Thursday, September 27, 2012

It's Taboo Thursday Thirteen with Alexandra Anthony

Hello my peeps! It's Thursday once again at the House of Taboo and that means one thing. We get to sample another fabulous book today. Alexandra Anthony has stopped in again with the first thirteen lines from her latest release, Illusion. It's the second book in her Vampire Destiny series and the continuation of Stefan and Josephine's story. 

I was smitten with the couple right off in book one, and my adoration continues to grow in book two. How can you not love a vampire who has searched for his fated mate for over 200 years and finally finds her in a psychic/kindred spirit? I can't wait for the next installment in their story, but I digress. 

Today is all about Illusion. It picks up right where Fated left off. Josephine meets her long lost father face to face and, well, hits the floor. Yep. She faints dead away (whoops...pun not intended, but what the hell. It fits!). Stefan is beside himself with worry but nothing can be done until she comes out of her stupor.

Here are the opening lines. Enjoy! ~


Blackness.  It kept me unaware of my surroundings, a buffer from the real world.

Awareness came back to me gradually, like slowly pulling a curtain away from the haze that had draped over my mind.  Flashes of memories and impressions flashed like a slide show: startling red hair and green eyes like my own, laughter, blond hair and overwhelming anxiety.    Desperate, yet familiar sea blue eyes boring into mine was the last thing I remembered seeing before I sank into the darkness that held me as its unwilling prisoner.

I could sense his presence in the back of my psyche, a constant hum that reassured me that all wasn’t lost.  My desire to know he was real and not a figment of my imagination forced me to fight to follow him out of the safety of my mind, back into the reality of the unknown.  His lilting voice and cool touch the only thing that seemed tangible.  He’d been an illusion in my dreams before, but he was real.

He had to be, right?  Everything hadn’t been a dream.  It couldn’t be.

Blinking, I rubbed my hand across my eyes, attempting to figure out where I was.  Staring at the ceiling, I took a few deep breaths and reality fell over me like a bucket of ice water, making everything fall into place.

Want to find out more? Get your copy of Illusion today. Just click on one of the following links and you can have it in just minutes.

Are you still here? Do you want a bit more to convince you to check out Stefan and Josie's story? Well, you are in luck. Alexandra joined me here for Oh My! Monday on September 10th and shared a smokin' hot excerpt.  Go ahead and check that out and if that doesn't convince you to get your own copy of Illusion today, then I don't know what will.

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  1. Love this series of hot, hunky vamp, Stefan.

    Highly recommend it to all.



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