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Vampires and Psychics Oh MY!

I'm excited to welcome to The House of Taboo author Alexandra Anthony. She's just released the second book in her Vampire Destiny series entitled Illusion. If you enjoyed the first book, you will not be disappointed in the second. Where Fated introduced us to fated soul mates Stefan and Josephine, Illusion continues their love story through many twists and turns and surprises. I don't want to give anything away, so you are just going to have to read it for yourself. 

Until then, Alexandra has been kind enough to share a steamy excerpt from Illusion. I warn you, the heat between Stefan and Josephine is palpable and will bring out your hidden desires as well. So, get comfortable, naked or otherwise and enjoy! ;) 


Her story continues...
Psychic empath Josephine Anderson is surprised to discover that she's a little more than human. She's a vampire hybrid with a powerful vampire father... 

Her life will never be the same...
She prepares to live as an immortal with her vampire mate, Stefan Lifsten. As she makes plans to abandon her old life to be at her lover's side, she begins to slowly transform, developing new abilities and desires... 

Long buried secrets are revealed...
When she discovers the truth about her heritage, she's drawn into a web of passion, deception, and power struggles that leave many lives hanging in the balance


Readers Idea of what Josie looks like
Emma Stone
“That’s all you want?  For me to live with you?” I stammered.   I expected more from him, some complicated stipulation that would put me on the offense.   Once again, he surprised me with how little he wanted from me.   And I was once again stunned at how much more I would be willing to give him.

“That would be a good beginning point.   There are many benefits to us living together, Josephine.” I felt his nimble fingers begin to unbutton my shirt.   His voice was sensual and smooth as he leaned to whisper against my ear.   “We can do this.   Whenever we want… wherever we want.”

His hands pushed the shirt over my shoulders and it dropped to the floor around my feet, leaving me naked against him.   My overheated skin came in contact with his much cooler flesh, sending a crackle of energy between us.   He wound my long hair in one of his hands, pulling my head slightly back to rest against his chest.   His lips lowered to my neck and he ran his tongue slowly up the length of my neck, tasting me.  He didn’t stop until he licked over the shell of my ear.   I shivered against him and a low moan slipped past my lips, a husky helpless sound of want.   His hard cock pressed against my back and I unconsciously pushed back against him.

“De saker du gör för mig och vacker,” he murmured softly.   He still had the presence of mind to translate for me.  “The things you do to me, beautiful one.”
Fan pick for Stefan
Alex Skarsgard

He released my hair and spun me around to face him.   I looked up, marveling at the magnificence of the man in front of me.  His blue eyes had darkened like the ocean at night and his lips were slightly parted.   Stefan’s golden hair had fallen forward over his forehead as he captured my lips in a demanding kiss.   His mouth opened against mine and his tongue boldly swept in, effectively igniting a fire that spread through my blood like wildfire, burning me alive from the inside out.   Feeling wetness pool between my thighs, I pushed him back against the wall with strength I didn’t know I had, pulling my mouth away from his.

“You’re overdressed for the party, älskling.”  I watched as his already dark eyes glazed over as I spoke to him in his native tongue.   Gripping the drawstring to his sleep pants, I untied them and pushed them over his hips.   My hands slid up his muscled stomach to lightly caress his chest.   I licked one nipple and moved to the other, laving it with my tongue and then closing my mouth over it, lightly biting him.

“Fuck!  More of that… and harder,” he growled.   His blond head fell back against his shoulders, lost in a combination of agony and ecstasy.

Feeling powerful and sexy, my mouth continued an assault on his chest, my tongue traveling over the sharp lines of his collarbones.   I nibbled his skin with my teeth, making him cry out in pleasure.   I ran my palm down his body and gripped his cock in my hand, lightly stroking the length of his shaft.   His hips jutted towards me, encouraging me to continue.

Stefan grabbed a handful of my hair and turned us around so I was pinned between himself and the wall, the predator inside of him resurfacing.   My hand tightened around him as my teeth finally broke through the skin around his nipple, drawing blood.

“Du kommer att vara död för mig,” he muttered, reaching between us and pulling my hand away from his cock.   He wrapped his arms around me and lifted me, my legs winding around his waist.   He impaled me with one swift thrust, his hips pressing me against the wall as he stroked inside of me.

“Don’t you fucking stop, Stefan.   I need you,” I whimpered, tightening my arms around his neck, my fingernails digging into his shoulders.   He increased his speed at my words, his cock completely filling me.   Our bodies moved together as one and Stefan plunged relentlessly inside of me.   I answered each of them with wanton enthusiasm, my breathing coming in sharp gasps.

“I will never stop.   Aldrig!” Stefan warned, his handsome face intense as his hips battered into me.   “I have you for an eternity.   Tell me that you will be mine forever.”
My back arched into him, shamelessly pressing my breasts deeper into his chest.   I cried out in pleasure as he ruthlessly fucked me.

“Tell me.   I will not ask again.”

“I’m yours, Stefan.   Forever,” I sobbed, offering my neck to him in surrender.   I felt him throb inside of me at my words and offering and I instinctively reacted by clamping around his cock.

He released a guttural moan and he buried his face into the crook of my neck.   His fangs scraped against my skin before they sank into my willing flesh.   My inner walls rhythmically tightened around him as I tumbled over the edge.   My climax triggered his and he emptied inside of me, withdrawing his fangs from my neck.   His mouth was bloody as he crashed his lips into mine, collapsing to his knees, sliding us down the wall to the floor.   I was wrapped around him and he was still buried inside of me, his breath uneven against my face.

“Jag kommer att älska dig för evigt, Josephine.  En evighet är inte tillräckligt lång för oss.” Stefans mind voice was reverent as it entered my thoughts.   He lifted his mouth from mine and his eyes shone with emotion.

One of my hands moved to caress the skin over his stubbled cheek, my fingers trailing down the side of his face to follow the curve of his chiseled jaw.   I leaned in slightly to press a kiss against the cleft in his chin.  “Translation, please.”

His face relaxed into a smile as he adjusted his body,  moving me to sit on his lap.  “I told you that I will love you forever, Josephine.   An eternity is not long enough for us.”

©Illusion (The Vampire Destiny Series Book 2) Alexandra Anthony

Älskling  lover

Du kommer att vara död för mig.  You will be the death of me.

Aldrig!  Never.

Didn't I tell you? Show of hands. How many of you had to turn on the fan to keep from combusting? Yeah, thought so! Now how about you go out and get your copy of Illusion. It's available as an ebook AND print right now at the following links. Pick your favorite book spot and get to downloading. Go ahead. I'll wait for you. 

No, seriously. I won't go on until you have your copy of Alexandra's book either on your ereader or on it's way to you if you want the print version....

Now we can continue. ;) 

About the Author
Alexandra Anthony loves all things vampire and enjoys writing romantic/erotic stories combining vampires and the paranormal, loves the idea of good happily ever after story and the possibility that there could be a supernatural Prince Charming lurking out there.

Alexandra lives in the Midwest with her husband and daughter. She is currently writing the The Vampire Destiny series in which Josephine, a psychic empath, meets the undead man of her dreams.

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