Saturday, May 3, 2014

#SinfullySassySundays Have Moved to Taboo II #fetishes #erotica #bdsm

Welcome to House of Taboo! I'm "Luscious Lia" Michaels, you host and owner of this naughty club. I've been splitting my time between here and our new digs, Taboo II. Don't worry, Tony and I will still be here as it's our first "child" together and the home of so many fun times with fellow authors and surprise guests. 

Taboo II is going to be a featured regular in Sassy Vixen Publishing's shared world series Temptations Resort. We're not alone. Tawny Savage will soon open up her adult entertainment compound called Silk N Satin. Like Taboo II, Silk N Satin is a companion to the larger resort of Tawny's in Nevada called Silk Seductions. Look for more on that in the coming weeks. (hint: you'll get to read all about it in the summer anthology Season of Sun and Sin!)

For those of you who haven't heard, Tony and I have finally wooed The Vixen away from her former digs and she's now a regular at Taboo II. All the sin, sass, and debauchery followed her and we couldn't be happier about it! Now our "Members Only" rooms we once had behind the purple velvet rope and curtains, are open for like minded individuals. If you're feint of heart or prefer your adult fun more on the vanilla side, it's best you don't check out Taboo II.

For those of you who are adventurous and want to delve into the wanton world of all things taboo... head on over and grab a seat at the bar, booth or table. The fun is only just beginning!  Vixen has already held court with chats on Anal Sex and Food Play. Go on and check them out. Her next one will be up shortly!


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