Monday, June 2, 2014

#New Print Cover for FORBIDDEN DESTINY Just In Time for RomCon2014 #gay #erotic

Welcome to Oh My! Monday at House of Taboo. Lia and Tony are hosting a private celebration tonight so I'll be your host today. I'm honored Lia trusted me with this special reveal. In honor of our upcoming RomCon 2014 attendance, Sassy Vixen Publishing has agreed to release Forbidden Destiny (Fearless Love) in print.

That's right. Lia's first short story will be in print this month for RomCon on June 20th for the book signing and copies will be handed out during many of the contests. 

This is the perfect way for Lia's hunky Army Rangers Abraham and Ethan to get a little more...ahem...exposure before their complete story comes out late fall/winter. 

I'm fascinated by Native American legends and lore and was so happy Lia decided to tell this story. She never intended to start it off as a short story, but Abraham and Ethan bugged her night and day until she put out a small glimpse of their world out for readers. Trust me when I tell you that you'll want to be sure you grab the full novel when it's released. Both men have such wildly different back stories. Reading those makes this short story even sweeter. You know they do end up together, but is it finally forever or will something or someONE else try to tear them apart?

Stay tuned!
The Vixen

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