Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Fearless Love

I love music. I usually have something on when I write, either music videos playing, a few cd's or even my iPod. Music sets the mood and sometimes the pace at which I write. Fast tempo, hard driving beats are helpful during fight scenes. The softer stuff for that first moment when eyes lock and everything else melts away. 

So with all that in mind, I wanted to find a song that fits The Call of the Thunderbird. Not only is it my first go at writing M/M erotic romance, I wanted something that pulled out the heart and soul of my heroes. Both men yearn to find their true mates. One recognizes his mate right from the start, while the other runs from him, afraid of what others may think.

Ethan is the most sure of himself when it comes to his sexuality. He loves the one he's with...sometimes more than one at the same time! Unfortunately, he's not found "the" one in any of his encounters. They were all just passing phases, distractions if you will, something to help burn off the sexual energy that smoldered in him day and night. His grandfather told him when he was young, that inner fire would someday be both a blessing and a curse for him. The day he met Adam was when his world turned upside down. He wanted to be an Army Ranger for as long as he could remember, but he found it hard to concentrate on their training with Adam around. Instead another part of him emerged, one he thought was only a legend of his Native American heritage. Ethan's shifter abilities awakened the moment he was close to his chosen mate...

Adam has always hidden his sexuality, from his family, friends, and of course from his unit in the Army. As a child growing up on an Indian reservation in Michigan, he learned early on not to let on that he didn't long to marry a beautiful Indian maiden one day, but instead he daydreamed about a Warrior who would claim his heart. In his dreams, the Warrior would come to him as a magnificent bald eagle... one his Chippewa tribe referred to as the Great Thunderbird.  Fearing he would bring shame to his tribe, he enlisted and got his veterinary degree at the same time. Throwing himself into military life and his studies helped to keep his mind off his lack of a sex life until the day he met Ethan. The childhood dreams of the Thunderbird came back with a vengeance, but instead of being take away by the eagle, it was Ethan who claimed his heart.

Both men try to deny their feelings for each other, especially in the days of don't ask, don't tell, but the call of the Thunderbird is too great to ignore. It takes one nearly losing his life to protect the other before they realize both have been searching for the same thing all their lives. Both want a fearless love. One that will endure no matter what trials or tribulations thrown at them. Denying who and what they are only caused them pain. Can they finally embrace what they are and get through one last test together, or will they be ripped apart? 

As Melissa Etheridge sings, "I am what I am. I am what I am afraid of. So what am I afraid of?" That's what I want to explore with both Adam and Ethan. Exactly what are they afraid of? 

Stay tuned...


  1. Music is at the heart of my writings too. Emotions are laid bare and passion ignite with each and every song. Ten people can listen to the same piece and have ten different experiences, same with our writing. That's what I love the most about it! Hurry up and get Ethan and Adam's story done!

  2. Sounds hot - I can't wait to read it!

    1. Thanks! I'm doing more research on the Native American tribes in Michigan and California as well as their Thunderbird traditions and legends. I want to give Ethan's ability to shift into a bald eagle a mystical quality. It's not until he meets Adam that he discovers it. It's something his grandfather always talked about but he thought was just a tale passed down through the generations...a myth. Turns out he is the legendary Thunderbird. I'm not sure if I'm going to make Adam a shifter too or just leave him as the veterinarian. So many ways to tell their story!

  3. still going back and forth with the veterinarian's name. First it's Abraham and then it's Adam. Hmmmmm

  4. Well, you did finally setting on Abraham and FORBIDDEN DESTINY is a hit! Congrats on your latest 5 STAR review!


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