Friday, July 6, 2012

Look out! Lia is out of her cage on on the prowl!

Welcome to my house, the House of Taboo to be precise. Here is the place I'll come to share any news on my works in progress and new releases as well as hosting some fabulous guest authors in the future. Don't be surprised if the site changes from time to time. I like to be spontaneous and tend to just "go with it" when the mood strikes.

Currently I'm working on the fantasy world of "The Vixen, the Witch and the Daemon" the first in my Songs of Fate series. At first it was written with just M/F pairings, but as the story lines continued to develop and more characters spoke to me, it's turning into more of a menage and yes there will be M/M pairings in there! Book one was inspired by a poem of the same name written by my alter ego Tammy Dennings Maggy. If you listen to her, I'm her alter ego but does it really matter? Together we can create fantastic worlds where the worlds are HOT in and out of the bedroom. 

Isn't that why you're here? To make your fantasies come to life one book at a time?  Well here at The House of Taboo, you will find exactly what will rock your world whether it's something I've come up with, or some other fabulous authors who will share the spotlight. 

You've by now heard of the Fifty Shades of Gray phenomenon, right? Well, that series of books has opened up a whole new world for readers. Now "mommy porn" is all the rage. Now it's not so "taboo" to have one of those books in your hands on the bus or on the beach. Well, hold your vibrators my hotties! There is a much bigger world to erotica and erotic romance than what Ana and Christian explored in Fifty Shades.  

Go ahead and read that trilogy. I did and enjoyed it. Now it's time to get to know the other fabulous authors who write even steamier stuff and whose characters literally come to life in front of you. Don't believe me? Well how about you try a book by a great friend of mine. It's called More Sex by Leanore Elliott and it's available FREE today on Amazon. Go there now and get yours. Seriously. Go there now. I'll wait.

Amazon link

You want a bit more taboo? How about a sizzling M/M romance? I've got one for you. It's the debut novel by Tyler Robbins (aka Robin Badillo) called Beyond Honor. Just finished this one myself and I'm still a bit out of breath. It was the very first M/M romance for me as a reader. Thank you Tyler for "popping my cherry!" LOL Now I can't wait to come up with my own stories involving the hot men in my bed, oh I mean my head. ;) 

Those are just two of the books burning up my Kindle and Kindle Fire. There are so many more and I hope to share them with you in the days to come. If you have a favorite, please share. 

So let your hair down and let your Sassy Vixen come out tonight! You just may be surprised by what fantasies you can bring to life.
Happy reading!



  1. Wow! Talk about kissing and telling!! Soooo glad I snagged that cherry!! Love the blog and love the name even more! You rock, Tammy!! I can't wait to see the trouble you get in to!!
    Tyler/Robin ;-)


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