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#WildAndWickedWednesday: #Paranormal #Menage Romance Tour Takes Over Taboo's Center Stage

Welcome to the House of Taboo! I'm Luscious Lia, your host and owner of this fine establishment showcasing all that's wild, wicked, naughty and oh so taboo. This week we have a very special treat. Three fabulous authors of erotic paranormal romance are here to answer a few of your question about...wait for it...MENAGE!

This is one of my favorite topics and when they asked me to host them on a stop for their Paranormal Menage Romance Tour I couldn't say yes, Yes, YES fast enough. Before I have them come out to our Center Stage, the servers will be around with your pitchers of margaritas. My partner and head bartender Tony created a huge batch of his his world famous Spicy Jalapeno 'Rita to honor the occassion.  So raise your glass and welcome Beverly Ovalle, Sascha Illyvich and Carolyn Wren!

Thank you for hosting us today on the House of Taboo.  Really, this is a perfect spot for Carolyn, Sascha and I to venture to.  Ménage is just one of those subjects.  It’s spoken of in whispers and laughed about and condemned.  Yet isn’t it every teenage boys fantasy?  How many women would love to have two (or more!) men at their beck and call?  You have to wonder how prevalent this fantasy is when the books are wildly popular.

And what about the authors that write them?  When I read them, I have to wonder, is it experience or imagination?  Yet we all know that if writers didn’t have good imaginations we wouldn’t have such a wealth of tales to tell.  No one has yet proved the paranormal world around us, yet it hasn’t been disproven either.  I think, where’s there’s smoke, there’s fire.  So I dream and I write and I wonder and Sascha Illyvich, Carolyn Wren, and I, Beverly Ovalle sometimes combine them.

So, we’ve decided to answer some of those questions we’ve all had and share a little bit about each of us.

Why do you write PNR ménage romance?

Carolyn: This is my first foray into ménage writing.  I’m a sucker for romance and enjoy writing about people falling in love.  I see this as one of the most romantic books I’ve ever written.  My philosophy is, if the love is genuine and true, the numbers don’t matter.  

Sascha: I love the depth of the genre and the multitude of love that can be expressed by more than one partner.  

Beverly: It is a genre I enjoy reading and writing.  No one man is perfect!  Two or more should cover what I need!  In fact, I’m sure the perfect man SHOULD be superhuman. 

Bestiality vs shifter? What is your take?

Carolyn: The inner beast emotions of a shifter in human form can make a love scene really steamy, but once the fur starts to sprout…nope, sorry, keep your distance.  I have just written a book about a human male with a tail, though!

Sascha: Look, I don't understand furries, so how you think I'll understand bestiality!  Though for some reason I find girls with tails hot…

Beverly: A shifter can change into the hottest man or woman of your dreams, strong and protective yet wild.  Bestiality can be titillating in an OMG kind of way did I really just read that?! 

Which character is your favorite and why?

Carolyn: I like Elly, my heroine.  She’s coming up to her first Christmas after the loss of her parents, and it’s making her sad.  Yet in the course of this book, she leaps into a relationship with two gorgeous ghosts, tries to discover a way to break a witches curse, and finds time to play matchmaker for her best friend at the same time.  I do love a woman who can multitask…

Sascha: See now this leads into triad territory. When I created Józsi I sort of based him off Joséf from Endangered (you see the resemblance?) and Vin Diesel.  But his two lovers differ tremendously from Joszí's in that Joséf's second (Isabella) is darker and probably more pragmatic than Lukina, but that may be the difference in age.  Oh and the fact that vampires Livía and Isabella are a few hundred years old, whereas Lukina and Ilona are werewolves and far less old.  I don't know.  This was supposed to be simple!  Who came up with these questions!

Beverly: I can’t choose!  Brand is affectionate and always ready to cuddle.  Tine is more the protector and aggressor.  Annie is lucky to have them both!

Tell us a deep dark secret we'd NEVER expect!

Carolyn: I’m currently writing a book that’s so hot, so boundary pushing, that I’ll have to find a new pseudonym to publish it under.

Sascha: I really don't have any secrets.  People have known for years I'm a little off the wall, I cross dress, have a lingerie fetish, um…yeah.  Pretty much nothing new here.

Beverly: One of the few sexcapades I’ve never done is a ménage! 

Do you listen to music as you write? If so, can you tell us a few of your must-haves?

Carolyn: I can’t listen to music while I write.  It’s too distracting as I tend to sing along or get up and dance.  My car is my music hub.  The stereo volume goes up, the top comes down – the cars top, not mine – and it can be anything from Metallica to 80s pop to Beethoven.  

Sascha: Yup.  Right now must haves include: Stealing Axion, The Apex Theory, TesseracT, Vildhjärta, Textures, sometimes Ease of Disgust and Cilice.  Oh and Elitist!

Beverly: Heavens no!  If music is playing I’m dancing.  I fell off a treadmill that way.

If you weren’t an author, what would you be?

Carolyn: I’ve only been writing for 4 years so I’m still getting used to being an author!  One of my other books features a sexy, kick ass, covert operative.  If we’re talking fantasy scenarios, I’d be her.  In reality my profession is a book keeper, which is much less exciting and offers limited opportunity for cool weapon usage.  

Sascha: I've been saying for years now officially I'd be a musician.  But in truth?  Probably I'd be in Tobacco or alcohol production.  I still may end up in those industries anyway, honestly.  At least as side projects.  

Beverly: What I have been.  I’m a Navy Veteran and the years I spent in were some of the best years of my life.  I gained tons of experience in many things!  Many times I wish I had stayed in and retired from the service.  However, I still work for the government and enjoy all the people I meet and work with.

Well thank you for having us on today.  Here is a short synopsis of our books and the links to them!

Dragons’ Mate

They had been searching for their mate, but when they find her she is traumatized and scared to be around strange men. They must get her to accept them before they reveal their true natures. Will their love be strong enough to break down her barriers? Could she truly be destined to love two dragons?
Today Annie’s dragons will shift and fulfill her every desire, which means a fiery threesome—and true love.

Buy Link:

His Reign

Józsi wants to maintain a normal life away from the Opeth pack. Moving from Hungary to Texas was a big change that he felt was necessary in order to avoid a prophecy that would ultimately make him Alpha of a dying pack, a responsibility he doesn’t want.
Ilona and Lukina grew up loving Józsi even after he moved away. Yet the current pack Alpha has gone rogue and begun kidnapping and abusing the younger wolves that remained without mates. Ilona, becomes his next target and Józsi must return to once again deal with pack politics only to find that his heart misses what it could have. Can Lukina and Ilona convince him to return to Hungary in order to rule the Opeth pack and mate or will Kiba destroy them in a fit of insanity?

Ghosts of Grace Cottage

Eloisa Waters is creating a new life for herself. After travelling for twelve months, she comes home at Christmas, purchasing a small country cottage in a sleepy English village, despite the fact its previous owner was a recluse, the original owner was supposedly a witch, and it’s now rumored to be haunted!

On the first night in her new home, sensual erotic dreams surprise and delight her. Only these aren’t dreams. The rumors are true. Two handsome Regency ghosts inhabit the cottage, becoming corporeal at night, trapped by a curse, compelled to satisfy every desire of the new owner.

Buy Link:

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