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Oh My! It's Time to Get Dirty As Sin with Leanore Elliott

I'm over the moon excited to have one of my favorite authors here to share her latest novel with us today. Not only will your panties get drenched just looking at her covers, you will experience mind blowing, toe curling orgasms as soon as you start turning the pages. I am living, breathing proof that happens every time one of Leanore Elliott's books are read.

Don't believe me? Well, how about I introduce you to Rex from Leanore's new release Dirty As Sin. If that title seems familiar, you would be right. I posted the video trailer for this book in my favorite videos section. The pictures in that trailer will leave you in a hot puddle in your chair and panting for more. Once you meet Rex today, you will be rushing out to grab your very own copy of his story. 

Let's get started and welcome Leanore Elliott to The House of Taboo and let her tell you all about sexy Rexy. ;)

Rex Harris is every woman’s fantasy. Why? Because that is what he does. He’s a hot ride to a place of pure, sinful pleasure.

He was born with good looks and even worked as a model a time or two. But the acting field was full of guys like him, all decked out with high glossy portfolios.

His work was a man’s dream really. After his failing attempt for that elusive Hollywood dream? He took the side jobs of being a paid stud and built himself into Hollywood Cream.

Rex’s Workout Routine:

He has his own fitness regime and he jogs along the beach 5 mornings a week. He routinely performs specific exercises for a specific task. He’d built his legs up, so that he could fuck you for a very long time while standing upright and he’d built his abs to a streamlined strength for a full pelvic assault while taking you from behind. Knee bends were a part of the routine, so that he could easily crouch for a very long time while giving you oral pleasure at its best.

Rex’s Office Of Pleasure:

A suite at the Grande, room 1021. Luxurious, fully stocked with all the amenities of a penthouse suite. Its history had already been the scene of thousands of sexual dates and it had witnessed literally three hundred female orgasms over this last year alone.


The curvy twins did indeed have their mouths wide open as they gaped openly at the man with the supreme build and awesome looks as he confessed that he thought that they were the beautiful ones. “Ohh!” they both shrieked and jumped from the couch, tackling him to the floor.

Rex landed on the rug as they both tore their thin dresses up and off their bodies. Next, they literally divested him of his pants, ripping his shirt off his chest, while the popping buttons scattered all around him. He sucked his breath in and felt his briefs being torn from his hips.

One twin straddled him and the other pressed her lips to his.
“Wait, ladies, whoa!”

The one straddling him scooted down lower.
“We need a---” Rex began to say condom and halted as he felt his erect cock being neatly wrapped. 

The twin who’d rubbered him, snickered.

With submissive relief, he lay his head back. “I am at your mercy, Sebrina and Samantha. Please, be gentle?”

Releasing their held breaths and with some type of silent communication between them, they rose up and away from him. 
Rex was baffled as he’d mentally readied himself for a reverse gangbanging. He slowly sat up. 

They sat kneeling in front of him. “We’re so sorry,” they both spoke.

Rex laughed. “It’s all right. All you did was speed the process up.” 
“We just are so eager. No one likes us. At parties we’re ignored,” Sebrina explained.

“Tell us what you want us to do and we will do it,” Samantha added.

Rex blinked his eyes. “You are the ones who paid to be pleasured.”

At his answer, they sighed lovingly again.

“You must be the sweetest, sexiest man we have ever met!” Sebrina chimed.

“We really like to be directed, you know?” Samantha added.

This did pique his interest. “I want to make sure we are clear, because this is to be your night. Are you like…submissive?”

They nodded their heads.

“Do you like it forceful?”

Again, affirming nods.


They both flushed pink. “Oh, yes!”

“Forced entries?”

They both visibly shivered with needy expressions on their faces.

He stood upright and looked down at them. Oh, wow, he thought, while attempting to keep his cool. “Sit up on the couch,” he directed.

With excited obedience, they jumped up and did as he instructed.

“Now, open your legs.”

The twins did so immediately; both of them opened their lovely thighs to his gaze.

“I want you to get yourselves really hot.” He grabbed his already stiffened cock.

Their eyes focused on his movement as their chests were already showing their accelerated breathing.

“Open your folds and show me some sweet skin.”

Both girls shivered and reached down, opening their snatches to his eyes.

His cock did a jolt while standing higher. “Mmm, double plush velvet.”


A gift For Dot’s 21st Birthday:

Rex never believed that this session would end up like this, as he grew harder and thicker within his own grasp.

“Oh, look at it, mmm, I want to see all that hot, spurting cum shoot out of it. Fuck it harder!” she nearly shouted with glee.

Nearly there now, his cock throbbed and bulged from the rapid friction he’d built up.

“Yes, now bend your body back and stick it out, where I can see it squirt, unh-unh.” Dot was nearly salivating as her slickened fingers rapidly plunged in and out of her wet, glistening snatch.

Rex knew what she wanted and he was going to deliver as he pumped his cock like he was priming a loaded shot gun. He gripped the base of it and held his dick like a bottle of Champagne primed for the burst. Just as he felt his body spasm, he leaned his head back to spurt his cum straight out, releasing a low feral growl as he jetted his pearly hot deposit across the floor.

“Ahh, ahhh!” Dot’s ecstatic cries echoed out from the couch as she panted, struggling for breath. “Oh, God!” she nearly wept out the words. “Oh—unh!”

His Saturday Massage Session:

Knowing that Susie loved this potent blowing game, he would try to sound reluctant. “I don’t think we should.” He moaned with just the right amount of troubled angst. “Someone may catch us at it.”

Her buxom breasts would quiver as she pulled her blouse down and used her strong fingers, hefting her breasts up as an offering.

With a lazy nonchalance, he would slowly take a long sensual look at her bountiful breasts with her rosy pink areolas and creamy ivory skin. Her lovely nipples were diamond hard as her entire body shivered with obvious need. While holding her head with one hand, he extended his other and gave her nipples a good twisting and rubbing. He would be rough with this part, using her own tough massage techniques against her. “Nice, hard buds, Susie. You may be hot enough to do me deep.” He would keep his voice low and mean. Rex knew she craved this part of the act.

“Oh, yes, let me please you? Use my mouth to release all your anger? I will swallow all of you, I promise.” Her vow sounded small and pleading.

Rex would pretend to consider her offer. “Mmm, and you promise to swallow all of it?”

She eagerly nodded her head.

He then waited another full minute or two while stroking both breasts and working her into a real horny lather with pinches, thumbings and grazes to her elongated, eager nipples. Her body visibly quaked and shuddered as his nipple play drove her so close to climax that she panted and squirmed with need.

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  1. Once again, Leanore you've outdone yourself! Lia is still talking about wanting to have Rex all to herself! LOL

  2. Replies
    1. Sheri, when are you going to do a guest spot on one of my blogs? LOL

  3. Leanore is a surprising writer, smoothly moving this erotica book into an erotic romance story. I love this talented author's books!

    Lea Ellen {night owl in IL}


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