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The House Special Spotlight is on Josie from Illusion

Hurry on in folks! I've got a special treat for you today on Taboo's center stage. Author Alexandra Anthony is back once again, but this time she's brought Josephine...Josie. For those of you who don't know who she is, let's just say you are in for a real treat. Josie is the heroine of Alexandra's Vampire Destiny series and the fated mate of one HAWT vampire Stefan. 

Today I'm going to sit back and let Alexandra do the I may throw in a comment or two, since you know I can't sit still or keep quiet for very long! ;)

So let's get this party started! Please help me welcome to the stage Alexandra and Josie!

(Alexandra walks out onto the stage smiling and waving at the standing room crowd surrounding Taboo's center stage. Josie sort of hangs back, unsure of her footing on the stage. The bright spotlight seems to blind her a little bit. I signal to Mike our stage hand to switch to the violet light. As soon as the pale purple glow is on her, Josie appears to relax and follows Alexandra to the overstuffed chairs the stage hands had set up for them.)

Go ahead, Alexandra. The stage belongs to you now. How about you just start out by letting us know why you decided to bring Josephine with you today?

With Book 2 of the Vampire Destiny Series being launched last month, I thought I'd sit down with our heroine from the series, Josephine to talk to her about her relationship with Stefan, finding out about her real father and other revelations to come in Book 3, Awakening.  Thanks for sitting down with me, Josephine.
Please, call me Josie.  Only vampires seem to want to call me Josephine.

(Several murmurs and giggles erupt through the crowd. Seems like many in the audience know exactly what she's referring to!)

That's true.  I’m going to get down to the nitty gritty.  Josie, catch everyone up to date.  Well, as much as you can anyway.
Where do I begin?  At the end of Book 1, I met my birth father, Kian.

That had to be a shocker!
It was.  Especially when you find out he's also a vampire.  It was not what I was expecting.

What were you expecting?
Something boring, I suppose.  I didn't realize immortality was already in my back pocket.

But you're still human?
I get the best of both worlds.  A human that never ages.  
Did I mention I still haven't wrapped my mind around that little fact?

It has to be a perk.  Another perk is the main vampire in your life.  Let's talk about Stefan.
(A cheer goes up from the back of the room. I'm thinking Team Stefan is in attendance here tonight too!)
Stefan seems to be on every woman's mind that's read and liked the books!  Ask away.

What's it like being with a vampire as powerful as Stefan?
And by powerful you mean sexy, right?

(uh oh! Looks like Josie caught here there! And by the sound of the group around my table, everyone agrees with the sexy statement.)
I'm joking!  I know what the man can do to a girl. I have eyes! But back to Stefan...he's way too smart for his own good-and too gorgeous.  In Illusion, I find out a lot more about his human past as I start digging through my own.  There's more to Stefan than meets the eye.  He may be a vampire, but he's more than just a predator.  After all, we were fated to be together.

Illusion ends with a cliff-hanger.  Can you give us any spoilers about what's going to happen in Book 3, Awakening?
Hmmm.  At the end of Illusion, one person meets their death and another person's life hangs in the balance.  I can't say more about that, sorry!
(I chuckle. Josie has learned a lot from Alexandra about keeping a few things secret. If you tell them too much, they won't want to read the next books! Of course by the sound of the groans coming from Team Stefan near the bar, I'm betting they were hoping for a few more spoilers. Keep them begging for more, ladies!)
As for Book 3, I find out more about Kian and my deceased uncle, Garrett.  An important new character close to Stefan and Lukas is introduced.  This vampire is extremely powerful and vital to the future of the vampire hierarchy.  Let's just say Stefan is stacking the deck a little in our favor.

It sounds exciting and hectic.  I hope you've had time for some down time.
with Stefan around, you make the time to have fun.  Trust me!

Thanks for sitting down and chatting.
Anytime.  Stefan did insist on being included the next time.  I think you've created a monster!
(applause erupt throughout the club and a chant of Stefan! Stefan! starts up near the bar. I look back toward Taylor serving his own version of Sex on The Beach to several members of the very rowdy  group and smile. I know he's also a big fan of Stefan. I stand and join the ladies on the stage.)

Oh did you all really think Taboo wouldn't have sexy Stefan in the House soon? You'll have to keep watching our coming soon notices to find out when he will take his turn in the spotlight, but until then how about an excerpt from Illusion to tide you over? Yeah?
I can't hear you!
(the entire club erupts into ear piercing cheers and whistles.)
That's better!  Grab your drinks, take your seats, and get ready for another peek at Stefan and Josie's world.


“That’s all you want?  For me to live with you?” I stammered.  I expected more from him, some complicated stipulation that would put me on the offense.  Once again, he surprised me with how little he wanted from me.  And I was once again stunned at how much more I would be willing to give him.

“That would be a good beginning point.  There are many benefits to us living together, Josephine.” I felt his quick fingers begin to unbutton my shirt.  His voice was sensual and smooth as he leaned to whisper against my ear.  “We can do this.  Whenever we want… wherever we want.”

His hands pushed the shirt over my shoulders and it dropped to the floor around my feet, leaving me naked against him.  My overheated skin came in contact with his much cooler flesh, sending a crackle of energy between us.  He wound my long hair in one of his hands, pulling my head slightly back to rest against his chest.  His lips lowered to my neck and he ran his tongue slowly up the length of my neck, tasting me. He didn’t stop until he licked over the shell of my ear.  I shivered against him and a low moan slipped past my lips, a husky helpless sound of want.  His hard cock pressed against my back and I unconsciously pushed back against him.

“De saker du gör för mig och vacker,” he murmured softly.  He still had the presence of mind to translate for me. “The things you do to me, beautiful one.”

He released my hair and spun me around to face him.  I looked up, marveling at the magnificence of the man in front of me.  His blue eyes had darkened like the ocean at night and his lips were slightly parted.  Stefan’s golden hair had fallen forward over his forehead as he captured my lips in a demanding kiss.  His mouth opened against mine and his tongue boldly swept in, effectively igniting a fire that spread through my blood like wildfire, burning me alive from the inside out.  Feeling wetness pool between my thighs, I pushed him back against the wall with strength I didn’t know I had, pulling my mouth away from his.

“You’re overdressed for the party, älskling.”  I watched as his already dark eyes glazed over as I spoke to him in his native tongue.  Gripping the drawstring to his sleep pants, I untied them and pushed them over his hips.  My hands slid up his muscled stomach to lightly caress his chest.  I licked one nipple and moved to the other, laving it with my tongue and then closing my mouth over it, lightly biting him.

“Fuck!  More of that… and harder,” he growled.  His blond head fell back against his shoulders, lost in a combination of agony and ecstasy.

Feeling powerful and sexy, my mouth continued an assault on his chest, my tongue traveling over the sharp lines of his collarbones.  I nibbled his skin with my teeth, making him cry out in pleasure.  I ran my palm down his body and gripped his cock in my hand, lightly stroking the length of his shaft.  His hips jutted towards me, encouraging me to continue.

Stefan grabbed a handful of my hair and turned us around so I was pinned between himself and the wall, the predator inside of him resurfacing.  My hand tightened around him as my teeth finally broke through the skin around his nipple, drawing blood.

There you go folks! For those of you who haven't yet picked up your copy of Illusion, you can find it at the following links.

For more about Alexandra

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