from the paddle and yet she craved more. She knew her Mistress would deliver the appropriate punishment. She always knew what to do for her to give them both the greatest amount of pleasure. “Yes, Mistress.”  Julia placed her palms flat on the carpet, curling her fingers inward to grip the plush fibers as Carmen worked her with the paddle. A few times the edges of the paddle connected with her cunt sending jolts of pleasure and pain through her body, igniting the passion she hadn’t felt in such a long time. This was definitely where she belonged, with her Mistress, her true soul mate.

“You’re going to get to know this paddle well, my sweet, but not all tonight. We’ve plenty of time together and I’ve a lot of instruction planned for you.” Carmen slipped her fingers between Julia’s pussy lips. “So wet for me already, kitten. Do you know how much that pleases me?”

“I’ll do anything to please you, Mistress.” Julia thrust back toward Carmen as her fingers slid over her clit and then quickly withdrew. “Please don’t stop, Mistress.”

Carmen laughed softly as she rubbed soothing cream with her soft hands over Julia’s thighs and bottom. “Don’t you worry, there’s going to be plenty of time for you to come for me, my love. Since it’s been such a long time, your skin isn’t used to being worked, but it will be.”

Shivers flew up and down Julia’s spine. The combination of the heat from the paddle, the coolness of the cream, and the touch of Carmen’s hands was almost too much to take, and yet it was exactly what she needed and longed for from the very start. She felt a tug on her outer lips as the bell clamps were removed and cream worked into the skin that had been in their grip for the last few hours. Julia moaned again as Carmen spread her ass cheeks and slipped two fingers into her tight opening, coating her with the cream and stretching her with each feathering stroke.

Carmen picked up the crop with the special latex covered handle and bulb at the tip. It resembled a long, thick cock and was in fact, one of Julia’s favorite toys. Tonight she was going to be reacquainted with it. Just the sight of it made her body ache with need. The feel of the dildo sliding between her cheeks, sent a flood of her juices down her inner thighs. There was nothing she could do about it. She couldn’t hold it back any longer and hoped it wouldn’t displease her Mistress too much. A smile slowly formed on her lips thinking about what was going to happen next if Carmen followed her usual routine.

The bulb of the handle slowly slid passed the initial resistance to embed deep within her. Julia’s clit throbbed in response to the fullness of the crop buried in her ass, and her hips rocked. She ground her pussy into the ottoman attempting to give her clit some relief, but Carmen was having none of that. “Kneel up and hands behind your back, kitten.”  She helped Julia get up and into position before shoving the crop a little deeper into her. “Now, I’m going to enjoy that hot bath you prepared for me. Keep your hands behind your back, legs apart, and that fake cock right where it is until I tell you otherwise. Are you okay with that or do you need a break, my pet?”

Julia swallowed hard and licked her lips. I could use a drink of water, Mistress.” Carmen held a bottle of water with a straw while Julia drained nearly half of it in three gulps. “Thank you.”
Carmen kissed her forehead and then her lips softly. “I won’t be long and then we’ll start again. I was thinking of our last session after you visited me today. We had such a short time together then, not enough to really see what both of us were made of. But this time, oh honey, this time we are going to be able to let everything and everyone else go.”

I can't wait for Tammy to finish this one! How about you? Let us know what you think in the comments section below. Now enjoy the week exploring the other blogs and Good luck!

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