Friday, December 20, 2013

#FreakyFetishFriday: Taboo Celebrates the Holiday with Surprises! #ebooks #menage #GLBT #foodplay

Welcome to Taboo! I'm Luscious Lia Michaels, your host and owner of this watering hole. By my side as always is the fabulous Tony keeping all of our glasses full of his world famous margaritas. This week it's the spicy jalapeno lime version I love so much. Cheers!

As most of you know, my publisher Sassy Vixen Publishing partnered up with the Four Seduced Muses to create a fabulous Christmas anthology. In there are five novellas from the Muses and myself. Boy did I have a hell of a lot of fun with that one! "Have a Naughty, Naughty Christmas" is just a tad autobiographical. You see, Candice and Gabe were fashioned after Tony and myself. That's right. The rumors were correct! In the future, our partners will make themselves known but for now they choose to stay behind the scenes and let us run Taboo while they take care of Candy Kisses.

I see all of you are a bit stunned once again. Yes, Candy Kisses really does exist and is established on the island that is home to Temptations Resort. You'll get to find out more about that during the coming months, but for now you'll just have to be satisfied with the bit of as they are told in the novella.

Speaking of that, right as you're reading this, Sassy Vixen Publishing has slashed the price of the anthology AND all of the house books by 50% through midnight Monday 12/23/2013 on All Romance ebooks and on Smashwords. To get the discount all you have to do is go to ARe and look for the book. The price will already be marked down. For Smashwords, you need the coupon codes listed in the banners below to get the lower price.

So go on and get your copies of these fabulous books and learn more about the world I write about. Now you'll have to ask yourself if what I'm writing in there happened to me, my lovers or was it all made up.  hehehe! Let me know what you think!


Ethan Quaderer is the Great Thunderbird, the creature of Native American legend.  From childhood, Ethan soared high across the land, as one with the majestic bald eagles—only larger and more powerful. Great Thunderbird has one mission, to save the Native American people. But first, he must find his Chosen, his soul mate.

Abraham Tuttle grew up in a household where being different was unacceptable. Forbidden.  He hid his true nature, a Two Spirit—not male or female, but both.  For many Native American tribes, being Two Spirit is a blessing, one to be honored and revered. Not so for Abraham.

Through the Thunderbird dreams each finds the happiness they long for. One dreams of the Great Warrior who’d someday rescue him. The other dreams of the one he’s searched for through many lifetimes.

Dreams turn into reality when both men come face to face in the real world. Can Abraham find it within himself to let go of his past and embrace his future with Ethan, or will his doubts and fears of who and what he really is cause him to lose the only one who could ever complete him heart and soul?

Four Seduced Muses have banded together with Sassy Vixen Publishing to bring five erotic romance stories to life... 

Maya DeLeina’s A Winter’s Ecstasy (MF): During a blizzard, Noel finds refuge with Grayson at his cabin. As temptation builds her self-control begins to unravel. Grayson unleashes her passion, but one question plagues her. Why there are no mirrors in Grayson’s cabin?

May Water’s Ski Bunny Blues (MM): Max is unhappy when his job transfers him to New Hampshire. When online dating fails him he meets Shawn who warms his cockles by the fire. Will Shawn be enough to keep Max with him, or will he walk away?

Nicole Morgan’s Christmases Past (MF): After 12 years of marriage, Priscilla has decided to leave her workaholic husband. Refusing to give up, Max sets out to find her before it is too late. Will being stranded in a blizzard be enough to repair their broken relationship?

Tammy Dennings Maggy’s Meet Me Under the Mistletoe (MF): Coast Guard Steve Sanders is called to assist a sinking vessel. His pregnant wife Jolene waits for his return when the rescue mission has goes horribly wrong. Will a miracle bring him back to meet his wife under the mistletoe? 

Lia Michaels’s Have a Naughty, Naughty Christmas (MFMM): Candice, Alexander and Gabriel own Candy Kisses, the place to be in Detroit. The business partners have kept their desires hidden. When a wealthy playboy extends an offer that allows them to indulge their wildest fantasies, they embark on a very naughty Christmas. 

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